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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread

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anation 2014 http://a-nation.net/   stadium fes 1) Ajinomoto stadium Tokyo Aug 29&30 2) Taiwan Sept 13 3) Singapore Oct 18 Performers TBA
TVXQ haven't been confirmed for a-nation yet. If they are though, hopefully it's in your country!source
JUNSU's Best Ballad FancamsUncommitted

cr: withxiahcom
Let It Go

cr: ohmycom
Rainy Night

cr: Bazzijjang Xia
Junsu's Gwiyomi

cr: Thiên Nhivia OMOXIA and KatHeartsJJ
YO!!!!! Bng2cRwCEAEKcQQ.jpg
CR: koropabo
Alt. Trans by OMOXIAWhen I was singing DBSK songs just now, I kept seeing everyone’s crying face. I thought of the past, feeling very memorable. Now that I’m standing on this stage with everyone, I realised that you're always giving me support in various ways! I was worried if everyone has forgotten me as I don’t appear here frequently. I didn’t had activities for 4 years in Japan, but everyone have not changed at all.
KWON SANG WOO MENTIONS YUNHO IN INTERVIEW[trans] Kwon Sang Woo mentions Yunho in his interview for Yawang in a Japanese magazine

Q: whether Kwon Sang Woo is still in contact with Yunho now too 

A: Of course. A while ago when TVXQ made their comeback, we texted each other and exchanged messages. At about the time when Yawang was ending, it was also the time when the both of us wanted to change our respective cars. We bought cars of the same colour and the same model. We said to drive our cars and meet up someday, but we haven't managed to do so. 

[cr: 윤돌촹돌 @ DC TVXQ - http://bit.ly/1jChbTr (DC TVXQ only allows reposting to places which support the current TVXQ.)]
source: mug_ping
Junsu drew this of Yoochun. Soccer field forehead again. Haha. cr: as tagged via KatHeartsJJ
Junsu sang First Love (Utada Hikaru) with musical actress Jung Sun-ah. Dang, I have to listen to this. It's such a good song.
Yoochun makes a short appearance on the set of tvN's Witch's Romance

cr: tvN Drama
Junsu's Ballad LightstickBnfdQb_CEAIfy0a.jpg
cr: xiahkissmiyol
TVXQ Wrap up Tree Tour in Niigata

After wrapping up the shows in Sapporo, TVXQ finally wrapped up the “TVXQ Live Tour 2004~TREE~” show in Niigata on May 11 and 12 at the Toki Messe, the tallest building on the Sea of Japan. The performance is the part of the tour to promote their seventh album TREE that was kicked off in Yokohama on April 22.

The duo performed a total of 27 songs in their set list for the performance, including the new songs from their newest album, like “Tree of Life”, “I Love You”, “Something”, “Hide & Seek”, and “Scream” as well some of their previous songs, including “Humanoids”, and “Keep Your Head Down”.

The two interacted with their fans in between their performance. Yunho seemed to get caught by flu and by taking some medicine he was a little bit drowsy during the talk according to some fans’ account. Yet, his performance was still strong and charming.

Changmin, on the other hand, mentioned about how delicious Niigata’s rice is. It seemed like he always enjoyed some local cuisine before he performed, just like what he told his fans in about the ramen he had in the previous performance in Sapporo.

TVXQ will continue their tour to other cities, including Tokyo, Osaka, Fukui, Fukuoka and Hiroshima. They will be performing in a total of 29 concerts in the mentioned cities until June


Jaejoong fanmeeting for Triangle June 22nd


source: shinkipeia via twitter

TVXQ Fanart cr: chanmino218


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I forgot to post this. There is a link of a cut of just the old Tohoshink songs Junsu sangClick HERE
It was so beautiful. Hopefully they can perform some songs at a concert or something. Yoochun's compositions are lovely, and they should be heard.

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Junsu's Fancam of him performing the songs.

cr: ohmyjuncom
Song listBeginStand by UHeart, Mind, and SoulLove in the IceProudAsu wa Kuru Kara
FAY and APO are streaming again! Concert is at 6 PM JST! Don't forget!
Pro tip: Have tissues with you in case of tears and be careful of the many emoshinki feels going around. Enjoy the concert~
[trans] Seeing Max Changmin in real life, it's this kind of feeling? Sculpture-like looks, true to what he is known for

Photos of Max Changmin in real life has gathered attention.

There was a post titled "Max Changmin In Real Life" which was uploaded in an online community recently.

In the photos which were revealed, there were traces of TVXQ's Max Changmin from the time he made his debut, till the present days. In particular, with Max Changmin's big eyes, sharp nose, and full lips, it looked as though he was a walking sculpture, catching everyone's eyes.

Netizens who saw Max Changmin's real-life pictures showed a variety of reactions, "Is this the kind of feeling he exudes when you see Max Changmin in real life?", "So there's no sculpture like Max Changmin" and "I want to see Max Changmin in real life once". 

Meanwhile, Max Changmin is in a resting phase after appearing in the Mnet drama "Mimi". (*erm I think the reporter meant "resting phase" in Korea maybe, because we all know TVXQ is actually now on their Japanese tour)


PS I have no idea why Newsen decided to spazz on Chami suddenly haha.

[trans] Max Changmin in real life is the Won Bin of the music industry? Just how good-looking is he in real life?

A post titled "Max Changmin in real life" uploaded in an online community has caught attention. In the photos which were revealed, there was a comparison photo of actor Won Bin and TVXQ's Max Changmin. 

In particular, both of them had their bob-like hair parted to the side, and they also appeared with the similar clothes styles. Netizens commented, "Max Changmin in real life is none other than the Won Bin of the music industry", "Max Changmin in real life, TVXQ is love~", "Seeing Max Changmin in real life, he really seems like a sculpture".

cr: wazzupofficialJunsu's interview will be broadcasted in Fm yokohama "Aja Aja Friday", date TBA
trans cr: yunhosmiley via twitter
cr: shinkipeia via twitter
AUDIO for JUNSU's Ballad Concert HERE and HERE and HEREcr: APO and FAY via OMOXIA

(This was from yesterday)

All those screams...haha.
all cr: ohmyjuncom

cr: BAZZIJJANG XIA (The majority of these are fancams from 5/13's concert)


(cr:yurixia9) Junsu said "Did the fan see through the twitter..or blog? That medley is 8 minutes long." And he also said, "I saw the fan write 'That 8 minute medley is Junsu's 8 years', and I thought so, too".

(cr:shim_panda) After singing the Tohoshinki medley, Junsu said,
"I saw this in someone's blog yesterday...there was the word 'the 8 minutes is full of his 8 years'...I really thought so, too, and I really wanted to say this in front of the audience today"

(cr:omyuo) "Tohoshinki medley is 8 minutes long, and in that 8 minutes, it is full of his 8 years....a fan has written in the twitter, and I was so impressed." said Junsu. 

cr: yunhosmiley 1,2,3

More Fancams


Oh boy. I didn't realize there would be in-fighting just because Junsu sang some old Tohoshinki songs. Wouldn't it be great if the fandoms could just be peaceful toward one another...is that going to happen ever?

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[Trans] Bigeast Question 32

Q: Please let us know the rice with ingredient servings which you like the most.

Yunho: If it's rice with ingredient servings, it is undoubtedly katsu-don (rice topped with deep fried pork cutlet). Because it is the first cuisine I ate after coming to Japan~

Changmin: undoubtedly it is katsu-don..? Gyu-don (rice topped with beef) too... ♡

[Jap-Kor trans cr: tvxqdrip - http://bit.ly/1iVHEdT ]

cr: mug_ping


cr: yunjaery

Some DBSK fans are getting riled up because of EXO's Kris requesting for a termination of his exclusive contract. source

(cr:richun64) The next stage will be within this year, by the 3 members...I cannot promise, but I'll do my best. There are many things that you all don't know...

(cr:miraclestar5) "I think that we 3 members can meet you together within this year." The audience is heated up, then, "Well, I can't say we definitely will...oh, how should I explain..""There are things that cannot be explained..."
cr: yunhosmiley via twitter
What is that supposed to mean?
BigEast Mission #31!http://youtu.be/v8W4yFkMczE
trans/cr: gabrielaoctt
Oh, they did a good job.

You can listen to a preview of Yunho and Changmin's songs Sweat and Answerhttp://toho-jp.net/discography/index.php

Yoochun's having a fanmeeting in June in China! 14th is in Guangzhou and 29th in Shanghai.
Stream:[May 16] Fukui [Doors open: 5:30PM | Concert starts: 6:30PM] at Sun Dome FukuiChannel: 20177
Moldir x Momot Premium Paper Toy Teaser

cr: moldir korea
It must be pretty accurate because my sister said it looked like Jaejoong without knowing it was him.

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Dudes, I was cackling at this:Yunho: This is my personal opinion, I think there are many beauties in Fukui. Bigeast: *screaming* Changmin: Calm down, we are just saying.
Changmin went backstage to change clothes before his solo. YH: Okay~ enough~Put your attention on me, Yunho~ cr:@豆花吧新闻扒抱社
cr: katheartsjj via twitter
It's basically a warning of illegal sales of tickets for JYJ concerts abroad, which are rumors.
[May 17] Fukui [Doors open: 3:00PM | Concert starts: 4:00PM] at Sun Dome FukuiChannel: 81226012 (Fay)
Junsu Full Audio (Day 3)

cr: Rinmaze
Fancams and more from Junsu and TVXQ's concert to be updated later. I still have finals going on, and I have to finish this one soon so I'm off.
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This is passing going around tumblr: junsu wakes up in the middle of the night to a knocking at his front door. he opens it, nobody’s there; but as he steps outside to look around the corner his foot knocks against a basket. he stoops down and on it is a note. ‘inside this basket is a child. your child. please take care of him.’ junsu falls back in complete shock and whispers: “oh my god, son.”source
This is pretty well-made in my opinion. Dude, I have this issue with essays in which I have this general idea of what to write but stink at making it cohesive. Okay, off topic but yeah...hope you had a good laugh!

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I finished my final in time for the stream. The tears.
[May 17] Fukui [Doors open: 3:00PM | Concert starts: 4:00PM] at Sun Dome FukuiChannel: 81226012 (Fay)
Don't forget. It starts at 4, which is in 20 minutes but there's usually a lag by roughly half an hour.
Looks like Yunho's injury is getting better!
Here's some of the translated talks from Tohoshinki from Fay.

These aren't all of them but only the ones I could take a screenshot of. The channel ended up refreshing so I couldn't screencap the some of the translations.

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I think they had set a release date for August 4th? 14th? Sorry I'm bad with dates.
Also, Yunho is going to be in a drama! That's right! That means that Changmin, Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Yunho are all in drama projects this year. Junsu has his Dracula musical too! Ah, so much promotions this year. 
More info here

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Woah, there was news about Lee Seung Chul covering Junsu's song "I Must Be in Love," and there are some fans that are pretty pissed off...source 1 and 2 (Scroll down to read the tweets)

In lighter news, I got my Survivor CD! I got Changmin jacketcard. So pretty. 

Yg Park
Okay. I think fans are mad that it's being called a remake instead of cover when it sounds the same and also because of the rudeness of the lee seung chul (not used by the actual artist) twitter account to a fan...also the responses maybe?
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There's more fandom issues with the Jaejoong IAG video and Yoochun-Gummy thing. I'm seriously restraining myself from writing an essay on why fans need to calm down and seriously start to focus on other things. They're enlisting soon, and I just don't see the point in getting agitated over non-issues. 
In other news, updates are coming. I'm sorry for lagging. I won't be able to update for a long time after the big post so I'm sorry!
Hey! It turns out there was more stuff from the Lee Seung Chul thing: HERE
I don't even feel angered. The only articles I read that were translated all mentioned the song was a cover of Junsu's song so I never got to the point of anger such as from other fans.
C-JeS released a statement HERE which I agree with. I don't think fans should be blamed for wanting clarification. I don't know what to say about Lee Seung Chul's radio comments because C-JeS stated they don't want the dispute between fans to be misunderstood by Lee Seung Chul, a senior artist. Frankly, conflicts with senior artists could cause a lot of issues for the other artist who is younger/debuted earlier so I'm glad this conflict is over. 
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Oh my goodness. You guys. I was on twitter, and there was this marvelous gif of Changmin and Yunho. The gif is so similar to this one shoot of JYJ...namely Yoochun and Jaejoong moment. Like I have to gif them both. I found the CF of Changmin and Yunho. I just have to find Jaejoong and Yoochun's making film. I'm not into shipping, but I just find the similar interactions really cute. Will give more info once I find the making film!

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I just watched this again after a long time and it made me cry.
I'm one of the many people who enjoy this music, and who will always AKTF for JYJ and TVXQ to become one again.
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