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Guest adikkeluangman

2PM’s Wooyoung almost footed a $600 USD bill for IU

On April 11th, 2PM’s Wooyoung guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and shared some stories about himself and his “Dream High” co-star, IU.

Wooyoung began, “At the time of ‘Dream High’, I worked really hard to get closer with IU. People said that she was shy, so before the drama began, I asked Seulong, who’s close with IU, to send a text message to her for me. However, IU sent a text back to Seulong saying, ‘I probably won’t get close with Wooyoung even until the last episode.’ I was really hurt at the time.”

Afterwards, the two eventually met away from the film set in order to get closer. Wooyoung revealed, “For our first meal, we sat at separate tables and just concentrated on eating because we weren’t that close at the time. For our second meal, we went to eat rib eye, which as you know, is very expensive. I suggested that we go eat something else like samgyupsal, but IU insisted on buying.”

Unfortunately, including the staff members, the total bill came out to $600 USD. “IU told me, ‘If oppa pays for this while I go to the bathroom, you’ll be an amazing person to me.’ I felt that I had finally gotten close with her, and maybe this was my chance to be that ‘amazing person.’ I was a bit worried, though, because it was so expensive.”

While IU went to the bathroom, Wooyoung continued, “My manager poked me and said that this was too much for her to foot, and for us to just pay for her. I said no, let’s just let her pay. I said, ‘Hyung, you should respect the person’s decision if they want to pay!’ Eventually, we ended up splitting the bill between the agency and me, which IU had no idea about. IU later told me that she was actually joking about that statement and that she hadn’t meant it.

Wooyoung concluded, “I later received 10 texts from IU after that, all of which said, ‘Unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair! I was going to pay the bill!’” With a laugh, he added, “I felt like I had been played! But through that, we became a lot closer and were able to conclude the drama on a friendly note.”


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I just found this thread right now.

BUT no news about bel ami (!!!!!) new IU's drama...

I know it's late and drama finished, but I just want to share some photo.




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Singer-Actress IU sends in her new years greetings :)

She wishes everyone to stay extra healthy and work very hard towards their goals in this brand new "horse" year!

She also reflects on Pretty Man which aired its finale episode 3 weeks ago ....
"I feel very happy and enjoyable acting out as Kim Bo Tong for this drama."
"Jang Keun Suk as a sunbae actor have always liven up the atmosphere on set, I feel very grateful and thankful towards him." *giggles

As for actor Lee Jang Woo, she exclaims that after discussing the topic of losing weight, they connect very well on set.

Lastly, she added in that "Kim Bo Tong is a very good role for me to take on, I feel that time passes by so quickly for "Pretty Man"
maybe partly because my previous project was a long series drama...
still I'm quite sad that it has ended in a blink of an eye."

source: BNTNews

Cr:seungzy_kangdamshipper (posted in bel ami soompi thread)

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Top 7 successful idol-turned-actors

1. Park Yu-chun
Not many people had high expectations for Park Yu-chun in 2010 when the singer said he would start acting. Park made his first appearance on the small screen with “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and excelled at portraying Lee Sun-joon in the fusion historical drama. The selection of genre for his acting debut was perhaps an ideal one, as fusion historical dramas have historically had mass appeal. Park could have chosen the safe path of acting by choosing a romantic comedy as his follow-up project. Against his fans’ expectations, he decided to go for melodrama. With “Miss Ripley” costarring Lee Da-hae, he built his reputation as an actor. The last two dramas he starred in -- “Rooftop Prince” and “Missing You” -- also confirmed his talent for acting. Just three years into his acting career, the JYJ member garnered four major acting awards, in the KBS Drama Acting Awards in 2010, Paeksang Arts Awards and MBC Drama Awards in 2011, and SBS Drama Awards in 2012


2. Lee Jung-shin
It was evident at the beginning of “My Daughter Seo-young” that Lee Jung-shin was starting from scratch. Beginning from zero, he had nothing to lose, and he had veteran actors such as Chun Ho-jin and Kim Hye-ok as mentors. Leaving all the awkward reactions and facial expressions in the earlier part of the story, his acting skills remarkably improved through the 50-part series. Competition between the CNBLUE members could have been the strongest motivation for the bassist. All four band mates have experience in acting including leader Jung Yong-hwa, who played in “You’re Beautiful” and “Heartstrings.” With “My Daughter Seo-young,” the musician gained wider recognition as an actor as well.

3. IU
The influx of idols in the K-drama sphere reached its peak in 2011 when “Dream High” first hit the airwaves. TV screens were brimming with young artists such as Taecyeon and Wooyoung of 2PM, Eunjung of Tiara and Bae Suzy of MissA. IU did not have many scenes in her debut drama but she made a stepping stone of it and landed her first lead role in “You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin.” Already a successful singer, IU’s acting success is likely to be judged by her current drama and the next role. 

4. Seo In-guk

The winner of Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K” did not have much luck when he first made his debut as a singer. Seo In-guk had also tried appearing on variety shows to make himself known, but he was always tagged as “the guy from Superstar K.” His fate began to change forever when he starred in “Respond 1997” with Jung Eun-ji of girl group A Pink. Riding the waves of ’90s sensation the drama made, Seo finally kicked the label of “the guy from Superstar K” and found his real name. After making his appearance in the weekend series “Rascal Sons,” Seo came back to where he belongs and gained further popularity through a new album.

5. Bae Suzy

Without a doubt, Bae Suzy is the most successful actress among idol singers. She gave acting a try in “Dream High” but no one had expected that she would become the queen of local box office last year. “Architecture 101,” Lee Yong-joo’s megahit film that lured 4.1 million moviegoers last year, launched Bae into stardom and gave her the nickname of “everyone’s first crush.” Although she still has that reputation from her debut flick, Bae has not been able to meet her fans’ expectations in “Big” and “Gu Family Book.” 

6. Choi Si-won
Choi Si-won made his name known as an actor before making his debut K-pop group Super Junior. His first drama “Precious Family” was written by popular script writer Kim Soo-hyun, who also wrote “A Thousand Days’ Promise” and “Mom’s Dead Upset.” After playing several minor and main roles both on the small and big screens he made a breakthrough in his acting career last year with “The King of Dramas.” Choi received positive reviews for depicting his character Kang Hyun-min, a handsome but short-tempered and egoistic actor. Proving himself a real heartthrob, he made a smooth start to become the king of dramas.


7. Kim Dong-wan
Kim Dong-wan was an actor at the age of 17 before becoming a member of boy band Shinhwa. The “Hey Come On” singer kept his dream as an actor while pursuing singing activities. With his trademark smiley face he landed more roles in popular dramas such as “Children of Heaven” in 2002 and “A Farewell to Sorrow” in 2005. In 2011, Kim played the male lead in “The Peak,” set during the Japanese colonial rule. The two-part series was recognized by the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and took the grand prize in the TV Special-Dramatic segment. Critics say the award-winning drama provided Kim a chance to go beyond his former style of acting and helped him mature as an actor.


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Veteran Performers Choi Baek Ho And Go Doo Shim Praise IU's Music And Acting Skills




singer Choi Baek Ho and actress Go Doo Shim, " IU is one talent that is worth a second look and She is a talented person."

IU first met Choi back in 2011, backstage at the 100th episode special for the program "Sketchbook."

Go played IU's foster mother in the television drama series "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin," which aired from March to August of this year.

The experienced actress said she was impressed by IU's work ethic.

"IU did really well," Go told the website allpop at he press conference for her new series "The Future Choice."  "She went at it really ambitiously."

"I saw her on the very first day and I initially gave her a hand," she added. 

"However, she did really well after one or two tries, enough so that I could remove my hand.  IU did her part perfectly.  To tell the truth, I cannot let go of my script.  I am always holding it.  I do have the habit of letting it go once I enter the shoot, but IU did not hold her script even during rehearsals.  She had memorized it.  There are no words for how well she did."


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Lee Joon picks IU as his rival in acting


Actor and MBLAQ’s member, Lee Joon, has straightly chose singer IU as his rival in acting. Lee Joon revealed the recognition as he was interviewed on SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment” on December 11. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

IU whose real name is Lee Jieun debuted in acting world through KBS’ “Dream High” in 2011 and is now busy filming for her latest drama, KBS’ “Pretty Man”.

“IU is really good at acting,” Lee Joon explained on the interview.

Then the “Rough Play” actor expressed his views and compares himself to the solo singer, who dubbed as “Nation’s Little Sister”.

“I filmed a bed scene,” he said, referring to the bed scene he did in “Rough Play”.

“I bet IU would not be able to film a bed scene. I filmed one,” the 25 year-old-guy added.

So, what do you think?


 Huh? IU's bed scene??!!!!

:x  :\">  :x  8-> :-B
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IU Nabs The Number 1 Spot On Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100 For Another Week With 'Friday' Featuring HISTORY's Jang Yi Jeong

By Jesse Lent | January 03, 2014 10:30 PM EST


photo: KBS

IU continues her reign over the K-pop charts as her new duet "Friday"

with HISTORY singer Jang Yi Jeong remains the number one song on the

Billboard K-Pop Hot 100.

"Friday," which debuted last week, ties the Billboard K-pop chart's record for the most number one singles by any artist.

Although the chart was only established in 2011, the distinction puts

IU in good company. IU is tied with girl group SISTAR, and pop rock

trio Busker Busker with four number one singles over the Billboard K-pop

chart's brief history.

read more here


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Found some article about IU... :)

Yoona and IU – From Idols to Actresses!


It's about time we stop referring to them as idols turned actresses.

Girls' Generation Yoona and IU were both awarded at the 2013 'KBS Drama Awards.'

At the December 31st KBS Drama Awards, Yoona was given the Best

Acting Award in the mini-series category, as well as the Best Couple

Award. IU was given the Best Rookie Acting Award and Best Couple Award.

Yoona is currently starring in KBS 2TV's "The Prime Minister and I,"

which aired its first episode on December 9th. She plays the part of

journalist Nam Da Jung. Just like a flower blooming, Yoona has blossomed

into a seasoned actress, and has been receiving high praise for her


What about IU? She had her acting debut in 2011 with KBS 2TV's "Dream High." This year she starred in KBS 2TV's "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" and was acknowledged for her acting talent. Currently she's the lead female role in KBS 2TV's "Pretty Man," and is doing a fantastic job acting alongside Jang Keun Suk.

One of the reasons why Yoona and IU's success is so interesting is

that they both debuted as singers, not actresses. Even despite their

busy music schedules, they're successful in both areas.

In the beginning of their acting debut, they were marked as "idol

turned actresses," and considered eye candy for the drama or just a hot

topic. But thanks to their individual efforts, they're now standing by

other actors who debuted as actors. Their hard work and efforts have

paid off, as is evident with their acting awards.

Of course, there are still some people that still think it's too

early to remove the title 'idol turned actresses.' And it's just

something that Yoona and IU will have to work even harder to overcome.

But the two definitely deserve to be commended for having come this

far. Instead of simply thinking of these two as just singers, it's about

time we look at them as actresses.

source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/71699/20140102/yoona-iu-idols-turned-actresses.htm

Cr: airbening

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