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  1. UPDATE: Nam Gyu Ri will join "Red Moon Blue Sun" as Jeon Soo Young. [Official] 'Red Moon Blue Sun' Kim Sun Ah X Lee Yi Kyung X Nam Kyu Ri, confirmed appearance 'Expectations ↑' (up) [WRITTEN BY JUNG YOO NA FOR SPORTSCHOSUN.COM] Kim Sun Ah, Lee Yi Kyung and Nam Kyu Ri are all confirmed for lead roles in 'Red Moon Blue Sun'. MBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Red Moon Blue Sun' (written by Do Hyun Jeong/directed by Choi Jeong Kyu/produced by MEGA MONSTER), which will follow the currently airing "My Secret Terrius", is a mystery thriller about a woman facing so many incidents in her search for the truth. In the meantime, we are anticipating the psychological investigation that could not be easily encountered in television dramas and are attracting the curiosity and expectation of the preliminary viewers.
  2. please refrain from rumors re Eun-woo and Woo-ri. they are just colleagues and friends, nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Lee Jong-seok, first romcom in 'romance is the supplement' ... 'Dream team' united written by Kim Soo-kyoung for TENASIA Actor Lee Jong-seok confirmed his appearance in tvN's new romantic comedy 'romance is the supplement (working title)' which will be broadcasted in the first half of next year. 'Romance is the supplement' (directed by Lee Jung-hyo, written by Jeong Hyun-jeong, and produced by Story and Pictures [Media]) draws stories of people working in a publishing house. Lee Jong-seok's making an interesting comeback in the first romantic comedy genre series he has chosen eight years after his debut. note: Story and Pictures Media is the company behind JTBC's "Misty".
  4. well, I will re-post some info I got about this drama from the Kim Sun Ah soompi forum. first: [단독] 김선아, 차기작은 '붉은달 푸른해'…6년만 MBC 복귀 [BREAKING] Kim Suna, in discussions for next work 'Red Moon Blue Sun' ... MBC return after 6 years 배우 김선아가 차기작으로 '붉은달 푸른해'를 택했다. Actor Kim Sun-ah is considering 'Red Moon Blue Sun' as her next project. 한 드라마국 관계자는 23일 일간스포츠에 "김선아가 MBC 새 수목극 '붉은달 푸른해' 주인공으로 나선다"고 전했다. 이 작품은 현재 방영 중인 '시간'의 후속작 '내 뒤에 테리우스' 방영 이후 만나볼 수 있다. A drama official said on the 23rd (of August), "Kim Sun-a was offered the lead protagonist role in MBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama "Red Moon Blue Sun". This work can be seen after the airing of "Terius behind me", which will follow "Time" which is currently on air. '붉은달 푸른해'는 인생을 송두리째 바꾸기에는 너무나 짧은 순간 겪은 사고로 인해 시작, 여러 사건과 마주하며 진실을 파헤치는 과정을 담아낸다. "Red Moon Blue Sun" starts with an accident that is too short (or fast?) to be avoided, and it brings up the process of encountering various events and digging the truth. 김선아는 극 중 차우경 역으로 분한다. 만족스런 직장, 자상하고 능력 있는 남편, 다정다감한 딸, 곧 태어날 둘째까지 행복의 절정이던 중 큰 사건에 휘말리며 견고한 삶의 균열을 맞는다. 이 과정이 16부(중간 광고 포함 32부)에 촘촘하게 채워지며 극의 긴장감을 전해줄 예정이다. Kim Sun-ah is offered the role of "Cha Woo-kyung". She has a stable job, a caring and capable husband, and a sweethearted daughter, and what happened next on her is the culminating moment of a life that is at the peak of happiness and a solid life. It will have 16 episodes (32 episodes including the mid-airing commercials) filled with tension and emotion. SBS '키스 먼저 할까요?' 종영 이후 7개월 만에 안방극장으로 돌아온다. MBC에는 2012년 방영된 '아이두 아이두' 이후 6년 만이다. 열일 행보를 걷고 있는 김선아가 '붉은달 푸른해'로 어떠한 연기 변신을 보여줄지 기대감을 높인다. If she accepts, this will be her comeback after "Should we kiss first?" on SBS seven months ago. This will also be her comeback on MBC after "I do I do" six years ago. People will anticipate what kind of transformation she will show with "Red Moon Blue Sun". 드라마 '마의' '투윅스' '트라이앵글' '화정' 등을 연출한 최정규 PD가 메가폰을 잡는다. '마을-아치아라의 비밀' '사랑도 돈이 되나요' '케세라세라' '늪' 등을 쓴 도현정 작가가 집필한다. 11월 첫 방송. The drama is directed by PD Choi Jung-kyu ("The King's Doctor", "Two Weeks", "Triangle", "Splendid politics" - all aired by MBC). Screenplay will be provided by Do Hyun-jung (SBS "The Village: Achiara's Secret", MBN "Can love become money", MBC "Que sera sera" and "Best Theater Presents: Swamp"). It is scheduled to air in November. second: Apparently, the drama being offered to her is produced by the soon-to-be-launched production company under Kakao. The writer (Do Hyun-jung) is under that production company. http://www.zdnet.co.kr/news/news_view.asp?artice_id=20180903165950&lo=zv44 M 품은 카카오, 멜론·콘텐츠로 쌍두마차 시동 업계 "카카오톡-멜론, 강한 결합의 서비스 기대" After merging with (Kakao) M, Kakao now two-headed with Melon (and) contents Industry "KakaoTalk-melon (synergy), strong expectation of service" 아울러 카카오는 이번 합병 시 카카오M에서 멜론 사업부와 한솥밥을 먹던 영상 사업 부문과 음악 사업 부문도 함께 가져왔지만, 연내로 이 두 사업을 따로 분사시켜 각을 세운다. 카카오는 또 자사 드라마 제작사 메가몬스터가 제작한 드라마를 4분기 중으로 MBC에서 방영할 예정이다. In addition, Kakao also brought together the video and music business divisions of Kakao M, which had been involved with the melon division at the time of the merger. Kakao also plans to broadcast the drama produced by its own drama production company Mega Monster in MBC during the fourth quarter. 카카오 관계자는 “메가몬스터가 제작한 드라마를 4분기에 MBC에서 방영할 예정”이라며 “합병이나 분사에도 사업은 연속성이 있게 유지된다”고 밝혔다. "The drama produced by Mega Monster will be broadcast on MBC in the fourth quarter," a Kakao official said. "It was not affected by the merger (of Kakao and Kakao M)." 음악·영상 사업, 분사에도 연결성 있게…4분기 MBC서 드라마 발표 Music, video business to merge into one ... 4th quarter MBC drama presentation 카카오는 연내 음악·영상 사업 부문을 분사할 예정이다. 카카오는 해당 부문 분사에도 차질 없이 사업을 이어간다는 계획이다. 특히 드라마 제작사 메가몬스터에서 제작한 드라마를 4분기 중 MBC를 통해 공개할 예정이다. Kakao plans to spin off its music and video business (as an independent subsidiary) during the year. It is planning to continue business without any problem. In particular, the drama produced by the drama production company Mega Monster will be released through MBC during the fourth quarter. 카카오는 영상 콘텐츠 제작사로는 모바일 영상에 특화된 ‘크리스피 스튜디오’와 드라마 전문 제작사 메가몬스터를 두고 있다. 크리스피스튜디오는 모바일에 최적화 된 스낵형 예능 및 웹 드라마 콘텐츠를 제작하는 회사다. 메가몬스터는 CJ ENM의 드라마 제작사 스튜디오드래곤과 공동 투자형태로 탄생한 회사다. Kakao has 'Krispy Studio' specialized in mobile video contents and 'Mega Monster' that specializes in drama production. Krispy Studio is a company that produces mobile-optimized web entertainment and web-streaming content. Meanwhile, Mega Monster is a company that was co-invested with CJ ENM's drama production company Studio Dragon.
  5. what happened? Previously it was announced that Hidden Sequence (Signal producer Lae Jae Moon's company) will produce, and will have 12 episodes instead of only eight. source: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/netflix-picks-up-love-alarm-as-first-south-korean-original-960964
  6. the script is in! Just read the original webtoon and it is hilariously great. Production Companies: PRODUCTION H - behind OCN "Life on Mars" and KBS2 "School 2017", which are both good. Y-PEOPLE(?) ENT
  7. You're very much welcome @sks18. Glad that Dramabeans is back to its golden days. They just brought the weekly ratings report back. yeah @kangminjae, that was hilarious. this makes me more excited for Woo-ri's next steps for her career.
  8. Jo Woo Ri Shares Thoughts On Receiving Hate Due To Her “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” Character TV/FILM Sep 26, 2018 by S. Park Jo Woo Ri talked about portraying Hyun Soo Ah on JTBC’s “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.” Hyun Soo Ah was a character who was the target of criticism in the drama. She had a two-faced personality due to her personal belief that she has to receive love from everyone. Many viewers criticized her, but also sympathized with her once the drama revealed why she turned out this way. In the end, Jo Woo Ri received lots of love for successfully portraying her character. Talking about how she landed this role, she began, “I didn’t audition for the role of Hyun Soo Ah. I auditioned for the role of one of the chemistry department students, but I read Hyun Soo Ah’s lines since they were in the script. The director must’ve viewed this favorably. On my way home after the audition, he called me saying that he wanted to see me again, so I turned the car around and went to have a meeting with the director.” She continued, “I didn’t know why he cast me at the time, but when I asked the director later, he said that it seemed like it would be more fun if I acted the part of Soo Ah. He said that he cast me because if my usually bright appearance could be noticed while I acted as Soo Ah, then the viewers could see that Soo Ah didn’t act that way due to ill intentions.” In the drama, Hyun Soo Ah is a natural beauty who earns the title of “the goddess of the chemistry department.” She gains lots of attention for her beautiful, lovely looks, but will do anything in order to retain everyone’s love. Speaking about how she didn’t feel pressured about portraying this kind of character, Jo Woo Ri explained, “I saw the original webtoon and it told Hyun Soo Ah’s story. Hyun Soo Ah’s story is explained later, so I wasn’t scared because I thought that people would understand Hyun Soo Ah to some degree. I thought that it’d be better for me to work hard at acting so that the viewers could focus even more.” Hyun Soo Ah did reecive hate from viewers when she pretended to like another female student’s boyfriend or expressed jealousy at Do Kyung Seok (played by ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo) and Kang Mi Rae’s (played by Im Soo Hyang) relationship. “I was one of the fans who were angry at Soo Ah while reading the webtoon,” said Jo Woo Ri. “I did expect that kind of reaction, but there was also some hate towards me. I think it’s because they were immersed while watching the drama. I read comments and there was hate towards me and some strong words on my personal social media account. I thought that I shouldn’t read those comments and should just work hard at acting, but it did make me think that the drama must’ve been doing well.” She also shared a story about something that happened because of her character. Jo Woo Ri began, “I use public transportation and my mom must’ve read the comments because she told me not to use public transportation. I think she did this because she thought that the drama was popular and many people were watching it.” She continued, “One day, I wore a hat and walked out of my house as I normally do. From somewhere, I heard a voice say, ‘Senior, I’m a big fan of you.’ I put a drink on the counter and the part-time worker was rewatching our drama on his phone. But as soon as my character said that, the employee cursed. Thankfully, he didn’t recognize me. Thinking that I shouldn’t break his concentration in the drama, I lowered my hat even more and walked out.” At the press conference for “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” Jo Woo Ri had said that she was different from her character Hyun Soo Ah who cared a lot about herself and her appearance. The actress explained, “When I got the part of Hyun Soo Ah, my friends were really excited while my parents were worried if I could pull off a villain character. It was my first time playing a villain, so I was also worried. But after the drama aired, I was happy when my friends said, ‘I wanted to hit you.’ It meant that my friends could immerse in it that much, so I was happy. If someone you know appears in a drama, it’s hard to focus on [the drama itself], but that wasn’t the case. It made me think, ‘I’m doing a good job this time.'” Talking about her interaction with script writer Choi Soo Young at the wrap party, Jo Woo Ri said, “She hugged me asking me If my mentality was okay. People around me worried more and the writer worried about me. Oh Hwi Jun, who appeared as Chan Woo, also said, ‘Have strength Soo Ah,’ when I saw him on set. It felt weird and I thought, ‘Why is he telling me to have strength?’ but it turned out Chan Woo got a lot of hate too.” “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” aired its final episode on September 15 which recorded its personal highest viewership ratings. Source (1)
  9. it depends on what MBC will do. Well, Huayi Bros. Korea's productions were lackluster (including Ruler, which drew flak due to poor execution). Some of MBC's self-produced dramas did well. Exhibit A: Shopaholic Louis.
  10. Program creator: STUDIO DRAGON / OCN Production company: Crave(?) Works
  11. to those who want to read: Jo Woo Ri Describes Working With Im Soo Hyang And Cha Eun Woo On “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” CELEB Sep 19, 2018 by esspee Jo Woo Ri talked about her “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” co-stars Im Soo Hyang and ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo. “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” told the story of campus life and romance with a cast including Jo Woo Ri, Im Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo, Kwak Dong Yeon, Dohee, Park Yoo Na, Kim Do Yeon, Kim Eun Soo, and more. On September 18, the actress took part in an interview with media outlet Star News. She began, “To be honest, it hasn’t been that long since the wrap party, so it didn’t feel real. But while organizing my thoughts during the interview, it’s beginning to feel like it really ended.” “Time flew by so quickly while filming,” continued Jo Woo Ri. “Since it was a drama where many actors in the same age group appeared together, there was passion and good teamwork. I had fun filming.” In the drama, Jo Woo Ri appeared as the “chemistry department goddess” Hyun Soo Ah. She received lots of attention for her beautiful, lovely looks, but acted two-faced in order to continue receiving that attention. She especially became jealous of Do Kyung Seok (played by Cha Eun Woo) and Kang Mi Rae ‘s (played by Im Soo Hyang) relationship. Although she appeared jealous of the couple on-screen, Jo Woo Ri said that the three of them were close in real life. She explained, “Im Soo Hyang is my school senior, so we became close from the beginning and worked on our teamwork.” She continued, “Cha Eun Woo was smart and quick despite the fact that he’s young. He was also called ‘face genius’ a lot, and there were many times on set when people said, ‘Let’s be born as Eun Woo in our next lifetime.’ It was really nice to work with those two people.” “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” aired its final episode on September 16. Source (1) in fairness, Jo Woo Ri is female lead material. waiting for her progress as an actress.
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