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  1. My prediction : since Mari & Pil Seung are siblings, both may inherit the family's business when their biological mother's secret is exposed & forgiven by husband. While Jin Dan and mother will lose their rights. Pil Seung will marry Dora, Mari will marry Dora's younger brother & PS's aunty will marry Dora's older brother. Haha, happiest woman will be Dora's mother - benefitted all her kids!
  2. Script is morally very bad, following western culture trend of powerful women being protected by bodyguard with sexual desires in their minds. KHN acted well in other dramas but not in this boring Red Swan, forever moody & temperamental - guess it's part of the script. She can touch the body of her bodyguard by nursing him but forcefully pushed away her own hubby like he is a rapist & allowed her bodyguard to take her away. By 3rd episode, gave up watching - felt so demoralised by this messy, complicated Asian drama not suitable for younger generations esp when most Koreans & Asians are very conservative to such cheatings where spouses doing a "tit for tat" revenge to get even but refused to divorce over power. Sincerely hope the script will improve the relationships of KHN & her husband to end up happily together esp when he admitted he still loves her. Traditionally, common to see men cheat or have numerous mistresses/wives but women should always remain pure & loyal to their husbands.
  3. Read a number of posts in Facebook regarding SonYeJin has a 2nd child, also YouTube video : Can anyone confirm whether this is true or scam?
  4. SooHyun mentioned that she got anor child, is this true? Although she had forgiven SuHo but it didnt show her reconciling with her husband nor screen them as a family of 3. Abit too rush & abrupt ending.
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