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  1. If u look at this Point SW has been cheated on Fake KI. Grandfather doesnt like SW at all because he want YW to take over company and money. Fake KI seem to be good one day and bad next day. He jealous of YW. SW should leave KI. Why does she still has ring on. I seem drama Love to the End girl has major first Crush on guy she end with. Through whole drama she stick by him. SW seem to be attach to Fake Ki. But she still telling YW I want to be with him. Place to Sun doesnt make any sense. YW had child with DS. Child his dead. Crazy
  2. For me YW and SW doesnt look like couple. Maybe it me. I think last 95 to 100 they might be.
  3. episode I like to say that this drama seem to be not good. Fake KI and SW been married since almost to beginning. If they break up next episode or last episode it doesnt matter. They been married 80 episode or more. If real YW and SW hook up it beyond stupid because through out whole drama. These two never share anything beyond romantic just kiss I love u. Child. Writer totally mess up pairing big time.
  4. This is reason why storyline doesnt make sense. We know they going to get back together again next two episode because Main lead girl will not make him suffer because she too weak. Sena is fake sister of hyunki right. Do u think hyunki real sister near him. Do u think is KY. I feel same way. It not emily
  5. Hello everyone i new to board. I been lurking alot but i need to get off my chest. MAIN LEAD GIRL IS STUPID KY BEcause she the one felll for him first but he didnt seem to be all interested. I feel hothunk isnt worth it at all. Ky should do much better. But of course she fool when it come to love. Fake marriages or not Hothunked to me shouldnt be redeemed at all. He to me hurt KY so much time. This is why I dont believe this so called love. Ky and HotHunk relationship was so rush. Ky should be with Hyunki he better man better matched. I saw group photo all cast and Ky brother is next to Sena witch, Hothunk in middle, and Hyunki next to KY. This love story to me his wack. But Of course KY and Hothink belong together. All drama is unrealistic because there no hugh secret. Plus This drama to me More about Hothunk than anything else. He has more screentime than anyone else. Hothunk is more leading role than KY and Hyunki. Hyunki is second lead. This drama to me doesnt make sense
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