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Guest ohdangchang

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Guest BoiceMelodyInspiritBeauty

91DLG said:

ohdangchang wrote on 30 March 2012 - 12:41 AM:
I made a small list for filipino entertainment companies. i'll be trying to add more if i can find anymore, pretty hard to find :\
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Guest BoiceMelodyInspiritBeauty

wow this was really usefull.. i just sent in my demo to about 30 companies... wish me luck... some of the email links require files sizes of 25 mb or less such as 

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Guest BoiceMelodyInspiritBeauty

is Namoo Actors the only company that accepts only actors ?

The rest are open for performers ? (singer/dancer)

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Guest aoiumi

Has anyone ever sent their audition through mail before? I was going to send my audition CD to Woollim, but wasn't sure how I should send it (in a case, bubble wrap, etc). If I were to put it in a case, it would add on more weight. Any ideas? If I were to just send the CD, it could break on the way there, so I need some ideas. Thanks!

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I've sent it before, And you can just wrap it in bubble wrap. A case would add more weight, but it depend on how much you want to spent on it. If you don't mind to pay more, then you can put it in a case. You can also put your demo on a usb-stick, but a usb stick is more expensive than a plain CD.
And please write the address with no mistakes, otherwise the postman will bring it to the wrong address.

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Guest champieze

Great post ! Personally, i think the best way to get in touch with labels, is to call them OR write an email, ASKING for permission to send over material. By doing that, you show respect and also you get yourself in "good light", when you later on submit material. Then they will know your name, and know that you are humble, and also they will think that you are only sending material to them, and not a ton of other labels as well.
My network has been growing like crazy the past year, and i am now in a position where i am able to help out other people who is going through the same as i did, looking for management/label. Im a music producer from Denmark, and I've been focusing on the kpop industry for quite some time now, so i do got some insights.
If anyone needs help mixing/mastering, or a full production, you can all send me requests at Champiezeinc@gmail.com also, feel free to ask questions if you need help for anything else.

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Guest nhoxhoang1210

Anyone know about Paramount Music ? I want to know how to audition for that company a lot ?

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aoiumi said: I'm so happy I found this forum! 
OK, so does anyone know if Avex allows people outside of Japan to audition? I was looking on the site, but there was not much info about an international audition. I know Sony Music Japan has an international audition that is ongoing, so you can audition whenever, but I was looking at other companies too.Also, I'm almost fluent in Japanese and fluent in English, but I also want to try out at Korean company. Would I be unable to try out until I know basic Korean or do you think they would be fine with me knowing Japanese and English?And could someone translate Woollim's audition stuff? http://woolliment.com/audition/audition.wol I'm guessing I can do an audition through e-mail, but what info do they want?

Thank you!

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idk if this was already asked bcuz i'm on my phone and it's a bit awkward to scroll through all the sites xD
does anyone know if TS Ent or Chrome Ent take global trainees or other asians except koreans (e.g. chinese, thai, japanese)?
i was checking their website but couldn't find a button to switch language and i can't read hangul ;_; 

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idk if this was already asked bcuz i'm on my phone and it's a bit awkward to scroll through all the sites xD

does anyone know if TS Ent or Chrome Ent take global trainees or other asians except koreans (e.g. chinese, thai, japanese)?

i was checking their website but couldn't find a button to switch language and i can't read hangul ;_; 

I am not sure about Chrome Entertainment, but I know there is a chinese girl trainee in TS entertainment. I doubt chrome entertainment will accept other races than koreans, since they are still small and foreign trainees cost a lot of money.

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Guest AllyC1430293781

ohdangchang said: korean, chinese, japaneseMore complete, up to date compilation of entertainment companies.
Feel free to use this list when auditioning. Goodluck !

101 Entertainment
artists; kim jong kook, mighty mouth, soya n'sun, etc
online application
2Worksartist; DTMN
A Cubeartists; a pink, huh gak, mario
Alpha Entertainment Koreaartists; skarf
AQ Entertainment
artist; miss a
Assa Comzartist; outsider

AVA Films & Entertainment
artist; lee jung hyun

Bels Actors Entertainment
artists; kwon sang woo, park wong yoo, etc

BH Entertainment
artists; lee byung hun, han chae young, han hyo joo, ko soo, kim min hee, kim jung hun, etc
audition email; bh-audition@daum.net

BigHit Entertainment
artists; 2am, david oh, etc
email audition; bighitaudition@ibighit.com

Brandnew Stardomartists; Evol, block b
Brand New Musicartist; verbal jint, san e, etc

Brave Entertainment
artists; brave girls, electroboyz
audition email; audition@bravesound.com

B2M Entertainment
artists; lee hyori, spica, eric nam, heo young saeng, kim gyu jong
online application
Chrome Entertainment
artists; crayon pop
C-JeS Entertainment
artists; jyj, song ji hyo, park yu hwan

Core Contents Media
artists; t-ara, davichi, coed, 5dolls, etc
Cube Entertainment
artists; b2st, 4minute, gna, etc

Dream Starartists; tahiti

Dream Tea Entertainment
artists; girls day
audition email; audition@dreamteaent.com
online application

DR Music
artists; rania, haru

DSP Entertainment
artists; kara, rainbow, a-jax

Eden 9
artists; won bin, lee na young, wang ji won
online application

ENT 102
artists; wonder boyz
Fantagioartists; tons of actors

Fluxus Music
artists; loveholics, clazziquai, alex, handsome people, etc.
audition email; fluxus_anr@fluxusmusic.com

FNC Music
artists; ft island, cn blue, aoa, oh won bin, etc
audition email; fnc_music@hanmail.net

Gem Cultures
artists; sweetsorrow, etc.

Good Entertainment

HB Entertainment
artists; lee bum su, lee jin yuk, yoon jong hwa, park jae min, shin yong chul, shin sung rok

Heavenly Star
artists; oh ji ho, kang yae jin, lee kyung min, etc
online application

Hi Star Entertainment

artists; yoon shin ui, kim yoo jin, kim min kyu, etc

Humane Entertainment
artists; ryu tae joon, kim se a, lee sand woo, kim young jae, etc.
audition email; audition@hment.com

IMX Korea

J One Plus Entertainment
artists; ga in han, seul hye hwang woo, kim nam jin

JellyFish Entertainment
artists; brian joo, park hyo shin, seo in guk
audition email; jelly_audition@hanmail.net
J.Tune Entertainment
artists; mblaq
audition email; audition@jtunecamp.co.kr

Jungle Entertainment
artists; drunken tiger, lessang, etc
audition email; audition@jungleent.com

JYP Entertainment
artists; wonder girls, miss a, 2am, 2pm san.e, etc
online audition

KeyEast Entertainment
artists; bae young joon, hwanhee, lee hyun, yoo, park ji bin, many other actors

King Kong Entertainment
artists; kim bum, kim sun a, park min yeong, etc
audition email; audition@kingkongent.com
KN Entertainment

Koen Stars
artists; yoo sae yoon, kim tae hyun, hyeun young, and many more
audition email; audition@koenmedia.com
online application

KW Entertainment
artists; goddess 
Lion Media
audition email; castings@lionmedia.co.kr

LiveWorks Company
artists; kim dong won, shin hye sung, lyn, sunmin

Loen Entertainment
artists; iu, sunnyhill, zia, run, ga in
audition email; audition@iloen.com

Mask Entertainment
artists; jung bo suck, park sung woong, and tons of other actors.
audition email; webmaster@maskent.com
online application

MGB Entertainment

Music Farm

My Name Is
artists; yoon kae sang, lee tae kun, shim haejin, suh ji suk, etc
Mystic89artist; Lim Kim

Namoo Actors
artists; shin sae gyeong, kim yo jin, kim ji soo, kim hae sung, and many other actors
online application (actors only)

NAP Entertainmentartists; c-real, soulstar
Namoo Actorsartists; tons of actors
Nega Network
artists; brown eyed girls, lc9, sunnyhill
audition email; audition@neganetwork.com
online application

Nextar Entertainment
artists; kim green, suki
Oscar Entertainment
artists; bobby kim, etc

Pan Entertainment
artists; oh ji ho, park sol mi, yi yoo ri, yi sang yoon, etc
online application

Pledis Entertainment
artists; son dambi, after school, orange caramel, hello venus, nuest
audition email; audition@pledis.co.kr

Polaris Entertainment
artists; kim bum soo, etc.

Pooky Entertainment
artists; nancy lang, kim eun dong, kim ha lim, kim hyun jung, hang young , etc

S&U Entertainment
artists; yoon ji min, kang hyun su, ha jae sok, shin yong jin, etc

Santa Music
artists; brown eyed seoul, eye to eye, etc.
audition email; santamusic@santamusic.co.kr

Saram Entertainment

Seven Star Network
artists; hong ji hweh, kang young ho, shin yae jin

Sidus HQ
artists; jay park, song joong ki, hyun woo, kim shin young, tons of other actors
audition email; audition@sidushq.com

Sim Entertainment
artists; uhm jung hwa, uhm tae woong, kang sun in, etc
artists;crispi crunch, sori, tri tops
SM Entertainment
artists; snsd, the grace, super junior, trax, shinee, kangta, boa, dbsk, zhang li yin, fx
audition email; usaaudition@smtown.com (USA), audition@smtown.com (KOR), smaudition@smtown.com(KOR)

Sniper Sound
artists; mc sniper, outsider, etc.

artist; tgus, songhee

Sony Music Entertainment - Korea
artists; tim, kim bo kyung

Soop Managementartists; lee chung hee, gong yoo, etc

Source Music
artists; kan mi youn, 8eight, lee hyun

Star Brothers Entertainment
artists; shin hyun joon, han jea sek
audition email; audition@starbrothers.co.kr

StarShip Entertainment
artists; sistar, boyfriend, kwill, etc
audition email; starshipent@hanmail.net

Star Empire
artists; jewerly, ze:a, seo in young, park jung ah, nine muses, etc.
online application

Starhaus Entertainment
artists; lee min ho, choi eun seo
audition email; s_audition@hanmail.net

StarRoot Entertainment

Stomp Music
artists; yoon han, hyoki, etc
Storms Companyartists; song seung hun, kim jung eun, kim min jung, jo hyung jae

Swell Entertainment
artists; kim hae sung, suh hyo myung, nabi, soul lady, etc
online application

Taill Runs
artists; big mama, 4men, nemo, vibe
audition email; taillruns@naver.com

Taxi Entertainment
artists; yoon shi yoon, kim yoo hyun, etc

TN Entertainment
artists; tons of actors

Top Class Entertainment
artists; stellar, mun chong hyok
audition email; topcentau@gmail.com

TOP Media
artists; andy, seo in woo, teen top
audition email; audition@itopgroup.com

Trophy Entertainmentartists; andamiro

True-M Entertainment
artists; t-blue, woo eun mee, kim kuk hwan
online application

TS Entertainment
artists; secret, untouchable, bang yong guk, bang & zelo, son heon soo
online application
Ulala Companyartist; ulala session

WellMade StarM

artists; jang woo hyuk
WM Entertainment
artists; b1a4
audition email; wment@naver.com

Woollim Entertainment
artists; infinite, nell, jisun
audition email; wl_audition@naver.com

Xing Entertainment
artists; a peace
online application

Yedang Company
artists; chi chi, ali, etc
audition email; audition@yedangcompany.co.kr

Yesung Entertainment
artists; kim jung hyun, shin ji soo, chung ye ji, etc

YG Family
artists; big bang, 2ne1, tablo, lee hi, etc
audition site

YMC Entertainment
artists; ailee, etc.

YNB Entertainmentartist; bestie

YWho Entertainment
artists; 4men, bebe mignon, etc
audition email; ywho1@ywho.co.kr

Yuleum Entertainment
artists; park hyo joo, do ji han, song yoo ha, etc

YYJ Entertainment
artists; touch
contact email; webmaster@yyj-ent.com

Zoom Entertainment
contact email; zoom-ent@hanmail.net


artists; guo jingming, amguulan, zhang jie, wei chen, yu haoming, etc

Taihe Rye Music
artists; li yuchun, man wenjun, sophie chen, aduo, etc

Ocean Butterflies International - China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore
artists; by2, jeff chang, kongone wang, linda, xu song, etc


A Music
artist; Leon Xu

Emperor Entertainment Group
artists; nicholas tse, anthony wong, leo ku, kenny kwan, etc


Alfa Music

Avex - Taiwan
artists; a-lin, shin, live machine, etc


Comic Ritz

Forward Music
artists; sweety, etc.

Gold Typhoon
artists; show, lollipop f, a-mei, etc

artists; s.h.e, olivia, sigma, judy chou, fahrenheit, dennis sun

artists; 5566

JVR Music
artists; jay chou, gary yang, cindy, lara, darren

LinFair Records

Rock Records
artists; alien huang, kelly poon, angelica lee, mc hotdog, victor huang, etc

Seed Music
artists; kenji wu, landy, tracy m, henry, etc

Sony Music - Taiwan
artists; rainie yang, etc

Universal Music - Taiwan

Universes Entertainment
artists; elva, jinglun, show, nick

Warner Music - Taiwan
artists; jolin tsai, jj, china doll, amber kuo, d.c.w, f.i.ir, khalil fong, etc


artists; flumpool, weaver, one ok rock, etc
audition email; audition@a-sketch.com

Artimage Inc.

Avex Network

D-Topia Entertainment
artists; aira mitsuki, saori at destiny

Epic Records - Japan
artists; scandal, tm revolution, vivid


Giza Studio

Japan Music Entertainment

Johnny & Associates
artists; smap, tokio, kinki kids, v6, news, kat-tun, hey!say!jump, etc

LesPros Entertainment

Maverick DC Group

Moon The Child

audition email; info@office48.jp

Pony Canyon Music
artists; w-inds, s/mileage, aiko, yuki saito
audition email; audition@pcmusic.jp

artists; aiza seguerra, charlie green, erik santos, lani misalucha, etc
email; notice@s2sj.com

Sony Music - Japan
artists; kana nishino, yui, dir en grey, etc

Stardust Promotions

Sweet Power

Toys Factory
artists; aobozu, freenote, ketsumeishi, salyu, etc

Universal Music - Japan
audition email; scoutjaw@umusic.com

Victor Entertainment

Filipino Entertainment Companies

GMA Records

MCA Music

Poly East Records

Star Magic

Star Records

Viva Entertainment

I am always updating the list. Please be patient.
if there is a company missing or a mistake you see please MESSAGE ME.
if you would like other ent companies such as japenese, thai, etc feel free to ask !

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Guest hoangnguyen

I want to audition for Oscar Entertainment but I don't have social number so beside audition online ..Anyone know their Email ?

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@ohdangchang do you know anything about thai entertainments? or anybody else can tell me something about thai ents?
i'm half thai/white and i'd rather go for a korean company because i'm more interested in korean entertainment tbh but i know my chances are very very low. i know that in thailand are a lot of half thai idols and people told me it might be easier for me to find something there instead of going to korea. i still want to try audition for korean ents but if it doesn't work (which is 99% sure that it won't work lol) i'd like to try some thai ents but i don't know much about idols and entertainments in thailand so it would be nice if someone can help me.

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