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[manga] Beauty is the Beast

Guest asian_love2788

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Guest Izam.

Confusing? How so? This manga has 4 or 5 volumes (I don't remember how many exactly). I really liked it! (but I read it in Chinese perhaps it's better that way)

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Guest yumi-chan

While I was reading Beauty is the Beast, I noticed that Eimi sort of reminds me of Nodame? There are obviously differences between the two but somehow, they're a lot alike. Like:

-Both are oblivious to any guy but the one they're "obsessed" with.

-Both have a certain surprising talent despite their cluelessness (Nodame: piano / Eimi: um... how she can jump over gates, lol)

I really like these types of heroines, and I've been searching for new mangas with heroines similar to Nodame or Eimi. :)

Yeah, they are very similar XD they're both messy, they're weird, they're food driven and they both have one guy they're totally obsessed with, but it's actually love--yet they're too blind to see it XD.

I just read the ending x_x after remembering I didn't finish this.

I liked it =D

Wanibuchi and Eimi end up together somehow and have a daughter. XD. I can't even imagine how Eimi managed pregnancy XD LOL

I love the author of this series, she really knows how to bring out the special relationships between the characters~ though some of the stuff is confusing during the series, it tends to make perfect sense~


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"beauty is the beast" so good!!!!!!!!!!!! though i've only read the 1st volume, i definitely liked this manga :lol:

i hope i can get a copy of the other volumes in english edition...

though the story is quite short and simple, it gives out something more than what it seems (like lessons in life???)

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