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MORE fancams       BAEK IG

I am very new to kpop and Exodus would be the first album I purchase. And as much as I love EXO, I am not a very big fan of american football. Does anyone know yet(I guess it might be too early to ask

Guest dhebbie2t

@hajiwonsarang what?

you really for me?


Here we are again

our sisters might wonder again why the thread jumps for 3-4 pages overnight

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Guest dhebbie2t

@hajiwonsarang yeah we did

good job

you know what if we are going to do this everyday we might finish a thousand pages after a month

what you think?

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Guest hajiwonsarang

@dhebbie2t I guess so eonnie, well that's not bad, then after page 1000, let's reach page 2000, then let's move to the next thread, how was that?

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Guest dhebbie2t

@hajiwonsarang wow Big Dream

Well let's dream big

and that is not possible though

plus if the other sisters well also have a chat with us

uh! We can move to the next thread earlier that we expected

"Dream High"

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Guest HildaP

Hello to all my sisters and newcomers,welcome! Hello sis@dhebbie2t huuugggsss...@KoreanA   huggggggssss  .@hajiwonsarang hugggssss. And to everyone thanks to our younger sisters we have reach 300 pages <:-P <:-P <:-P

So many nice photos of our guys,so many emotions on some of the comments. First about my #2 bias,2 is just a number because he has a piece of my heart too. It makes me so sad that he gets insulted because of the color of his skin. Im so proud of our sisters here that we can support our Tao in all he does and love him for who he is,gee Im darker that he is,I wonder what they would say to me? IM PROUD OF OUR TAO! He is so good looking without make up.

Luhan getting hurt,oh my. When you are a Korean Pop Idol you pay a very high price because apparently when they get hurt they do not receive medical attention or rest time. This kind of injuries will affect them as they get older,believe me. Right now they just tape their ankles tight and tell them to keep going,they give them pain killers too. There are other idols in different groups going through the same. Its why they need our support,they need to know that we love them because of their courage and their desire to please us,the fans they love so much. Now we can have an idea of what Kris went through with his heart condition.

Lay as the leader of EXO-M HOORAY HOORAY!!!! Wonderful choice. He is gentle,considerate,loves Chinese base his brothers and will make a good leader. Xiumin might be the older member in the group but I believe because its a Chinese based group Lay is the best choice.

Looking forward to their new projects,they need to keep doing different projects once the concerts are over,that way we can see them more and in different situations. I hope my Xiumin gets to be involved and that he can have the confidence to talk more. Please SM give him a chance!!!!

By the way,sisters,anyone know where we could write them a letter? Im sure the company has a way that international fans can write them or send them a gift. Anyone knows? I would send my dearest chocolate hearts. *_*

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  • Guest changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] EXO 엑소 THREAD ll #EXO_SC #WhatALife

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