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source: http://www.chosunonline.com/article/20071113000031

13 Nov 2007 Lee Jung Jae and Kim Jung Eun signed contact with Yedang

Briefly the gist on LJJ

LJJ has signed a management contract with Yedang Entertainment.

The contract is for 3 years which will start from 12 Nov 2007 to 11 Nov 2010.

Thanks ylin for the current update on LJJ. Really appreciate the news-sharing! :)

A couple of recent pics of LJJ and friends (JWS, et. al) and their new underwear fashion line-up.. I think. :blush:



Source: yahoo.kr

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Wow, it's been 2 months since my last MB *MindBridge* update, how time flies! ^^

*waves to everyone*

Thank you for all the updates <3

It took me less than a minute to get used to his new hairstyle, the clean-cut, nice-boy-look~

But, oh dear, doesn't he look younger, more hip and fresh? teeheehee...

:sweatingbullets: he's as hot as ever! lol~ enjoy! :wub:

Mind Bridge



image2kv9.th.jpg image3yr2.th.jpg

image4pw0.th.jpg image5ol2.th.jpg image6qp0.th.jpg



image9xy5.th.jpg image14ax2.th.jpg

image13bq9.th.jpg image12vx5.th.jpg

image10my7.th.jpg image11rz4.th.jpg

image16lq2.th.jpg image17jz6.th.jpg



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^ Hiya koalabear! ^^

Has anyone checked out his Yedang official site yet? :D

I really like how they've designed and organized the site.

There are some pictures I've never seen before, and hopefully it'll be loaded with current info and news about him soon :)

Oh, and the registration page for Foreigners is really user-friendly also. Great website! ^^


HOME page:




NEWS page:




PHOTO page:


VIDEO page:




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^ aWw.. thanks Shenny for LJJ's update at Yedang.. totally forgotten all about it. Wow.. it's really awesome that the agency is taking great care of their clients.. setting up the official sites in no time at all.

I remember Hwang Jung Min's cool page also at Yedang.. they really have all the best actors there. :D

Good for LJJ.. I wished.. our other Mr. Lee will have something like this too... soon... *sigh*

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Guest hjnlight7

lee jung jae's Air City drama is scheduled to be broadcasted in malaysia on astro shuang xing (channel 324) starting wee Jan 15 at 10.30pm according to the astro guidebook

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Found here a Korean Film Database site on Lee Jung-jae...I'm not sure if this is very accurate though this is the main website for all Korean Films released...and it is also available in English...you can also see still pics of his films as well...I'm having problems in loading the pics but all LJJ fans can give this website a try...available in both Korean and English languages


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i must say, i still prefer him in short cropped hair-do and looking pensive and almost broody in sepia or black & white prints...no teeth pls Mr Lee! ;p

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January 31, 2008

Lee Makes Big-Screen Comeback After 3 Years


Actor Lee Jung-jae will return to the big screen by starring in '1724 Kibang Nandongsageon.' The actor recently said he feels alive as an actor whenever he takes on more "energetic" roles.

At a recent press conference, the actor said he felt significant pressure because of his sophisticated urban image. He said he overcame his stress by practicing hard.

On the Andre Kim labeled clothes he wore in the movie, Lee said he had asked the famous designer to design something for him and that he was more than happy with the results. Talking about the film, he said the audience will have the chance to experience a faster-paced, unique-style movie as the film was alternatingly shot with 10mm and 6mm cameras.

The story revolves around the most sought-after gisaeng during the early 18th-century Joseon Dynasty. Lee co-stars with other top actors, including Kim Suk-hoon and Lee Won-jong. The film will open nationwide in May.

Source: KBS Global


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Thank you ylin and rubie for the updates <3

Can't wait to see this movie.. hehe... omona his hair... curly curly~~

what's up with all the permed nowadays.. :lol: first Kang Ji Hwan in HGD, and now LJJ? /faints


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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to Lee Jung Jae 이정재 - [Movie: Deliver Us From Evil]
  • Helena changed the title to Lee Jung-Jae 이정재

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