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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread

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Posts will be coming after I finish finals in two-ish months. But just let me put this out here first. Jaejoong can have friends. Jaejoong can have female friends. Please if you know or are one of those people that harass his friends on SNS, stop. It doesn't matter whether you think they are good friends or not by their actions. He is an adult and is capable of making decisions of whom he associates with for himself. 


On a more positive note, there's some cute TVXQ stuff that will be posted. It's like super gross and cute. 

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I recently made a reaction video for TVXQ's Mirotic. I did it as part of a series on my youtube channel called Throwback Thursday. I made this series, along with Flashback Friday, to help me learn about the older, more classic kpop songs. Why? Because I'm still fairly new to kpop. I enjoyed Mirotic! Please check out my video and support :)


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Hello Cassies. I'm posting today because jtbc has reported that Yoochun is under investigation for rape at a bar June 3rd. From the translated comments on Netizenbuzz, it seems this bar is a prostitution house. Cjes released a statement refuting and saying that it is blackmail. 

I'm hoping that those who read this do not victim blame the woman. It is best to remain neutral until details of the investigation are revealed.


Here's soompi's translation 


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First, here's the new soompi article: http://www.soompi.com/2016/06/14/breaking-charges-of-sexual-assault-reportedly-dropped-park-yoochuns-side-responds/

The title of the article is not true. The charges HAVE NOT been withrdrawn. Investigation is still ongoing. 

With that said, I saw an article on Cassies and JYJ-only fans finding the identity of the woman and doxxing her. It turns out it was the wrong person.

Actively pursuing the identity of a possible victim of rape is one of the worst things to ever do. Anyone who particpated in spreading the pictures and that woman's information, which again was also the wrong person, should feel ashamed. You are putting a woman's life in danger. Think about the repercussions this could have on any woman who is sexually assaulted by a celebrity. It makes it so much harder for a person to report, knowing that a legion of fans is willing to out her identity and harass her. 

I also saw tweets of fans calling the woman slurs, and this is no time to be so misogynistic. I understand some of you are anxious to have his name cleared and jumped then gun when you heard about the victim withdrawing, but that doesn't justify anything. Even when that news came out, and some of you decided it was okay to doxx her after you thought she was lying, you were still wrong to do that and should be ashamed. Also, think about the woman who was mistakenly identified in the doxxing. She was harassed for doing nothing because some fans decided it was okay to be immature and irrational.

Just STAY NEUTRAL. The results of the investigation will be revealead eventually. 

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The charges by Ms. A have been dropped. Soompi article on C-JeS' statement: http://www.soompi.com/2016/06/14/c-jes-entertainment-releases-official-statement-regarding-dropped-sexual-assault-charges-against-park-yoochun/

Alternate Translation: 

Summary of what has happened so far:

Post about the charges being withdrawn (paulisteu's tweets were all embedded into one post, so I thought it'd be easier to read from there instead of through a forum:



In short, the dropping of the case doesn't really mean anything. There is still the possibility open that Ms. A was paid money to withdraw the case. If I read correctly, police investigations are still going to continue since it relates to sexual assault. 

I understand that some Cassies got into the fandom during trying times in their own personal lives and that being a fan helped you get through those times. This news must be incredibly heartbreaking for y'all. Take care of yourselves. It might be best to just remove yourself from following the ongoing developments and just surround yourself with people that make you happy. I see that it has been emotionally taxing for some of you, so putting some distance could help. 

Let's remember to stay respectful and grounded.

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Sorry for the late updates. I had an interview today.

The tweets are regarding the second woman's assault charge. 

Okay, Soompi just released their article:


Oh yeah, DC JYJ has decided to no longer support Yoochun. If you no longer believe/want to support Yoochun, don't feel bad for that. It doesn't make you a fake fan like some claim! Do what you gotta do. We all have principles and morals and thoughts we gotta follow and sometimes they contradict with the actions of people we like. In short, don't feel obligated to support Yoochun.


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Translated article:


Basically, the women all gave similar accounts, which was already revealed earlier. There is, however, new detail from the article.

" Details of the account include that Yu Chun subdued the women as they resisted by holding and blocking the bathroom door. A number of the women also reported that the singer forced them into the sitting position by pushing their shoulders down."


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Soompi article:


Uh, I didn't think I would have to say this, but I guess I do. The profession of the victims should never be used against them, to slander them and be used to justify how suspicious they may be. You don't know them. You can't judge them, especially not because you hold personal opinions about their profession. With that said, you ALSO don't know Yoochun either. As fans, I get that some of you cannot believe these accusations because of your thoughts on what kind of person Yoochun is. By the end of the day, we only see a limited side of who he is as a person. As a celebrity, he has to maintain a certain image, so as fans, we'll never get to see a whole picture of who he truly is. Don't use your opinions of Yoochun as a good person to discount these rape accusations and believe that he's completely innocent just because of that.

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