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  1. Can drama get any stupid. Why must everyone need to listen to SA. U telling me. SA and SK will get married. I dont see any love between them. They act like brother and sister. Why ALWAYS Sk defend BH. When will someone catch SA lies. Twin brother is useless he will going to hurt his mom Chairman and his wife are weak. The show almost 60 episode and still SA ruin things. 120 episode on this drama. It will take a least 95 episode until secret is out. Before that SA and SK will married. SK look stupid and dumb knowing he not their Son. Lol also look stupid when he find out about accident. Regarding romance on show. It lack the f it. It been more focus on ex husband,BH adopted mom and sister. Main focus on SA. I think later on SK we will fall in love with SA. Watch once they are married she might have SK kids by then. ALL CHARACTED ARE USELESS everyone is all evil.
  2. Drama is worst drama I seen so far. Sk and Sa getting married. Wow BH going to be remain single rest of drama. When she find out she rich and her real parents. I hate all Character including BH. WHEN THEY GET MARRIED I hope he stay with her when real truth come out. SK iui s useless Character and weak. I still this drama is all about SA not about BH. BH doesnt have anyone on her side except for her kids. That New guy SA is also useless what point of him there. No wonder ratings is low because SA taken over show as Main lead. Glad I not watching fully. Only highlight. SA and Sk married I hope BH doesnt take back useless SK. SK as main lead is not good one he weak and always listen to SA when she does things. When he find about his accident. I hope Bh doesnt take him back. It will be karma for SK when he married SA. FAKE DNA and His car Accident.
  3. I like to defend GA On because she young and dont have friends much only GGO nephew. She only have men in her life her three uncle,grandfather and her dad. Her two aunt probably never spend time with her at all. She use not get attention for motherly type love. I see how ga on trying to look at both side of coin. She has Bio mom who she just met and dont know what to do. Yes she will turn out to be like her but deep inside she still good girl because her Dad raise her to be respectful and kind. She dont like her megan lee temper but she finding herself. Every young experience different behavior. I saw her put make up and put her hair out. End of day. Ga On will hate herself. Look love fact she thinking about GGO. GGO is stable and loving person unlike her real mom. GGO treat people some respect and now show Ga On about becoming woman. I Hope Megan lee leave she bring out worse and she just making it worse for Ga On and Seolk Ak. I want GGO and Ga on and Seolk ak to be real family. Plus new baby on the way. Seolk Ak is great dad. Ga On learn things from GGO AND BE CLOSE TO HER. AS FOR GGO STEPSISTER SHE naive and dumb just like Evil Minjoo. That guy playing both of them so he can have Restuarant. Putting poison into Boys father food so Dad can be crazy. I hope Seolk Ak find out about this and tell his brother. Min Joe need to be single and husband divorce her. Lol maybe teach her some lesson.
  4. This drama is not worth it. SK can have SA for real. These episode I skipped because it not worth it. Sk Really believe SA and DNA is false. Now going to sabotage BH business. Next so she end up with nothing. They no one in BH side . The Guy BH saved and working for her dont trust him. Her stepsister dont trust her and mother. SA and Her daughter plus Ex husband. I upset that BH son told the dad about her business. Her son sold her out because he want to be close to dad. SK is useless main lead. I hope he get together with SA. She one probably cause his accident. Chairman need to fully recover and defend BH. Storyline is terrible. Chairman wife is weak and only believe what SA doing. Drama is all About SA and no one else. Summary doesnt match the show at all. BH never catch break. SK and BH kiss. How world they could be brother and sister. SK mother is on SA side. She probably lied. Gosh hate this drama doesnt make since. Every character hate BH. Writer trying to make BH look weak when first episode or so she was strong . Finally I done watching only skipped BH scene. FFWD the episode. It bad drama
  5. MY WONDERFUL life. Is about SA lead girl. She get more screentime and no one notice it. BH is second lead girl. Drama is all about SA. Getting bored that evil witch taken over 45 episode. SA getting away with everything. I skip the episode until I see some improvement. I fear 70 episode is all evil witch doing. Plus SK and Bh wont have romance the way things are going. Bh is fire today show wow. Actress who play SA la lead girl. They need to change summary that lost bio daughter BH is rich. It all about SA. Show change so much it not about family drama at all. It SA ex husband and his girlfriend. What waste and drama is Downhill
  6. Look forward to new Drama Man in Veil. TI look older than ED. New drama look good. Writer should make ED single. Cant go to one brother to next. TI look like superman. Hurt one minute and suddenly look invisible. Lol TI is my hero not ED or HJH. Drama is more on TI.
  7. I am lurking finally getting my two cent because I cant take it anymore. TI suppose to main lead with ED. But for from romance since first episode till now it went downhill. They no way to recover that. It only 3 episode left and ED dump HJH FOR TI. To me it dumb. Because I didnt see no kissing between them. How can u married to HJH 10 second later to be with His Older brother. ED should remain single. It was crush. She holding his hand and now HJH.want them together. Last 3 episode. It was waist last 100 episode. This show rem ok and me of other drama where woman married Person she didnt love for revenge and she love first guy and they had kids. Last episode they got back together. This is same way. PEOPLE SAID HJH crybaby. ED Seem to not know what romance is all about. SHE HAVE ENDED HJH longtime ago rather is register or not. TI look like he show no interest to woman like ED. He look like more of her protect or big brother. The writer screw up TI and Ed romance. They was no development between them at all. Fatal promise went downhill like other drama I seen.
  8. This Drama is Worst Drama for me. It seem Make Villian girl is lead actress. She get more airtime that Lead. Lead Girl BH writers making her dumb. Lead guy SK doesnt have backbone at all. I dont like the drama at all I saw today episode. SK WATCH SA Billy BH. I fast forward the whole thing at once. Drama doesn't make since I bored with SA being center stage. And two ex husband and his sleaze girlfriend get more airtime than BH. STORY OF BH not develop at all.
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