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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread

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Glances from Changmina latest or actually last offecial activity TT

[TRANS + PHOTOS] 151105 Changmin ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’ Event in Japan



thanks for the owner 


[TRANS + FANCAMS] 151106 Changmin at EXO Tokyo Dome Concert






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[NEWS] 151106 TVXQ’s Changmin bids farewell to fans ahead of impending enlistment


Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 06.54.19

Changmin of TVXQ will enlist in the army later this month, and he recently wrapped up all his official activities in Japan and bid farewell to tearful fans.

Changmin had participated in a drama event for ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’ on November 5th at Japan’s Yokohama Arena, where he met a total of 26,000 fans who had gathered for the event which was held twice on the same day.

Main Japanese media outlet Nikkan Sports reported on November 6th that Changmin had told fans last night at Yokohama Arena, “I am enlisting on November 19th, so this will be my last official event. I will come back soon, so please wait for me.”

On hearing the expected announcement from Changmin personally, fans were left in tears as they couldn’t bear to see him go.

Changmin will enlist on November 19th where he will receive his basic training, before beginning his service as a conscripted policeman. He will be discharged from his service on August 18th in 2017. His fellow TVXQ member U-Know Yunho enlisted in the army earlier this year in July. As such, TVXQ will not be promoting for the next two years.

By: Alvin

Changmin of TVXQ wrapped up all his official activities and bid farewell to fans before beginning his mandatory military service on Nov. 19.

Changmin, who recently starred in TV drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night,” participated in the drama event in Japan’s Yokohama Arena on Thursday, amassing an audience of 26,000 for the event that was held two times on the day.

“This is the last official event to sing in front of the fans so it’s very meaningful,” Changmin told the audience gathered at the arena, Japanese media outlet Nikkan Sports reported. “I will come back soon so wait for me.”


On Nov. 18, the day before his enlistment, he will release solo album “Close to You” for Japanese fans.

Changmin will begin his military service on Nov. 19 as a conscripted policeman. He is tentatively scheduled to be discharged from the service on Aug. 18, 2017.

Earlier in July, Yunho of the TVXQ duo, began his military service.

All able-bodied men aged between 18 and 35 have to serve in the military for about two years in a country that is still technically at war with North Korea.

By Ahn Sung-mi (sahn@heraldcorp.com)
Credit: kpopherald

Shared by: WBC

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Yo. I'm back. Sorry. Busy week.

Junsu had a fansign event. From the tweets, it seemed super fun.

I'm going to post translated links of some questions that fans had Junsu answer. Super cute and funny ones!


2 (posting this 'cause it looks like a pokeball...oh, their drawing skills are on another level


4 (is that also the answer to how many cats he has?)


6 (Y'all should look up the lyrics to Silk Road and tell me what it's about)

7 (there's a video with this one. his expression is so funny you guys)

8 (more of Junsu's artistic skills)

Dracula is coming back as a musical. I am reading conflicting stuff as to whether Junsu is going to be in it or not. It's from Jan. 26th to February 9th.

Audio and trans link of Junsu at EK radio here

Video of Junsu and the biscuits here (new OTP???)

Fancam and translation/pics links 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Also, can we take a moment to feel kind of sad for Junsu


but also this too

Junsu performances at KPCAA here and here

Audio of Six Flying Dragons OST by Junsu here

Junsu at SBS Pop Asia


Changmin went to Kyuhyun's concert with Leeteuk. As expected, Changmin is an angel. Haha.


cr: tvxq_et_moi


TVXQ met and ate together!

Short clip of Changmin singing "Imagine" here

Lyrics translation of Close to You album songs here

Changmin at SWWTN Event

More stuff from the event: LSH and CM acting out love scene

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Post + pics of Yunho regarding his growth here

Fancams of Yunho at Military Band concert here

Yunho at Soyosan Autumn Trip Concert here

There's also some Yoochun news! Apparently Sol Kyung Gu (also a part of Cjes) told Yoochun that after he comes back from the military, he wants to work with Yoochun on a movie. Yoochun also received a director's chair with "Actor Park Yoochun" on it. cr: sixzerozerotwo

Yoochun leaves his handprint! here

Jaejoong 2014 asia tour full eng sub here


There's a lot more from before Nov. 1st that I have not posted. But this post is getting long, and I'm short on time today...

Changmin is enlisting soon, so I hope y'all have readied yourself for that. Will post when I can, but this much should keep y'all busy right? I almost felt super sad when I thought I lost this post...


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Hey. Here's a translation of Changmin's letter


I read a fan translation. The contents are a bit different from the one post above. I'll post that eventually.


Anyway, y'all can now call yourselves Cavely (lovely + Cassiopeia). It sounds very...nice.

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C-JeS confirmed the relationship. Dispatch reports that Junsu initiated the relationship. Also, Hani has been a fan of Junsu since the DBSK days. Y'all this is like freakin' awesome. Some people have also talked about Junsu having to enter the military soon, so it might stink for Hani. So far, fan reactions seem to be positive or at least neutral. (:

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Yoochun is coming out with a solo album. *insert the "It's been 84 years gif*


Anyway, the title track will be called "How much love do you have in your wallet" Fans have speculated that the track is titled that because: 





Jaejoong is releasing a photobook which has  3 Photobook, 1 DVD - Poster, photocard, bookmark - Limited 15,000 set cr: DBSKnights

Junsu won a Popularity Award and was not invited to the show. Nothing new.


Quite of bit of Changmin updates. Attended a Seoul Police concert. Short on time. Sorry.


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Yoochun's MV is released!

From CJESJYJ Description Box:

The actor Seol Gyeong Gu plays a role as a father who lives a weary life from being a head of a household in the music video of 'How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet'. A new music video with a wonderful storyline and PARK YU CHUN's heart-melting voice has came to the world.





From 1theK description box:

The title song "How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet" is a sentimental ballad number with a gentle piano arrangement topped with PARK YU CHUN's sweet voice. It's a warm song about average people living on to achieve their dreams. PARK YU CHUN sings about everyday things and how to some they mean nothing, but to some they mean all. It is a mellow ballad number, perfect for the season.


I think I found the full album on soundcloud, but I'm not sure if it was it. Anyway, you might cry at the MV. I totally did not cry watching the MV from the two channels above. Definitely not at the dumpling scene. Nope. Just...prepare tissues if needed.

Alternate lyric translations from an admin of Dongbangdata!



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21 hours ago, rhkdwls1919 said:

I wish to see them more often on tele. They don't show up on programs as much as they did before :(

Yeah. It would be cool if TVXQ had their own show like for "One Fine Day" or guest on more variety shows like "Take Care of My Fridge" or something. 

And I'm sure any JYJ fan wants the members to appear on shows outside of dramas but SM....urgh. Hopefully by the time Yoochun and Jaejoong are out, the JYJ law can take into effect or something, and we can see them on music shows/award ceremonies.

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