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[THE OFFICIAL] Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) Thread #4

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Guest mj0784

WOW~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd place!!!! not bad at all~!

Yeah its an amazing feat for SUJU to think that they just released in two weeks ago, thats a TOTAL WOW!!!

Anyone here feelin nervous but anticipating Music Bank later? :P

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Henry w/ fan (cr. eunny_gram IG)   SJ at Shinee's concert 

Guest damifino

question: what radio did heechul dj before youngstreet ?

sorry, random question but its just been in my mind all day for some reason.

Heechul was the DJ for Youngstreet back in 2005/2006 along with Park Heebon. He quit after 6 months due to his busy drama/SuJu schedule. He was filming both the drama "Bad Family" and the sitcom "Rainbow Romance" at the time and SuJu was just about to start promotions for "U."

The Hanteo chart in the article only included version A of the album, that's why it only listed 106k.

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i found one channel with eng subbed from last year epi



Thank you so much!! ^___^

But i was wondering why hyukkie wasn't in the other episodes..

Annyeong thread 4 ~~

Are you fine with torrent? D-Addicts imports works from KBS World and you can find some of the latest episodes there. Pikeyenny Wordpress also has a lot kk

EunHyuk seems to be the funny factor of the show. He's super cute and smart and dorky overthere. On the other side he is the skinniest :(

Btw thanks doraezzz for the channel link xD

Thanks everyone for updates. I tried the 3D videos but too bad my netbook screen is too small -.-

what's a torrent?! :huh: (clueless.. xDD)

Btw. thanks for the links..

is there anyway that those vids are up in yt,veoh,myspace?!

'cuz i can't afford to kill my laptop again by Downloading vids..

It takes up too much space.. > . <

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Guest Annsit

Hi...just would like to check does anyone knows SUJU's schedule to Singapore this coming week???

I hope I could welcome them at the airport...thanks!

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Guest jenies

sungmin was cute in there! hmm any of you have details about suju in singapore this week?

and is siwon coming? or kyuhyun?

coz i heard that siwon is not coming, but from other places its kyuhyun. So im confused

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Guest mintiful

^ from the most recent article it said that kyu is not going and siwon is... but is the whole thing confirmed? i'm so confused. lol.

and when are the boys going on variety shows? o_O

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Guest Smrenheit

Congrats on the 4th thread!

Well, I know I'm rlly late in this...

BUT! I'm glad to know that people are still alive here (:

Does anyone know if SuJu will be performing in today's MUbank? o-o

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Album sales hitting 100 000 for first half of year goes to SJ and SNSD

So proud of them ^^

I think this is the first time SuJu sold this much in 2 weeks right? But I'm sure that they've sold more than this >_<

Congrat to SuJu!!!

maybe they can hit the 1st spot in few week times because they only made a comeback for a few week.

Shindong tweet update.

뭐야!!!! 찍으면화보야!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ 섹시특


What is this!!!! When it takes the pictures!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ Sexy Teuk

Leader sexy back!!!

Heenim tweet update:

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Guest damifino

Heechul confirmed on his Twitter that the boys filmed "Come to Play" on the 25th. He mentioned filming with Eeteuk, who knows how many of the others were there.

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Guest junearch


http://twitter.com/superkibum ^^^

hmm....it seem more like a fake one....none of Suju member verify this account.

and this account also follow the fake geng's account???

i don't understand those fake why they do this.....need attention???

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Guest pjy0k0179

Congrats!! It's 4th thread, i've just known ( still at 3rd thread, stupid)!!! MB is on now, hope they 'll win

ShinDong twitter update:




Cr: SD's twitter

LOL!!! Oh, my angel

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Edit: Lol I was so excited i spelt K-Chart as KA-CHART. Anyway, they won the opponent by almost twice as much again. Our Album Sales score is totally JJANG. Thank you ELFs for the dedication. My album is going to arrive next week! (Finally)

Oh, and please help trend #Bonamana2ndWin to celebrate our second win with Twitterers!

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