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Guest adikkeluangman

[spoiler: Dream High] IU melts hearts with her guitar performance on Dream High

Singer IU has melted the hearts of netizens again with her outstanding guitar performance.

During the broadcast of KBS “Dream High”, Kim Pil Sook (IU) reveals her love towards Jason (Wooyoung) by singing Panic’s song “Waiting”.

Kim Pil Sook, who was unable to attend a field trip because of Hepatitis A, was surprised by Jason’s sudden appearance at the hospital and asks, “Is this also because of your ‘manners’?” Jason, unable to reveal his true feelings towards Kim Pil Sook, coldly answers, “I wanted to hear your song. I already told you that I only like your songs.” and leaves the hospital room.

Upon hearing this, Kim Pil Sook sings a song that expresses her feelings towards Jason. Jason does not leave but simply leans against the hospital room door while listening to Pil Sook’s song.

Netizens who saw this broadcast commented, “This is such a sad situation.” “Panic’s original song is also good but IU’s version of ‘Waiting’ has a different feel to it that I really like”.



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Guest adikkeluangman

Is IU now a “sell-out girl”?

It looks like IU is well on her way to earning the title of ’sell-out girl’.

Viewers have been clogging up KBS’s phone lines inquiring about the fashion item she wore on the latest episode of “Dream High“. On February 7th’s broadcast of the drama, IU, acting as Kim Pilsook, ate meat secretly after getting sick of the bad hospital food.

In this scene, IU wore a cute Disney ponytail holder in the shape of Mickey Mouse. After this scene aired, Disney’s internet homepage displayed an increase in traffic by 30%.

The ponytail holder is made by Walt Disney Jewelry, composed of pink cubic crystals. IU made a hair statement by putting only half of her hair up with this adorable hair accessory.

A spokeswoman from Disney revealed, “This is one of Walt Disney Jewelry’s steady sellers. It has been very popular among our customers for its cute appearance and useful function. You can easily put your hair into a ponytail with this accessory to accentuate your cuteness“.

Everyone go buy this accessory and you’ll instantly be as cute as IU (hopefully)!


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Guest adikkeluangman

Pilsook from “Dream High” is a fan of IU?

Many viewers of popular drama “Dream High” have taken great interest in the subtle appearances of singer IU’s real name and pictures throughout the drama.

On the 12th episode of “Dream High”, which was broadcast on February 14th, Pilsook (IU) was seen looking through her finished profile for her upcoming showcase performance.

What caught the attention of viewers was the website address that was written on Pilsook’s profile. While the other cast members used their character names for this section, Pilsook had actually wrote her real life name, “www.kirinas.com/IU”.

Another time was in the 9th episode, when Pilsook visited the library to pick out a nuptial song to sing. Out of all the music scores that were in the library, Pilsook had a look through the score for IU’s latest comeback track, “Good Day”.

Viewers commented, “Is Pilsook part of IU’s fanclub?” and “It’s kind of exciting trying to find the subtle instances when IU’s name is shown.”

Meanwhile, “Dream High” viewer ratings have been climbing up the rankings, registering 16.7% for the most recent episode on the 14th.


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Guest adikkeluangman

IU & Wooyoung finally…

The sweet ‘Milk Couple’ from “Dream High” are finally an official couple!

On the latest episode, ‘Jason’ finally realized his feelings for ‘Pil Sook’, thanks to the jealous feelings that came up after he caught her in an empty room with ‘Sam Dong.’ Suppressing his feelings, Jason took Pil Sook aside and asked her to listen.

“Think of this as advice from a senior who debuted before you, so listen well. Restrict yourself from staying somewhere when it’s only you and another male. Of course I won’t misunderstand, but others are not like me. You’re going to get into a scandal if you keep that up.”

Hilariously, Pil Sook retorted with her own cute jealous remarks. “Why don’t you be careful? It’s easy for others to misunderstand when they see you saying ‘I miss you, I love you’ to other girls on the phone. Even though I’ll never misunderstand.”

By understanding that their sarcastic ‘advice’ to one another were simply masked feelings of jealousy, Jason confirmed his love for her by taking the piece of bread she was eating and ingested it himself, thereby initating an ‘indirect kiss’.

After becoming an official couple, viewers were amused to see that they were sticking closely to one another in class, as well as exchanging loving glances whenever they could.


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Guest adikkeluangman

2PM’s Wooyoung uploads a picture of the ‘Milky Couple’

On February 17th, 2PM’s Wooyoung uploaded sel-ca pictures of himself with singer IU on the set of KBS 2TV’s “Dream High“.

Both Wooyoung and IU have been receiving much love from fans as the “WooU (Milky) couple”. The fandom exploded with the airing of the last episode, as one of their secret wishes finally came true.

Wooyoung uploaded the pictures through his Twitter, attaching the caption: “Pilsook~ Jason~ ♥”. The two are both in their school uniforms and sport similar black-rimmed glasses, further emphasizing their couple status.

Netizens have been showing much interest in the picture, commenting, “Both are too cute!! ♥♥ Pilsook~ Jason~♥“, “Couple glasses?? keke it’s cute”, “Gosh…they look so studious”, and “Milky couple fighting!! ^-^.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

IU & Wooyoung hold…

After finally realizing their feelings for one another on last week’s episode of KBS’s “Dream High“, the trailer for the 14th episode featured footage of ‘Pil Sook’ and ‘Jason’ holding hands as they prepare to submit their video auditions.

For the past few episodes, the ‘milky couple’ has been melting the hearts of fans with their push-and-pull tactics, so fans were elated to see them initiate skinship like this. They gushed, “They make me so excited,” and “What if they have their first kiss!”

The preview of the upcoming episode which will air on February 21st also brought out the viewers’ curiosity about the other cast members, as they saw ‘Baek Hee’ pulling ‘Hyemi’ into a hug and asking what’s going to happen to ‘Jin Guk’, as ‘Jin Guk’ watches on in tears.


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Guest adikkeluangman

[spoiler: Dream High] Pilsuk and Jason share…

A kiss scene between IU and Jang Wooyoung on a recent episode of “Dream High” has become the talk of the town amongst the viewers lately.

After the 14th episode of “Dream High”, which was broadcast on February 21st, a short teaser of the 15th episode was aired, in which Kim Pilsuk (IU) and Jason (Jang Wooyoung) share a kiss scene together.

With regards to this, a KBS representative stated, “The kiss scene between Wooyoung and IU is receiving a lot of interest from fans. But rather than it being a kiss, Wooyoung just pecks IU’s forehead.”

According to the teaser on the official homepage of “Dream High”, Kim Pilsuk guest appears on a cable broadcast by the request of Jason. However, the program suddenly shows a past photo of Pilsuk, throwing Pilsuk into bewilderment. Piksuk says, “Those were my happiest days,” to which Jason added, “There is one more person who also liked those days too.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

[spoiler: Dream High] IU tiptoes to give Wooyoung a…

Fans of KBS’s “Dream High” felt their hearts flutter at the ultra-cute kiss scene between ‘Pilsook’ (IU) and ‘Jason’ (Wooyoung)!

The February 22nd episode saw Jason provide an opportunity for Pil Sook to appear on broadcast. On their way home, Jason suggested that she delete the photos of her former chubby self, to which she replied, “Those were my happiest days.”

He responded, “Well, there is one other person who loved those days as well.” Jason took out his cell phone and flashed a photo of her from when she was 82kg to prove his point.

Touched, the two exchanged intense gazes before Pil Sook closed her eyes, expecting a kiss. Feeling playful, Jason decided to stretch out and give her stuffed animal a kiss instead. He teased, “Why are you closing your eyes? Did you expect something?“ Pil Sook gloomily retorted, “I didn’t expect anything!”

Jason then gave her a light peck on the forehead, which inspired Pil Sook to wrap her arms around his neck and tiptoeing, pull him down for a kiss.

Netizens commented, “Not showing the actual kiss scene was a lot more romantic,” “I want IU’s tip-toe kiss too!”, and “The hearts of her uncle fans have been demolished!”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Did 2PM’s Wooyoung and IU go on two dates?

It has been revealed that Wooyoung and IU went on two secret dates without anyone knowing!

The two truthfully told their tales during the “Dream High Special Concert” and elaborated that they went on two dates after filming the drama. Wooyoung said, “After the filming was over, I was really hungry so I went to grab dinner with IU. We ate late at night by ourselves at a restaurant. After paying, I told her ‘next time, you treat’“.

After the cast grilled the two for more details, IU revealed, “After promising that I’d treat him the next time, we went to a meat place. I was a little worried about the bill, and was about to pay, but I found out that Wooyoung paid already. It was awkward during the meal, so we just ate“.

No one except the ‘Milky Couple’ knew about their two dates. Taecyeon and Eunjung were surprised, and kept repeating, “Really?“. MC Kim Tae Woo raised his own suspicions about the couple, saying, “I bet Wooyoung just said some cheesy pick-up lines“.

They also revealed why their kiss scene wasn’t steamy or even on the lips, saying, “The producer wanted a real kiss on the lips, but we didn’t think it was right, so we didn’t do it“.

Meanwhile, Wooyoung and IU showed off their ‘Milky Couple’ affection for each other by having a special performance.

During the concert, IU performed to ‘Someday‘, her own track from “Dream High Soundtrack“. She wore an elegant dress and impressed the crowd with her awesome vocals.

Wooyoung made a surprise appearance during the performance and presented her with candies, and he went on to carry out a ‘kiss performance’ with his girl.

‘Someday’ is a R&B song incorporating beautiful acoustic guitar chords, and captured IU’s wonderful vocals and J.Y. Park’s excellent composition, creating the perfect harmony.



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Guest cmshrty

adikkeluangman !!! thank you thank you thank you!!

I <3 iu now cause of dream high and she's adorbs with baby woo! I loveee them together :wub:

thanks for all the news!! wishing more dramas featuring her..she's a great actress

and ofcourse whatever drama shes in she should be acting along side wooyoung :phew: hahaha

thanks again and keep updating about her.. I'll be following this for sure!!!

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Guest adikkeluangman

2PM’s Wooyoung & IU to continue acting careers

After concluding their drama debuts through KBS’s “Dream High“, 2PM’s Wooyoung and IU have expressed that they will continue to pursue their passion for acting in conjunction with their singing careers.

Regarding IU, Loen Entertainment representatives expressed, “It was IU’s first time acting, and she had a lot of fun with it. It wasn’t just industry representatives who gave her positive reviews, but viewers as well, which helped her positively in energizing her passion for acting. Ever since she’s appeared in ‘Dream High,’ we’ve been receiving nonstop offers from various dramas and movies. If we see a good one, we’ll definitely consider it.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

What’s the story behind IU’s kindergarten in “Dream High”?

For the series finale of “Dream High“, viewers got to fast forward a few years, and saw that the ‘Milky couple’ were still together. IU’s character, ‘Pilsook‘, became a director for the “IU Kindergarten”, a quip that amused many fans.

Why was it called the “IU Kindergarten”? At first glance, you’d assume it was named for the actress who played the beloved character, and really, you wouldn’t be far off. But there’s an extensive reasoning behind the name. In Korea, a kindergarten is called ‘yoo-chee-won‘, and the Korean term for a child is ‘Ai‘ or ‘I‘. Thus, when viewers noticed that the kindergarten’s name was ‘I-U-chee-won‘, they chuckled over the clever wordplay.

People were interested in the kindergarten, so they searched for it and discovered that it was a real school in Kyung-Ki-do. Due to the immense amount of interest over the school, their website actually crashed from the influx of traffic.

Netizens wrote, “This is so cool. I had no idea it was real”, “I bet the real director of the kindergarten is happy”, and “IU’s popularity has reached kindergarteners.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Will IU parody the ‘foam kiss’ with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon for K-Will’s upcoming MV?

On March 8th, Starship Entertainment revealed that IU will be playing the leading lady for K-Will’s comeback MV, “My Heart Is Beating“.

Still-cuts of her appearance were recently unveiled, which showed the young singer cozily drinking a large cappuccino for a scene that’s reminiscent of “Secret Garden“’s ‘foam kiss’. Considering how MBLAQ’s Lee Joon was revealed to be the male lead yesterday, fans have been wondering whether Lee Joon will be the one to complete the ‘foam kiss.’

Fans commented, “First time seeing IU full of aegyo like this”, “I want to be the foam on her lips”, and “If there’s a kiss scene with Lee Joon, I will block her with my entire body!”


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Guest adikkeluangman

K-Will releases MV teaser for “My Heart Is Beating” feat. IU & Lee Joon

On March 9th, K-Will released the teaser for his highly-anticipated comeback MV, “My Heart Is Beating“, which features the acting talents of IU and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.

The two came together as lovers for the music video, and in the teaser, fans caught a glimpse of the two wearing wedding attire. Judging by the teaser photos released earlier this week, we can definitely look forward to seeing more sides to their love story.

Watch : HERE


IU, TVXQ, & B2ST to cameo on SBS’s new sitcom, “Welcome to the Show”

SBS will release a new sitcom called, “Welcome to the Show“, and they’ve already got a stellar list of confirmed cameos from IU, TVXQ, and B2ST!

A representative of SBS’s variety team spoke with Star News on March 9th and confirmed, “IU, TVXQ, B2ST and other idol singers will be trying their hand at sitcom acting.”

While TVXQ will only be making a brief appearance, IU will draw from her “Dream High” experience to act out a full series of lines.

“Welcome to the Show” uses the “Inkigayo” studio as its backdrop, and draws its stories from idols, seniors, juniors, managers, and the producers that run the show. Leading roles were previously announced to be 2AM’s Seulong, 2PM’s Nichkhun, and f(x)’s Sulli, in addition to other older singers.


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Guest adikkeluangman

K-Will is delighted to have work with IU for his music video

After releasing his second mini-album earlier today, K-Will held his comeback showcase for “My Heart Is Beating” on the afternoon of March 10th, and officially kick-started his comeback promotions.

K-Will performed the new tracks off his album, and later revealed the full music video for the first of his double title tracks, “My Heart Is Beating“.

Since the MV features the acting talents of IU and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, he was asked about how it felt to work with Korea’s national ‘little sister’. He replied, “It’s difficult to explain through words. I’m sure you all felt it through the music video, but she’s very cute and pretty, and also great at acting. People call her the current trend of the industry, which I’m sure the men know very well and the women acknowledge. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off of her acting.”

He brought out laughter from the crowd by adding as an afterthought, “It really is hard to express in words. Such a happy moment for me.”


K-Will releases music video for “My Heart Is Beating” featuring IU & Lee Joon

A couple days ago, K-Will unveiled the music video teaser for “My Heart Is Beating“, which features IU & MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. Then yesterday, K-Will dropped his second mini album, “My Heart Is Beating”, which boasts six impressive tracks.

Now, just moments ago, the music video for K-Will’s “My Heart Is Beating” track has been released.

Watch : HERE


“IU Candy” to be sold by ‘Tous les Jours’ for White Day


Even though the drama is over, the “Dream High” fever isn’t cooling down any time soon.

Tous les Jours (owned by CJ), is planning to sell the ‘couple lollipop’ that Jason (Wooyoung) gave to Pilsook (IU) in the drama. Also referred to as the “Dream Candy”, the cheerful, colored lollipop is supposed to represent the love between Jason and Pilsook.

According to a representative of Tous le Jours’, “Because the characters (Jason and Pilsook) gained lots of popularity for their charming love on ‘Dream High’, we’re pleased to release this candy.” They added, “On White Day [March 14 - the Korean version of Valentine's Day, where guys buy chocolates for girls], we hope that many people will be able to experience that beautiful love that we saw in the drama.”

The special lollipop is a special limited edition item that will be available only over the next 10 days. Would you get your significant other an “IU Candy”?


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Guest adikkeluangman

IU shows off her cute warm-up exercises through K.Will’s “My Heart Is Beating” MV


IU is making her oppa-fans melt with her cute dance in K.Will’s “My Heart Is Beating” music video.

In the video that was revealed on March 10th, IU performs the Korean national warm-up exercises. IU is accompanied by six look-alikes, who all sport the same outfits and hairstyles.

After watching the video, netizens commented, “6 IU’s! It feels like I won the lottery”, “Uncle fans should give her a thank you plaque”, and “IU’s national exercise daebak!“.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon also appeared in the music video and carried out the exercise along with the IUs, entertaining many netizens.

Singer K.Will recently returned with his newest mini album, “My Heart Is Beating”, and is trying out double title song promotions for the first time. He’ll be promoting the songs “My Heart Is Beating” and “Can’t Open Up My Lips“.

Watch : HERE


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Guest adikkeluangman

K-Will caught taking paparazzi shots of IU


Photos of K-Will secretly taking paparazzi shots of IU from the set of his own music video for “My Heart Is Beating” has been cracking up netizens on various community boards ever since they were discovered earlier today.

K-Will’s comeback MV has been earning headlines left and right, thanks to the stellar guest appearances of IU and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.

Amused netizens commented, “K-Will has transformed into a staff member,” “K-Will, did you forget that you’re a celebrity too?!,” and “We have the birth of a new IU obsessor on our hands.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

K-Will releases second title track MV, “I Can’t Find the Words”

On March 22nd, singer K-Will released the music video for his second title track, “I Can’t Find the Words,” which features IU and a special Starship Entertainment trainee.

While part one of the music video series, “My Heart Is Beating“, ended on a happy note with IU and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon realizing their love for one another, part two reveals the sad story behind a young boy who carried his love for IU like an unwavering sunflower.

Watch : HERE


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