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  1. Thanks to user @llamachoi for covering the entire forum! It's been 7 years since I've started the topic, and nothing amazes me more than those who still have a loving passion for joining the Korean entertainment industry. I wish you all the best of luck :) _RaiN_
  2. Need Help? Well you're at the right post! Well, I'll make this post for people who REALLY need help answering some questions about SM Entertainment Auditions (sorry I don't know much about YG, JYP and CUBE). If you need any help just post it! That's the whole point of this topic and I don't care if you have a trillion questions, I'll try my best to answer them in FULL detail. I know, because I've actually asked 60 questions before (Thanks to MyNameIs_Luka for answering ALL of my questions!) And know I'm willing to share my knowledge with people who want to Audition for SM Entertainment. I'll reply ASAP and when I say ASAP I mean ASAP, I'll probably be chilling on this post for the WHOLE day cause I have no life So I'll reply like RIGHT away. I hope this helps everyone. This is _RaiN_ I challenge you to beat the 60 questions
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