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[2012 KBS Sitcom] Shut Up Family (닥치고 패밀리)

Guest weetziebat

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Guest serenityx3

I don't even know what to say...
It was just so unexpected and out of the blue...
Did they really have to do that?? It just killed the entire mood for this sitcom.
I don't even want to expect a season 2 anymore.

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오늘로 작별을 하는 시트콤 【패밀리】! 여러분들의 섭섭함을 조금이나마 덜어드리고자 15일까지 스페셜 방송이 방영될 예정이라고 하네요. 끝까지 아낌없는 성원 부탁드립니다~♡ kbs posted this on their facebook ^^

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Well, the ending was kinda weird. Why only JiHo and Hui Bong?  To show they've been fate to each other from the get go?Why not just show their further relationship like "i Love u', proposal, meeting of parents.
Sigh. I think they forego all those marriage thingy bec. it would entail additional cashto hire extra actors to play as Ji HO's parents, extra equipments...
Notice their dates?  Always drinking house, resta, near house, house.  

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