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  1. Thank u everyone who agree with I truly happy that we all understand how awful this drama is. Thank u once again that A good supper suppose to be about cooking and KS should found love interest. Thank u for agree that JH is worst character and truly abuse guy. Thank u once again writers want poor KS to be only just to suffer. I not YS side either. KS side on this. Poor writing poor romance poor drama
  2. Drama was Fatal promise when girl had high school crush on main guy. But spend 90 episode On second lead guy who she never had feelings with. I disappoint because Poster and summary said KS care about her. I thought he was Main lead guy but I doubt it. JH is main lead guy and KS is second lead guy. They did it backwards on it. I hate JH and disappoint romance area. Terrible drama because for past episode Storyline and Poster I see had KS YS and SJ together. But other poster had group photo. Writers had lied to us all. Drama is not good because ratings is low. They di
  3. I told u guys JH and YS going out. I hate it. Chairman father and JH father are good friends. Look like I was right. They will end up with each other I told u guys JH and YS going out. I hate it. Chairman father and JH father are good friends. Look like I was right. They will end up with each other Guess what they getting married lol writer plan it stupid. Arrange marriage.
  4. Saw preview with english ssubtitlesIt official JH and Ys hooking up. I done. He stay not going to medical school. What type of romance is this. YS spend more time with GS now it officially Ended. I upset. Writers didnt do no good at Ys romancing JH. What is that. No holding hand no kissing none. Now last 14 episode writer trying to get YS and JH together . Unbelievable This is why I quit watching romance on show especially long drama. I was disappointed in last three drama. Congrats JH FOR WINNING YS IN LAST 10 EPISODE LOL THEIR ARE ENDGAME. HE P
  5. This drama is not good. It look like writers want JH and YS. Preview show they are couple. That crazy. No build up at all no romance at all. They are together. JH got what he wanted YS. Why did writers didnt bring new girl for GS. Is about him. I FELT BAD FOR HIM. I HATE Jh at all. I think it stupid. Ys and Jh is endgame
  6. Today scene JH seem like child. he hate the fact GS and YS are living together again. That their dinner what do u expect. Jh problem is he miserable from his mom from his dad from YS from GS from DJ and Oh Bok. He never smile since day he grew up. I like Oh Bok better than him. He show good friends to YS and help GS recover His memory. Also he funny nice guy unlike JH. Ys never into him since beginning Because she will choose GS first. Remember he Was sick. She was devastated. JH personality and connection doesnt seem right for YS.
  7. I Told u JH is trying to break up Them up along with SJ. Wow. Look like KS and YS never happy. Preview look like JH trying to get back with YS. JH TRYING TO TELL GS something again. Wow.
  8. JH want YS so bad. If they end up together last 18 episode out of 100 episode that stupid. JH for me is selfish I dont like how things are going. KS almost die and all JH want to do be with YS. This drama is about YS GS and evil lady. I just want romance on show with two lead. Step sibling. Ys know not blood related. For me seeing KS and YS they are perfect match. See YS and Jh boring. BESIDE WRITER haven't gave JH no storyline. Storyline mainly about KS YS evil lady family. DJ and her family and her boyfriend family. JH not focus. He they trying to separate KS
  9. GS care about YS u can see it in his face. It doesnt make sense if she end up with JH. Most female lead always end up who they like most case some might end up with second lead
  10. Saw preview JH want YS now. It boring. Ys will end up with JH. What point Confess your love for GS. I hate direction it going. No romance so boring and I see more chemistry with GS and YS then JH. JH is boring too demanding and he doesnt have storyline. But writers choose him as main lead to be with Ys. These two will end up together. So boring. Speaking GS I feel writers no intention give him new love interest He will remain single and old. I thought from interview and summary. It said GS really cared about her more than that. I figure it lie. Main
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