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[Variety 2010] Family Outing Season 2

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Guest thowysg1

ale..you're welcome...:) i miss them too...softsubs with chinese translation for 100704 episode is out but i'm still waiting for hardsub...will do my selected translation when they're out..

fanmade sang hyun FO2 vid..


here's the link.


Day of recording on 14th June 2010 on a rainy morning

Caption: make-up in the morning yoona

Caption: also the delivery of a note

Caption: a note delivered to all family members

Y: today’s recording destination is (name of the place) where we will all execute the Art work

HC: what art work? Can they also be artwork at the fields?

DM: field artwork? Think it’ll be how yoona does it..singing “tell me your wish” by shaking the leg like that

Caption: surprised at seeing the art ingredients in the photo

Caption: this is the task for the family today

Caption: drawing in the padi fields

Caption: this way of art is already a trend in japan

Caption: from now on, each family member will be with the one they are closest to as a travel partner on the train to the station

Caption: those abandoned will become loners and suffer!

Caption: 100% real live looking for a friend begins!

Caption: who will be the loner eventually and suffer?

Y: I really feel like going with someone

Caption: yoona’s partner in mind is?

Y: after watching the show, he’s someone I like more and more

JK: “worried” what if no one calls me?

Caption: everyone is worried of being a loner

SH: who shall I go with..

WH: we have a total of 9 family members..if in pairs, there will be an odd one out, isn’t it?..too embarrassing to be a loner

Caption: family members who are spread out, going towards the train station

JK: it’s (?) route

Caption: a very advanced rail map as compared to before.

JK: I can take the train from here or from further down the tracks..this one..

Caption: when was the last time he took the train

SH: it’s (?) route

Caption: looking for partner..quickly giving a call to yoona

T: should I first give yoona a call to check?

Caption: please come to me (lyrics from yoona’s cell..how appropriate..hehehe)

Caption: mouthing the words to the song

Y: hello?

T: hello..

Caption: call to yoona is a success

T: yoona..have you heard?

Y: what?

Caption: carefully selecting his words

T: before 10, we have to reach outside the train station

Y: yes, I know

T: so, is anyone accompanying you? Or are you going with anyone?

Y: haha..is it because you don’t have a suitable choice that you called me?

T: if you don’t, let’s go together

Y: oh..i’m sorry, oppa but I’ve already chosen someone to go with

Caption: how come!!

T: oh really..

Caption: yoona has already selected her partner??

Y: yes

Caption: more straight forward..

T: have you thought of betraying?

Y: sorry..oppa..today I’ll have to betray you

Caption: I’m taecyeon!

T: are you really rejecting me now?

Y: yes, rejecting..

T: who exactly have you made you this way?

Y: he’s very handsome..with substance..lotsa humour

T: ok..i understand

Y: find someone else

T: ok..then let it be

Y: from what I see, I think oppa will be the loner today

Caption: listening intently

Caption: taecyeon..killed the 2nd time

T: hang up

Y: haha..poor thing..

T: you dare to hang up on me..that irritating fellow!..someone who’s cool and humorous..heechul hyung?

HC: who is it? Hello

T: I’m taecyeon

Caption: a polite greeting to start off

HC: oh..taecyeon

T: have you heard that we’re going to the train station?

Caption: testing HC to see if yoona will be going with him!

HC: oh..because of the artwork, we have to meet at the train station

T: we also have to have a partner to go with, hyung

Caption: testing again..just like a detective’s interrogation

HC: you, where’s yoona, yoona

T: yoona said she’ll go with someone else..hyung, did yoona contact you?

HC: yoona didn’t contact me

T: ah..oh I see..

Caption: yoona’s partner isn’t heechul then

HC: hyung is thankful that you called me..just wait 10 minutes..there will be someone else who calls

Caption: looks like a very confident HC

Caption: although a little worried for taec but…

Caption: joking..oppa, I’m thankful to you all this time.

Y: from what I see, the one who will be a loner at the station will be taecyeon oppa..if I don’t go with him, I don’t think anybody else will go with him..although I’m sorry, I’m thankful that oppa has always been good to me from the start..i’m going to see the guy whom I like..bye

Caption: calling the person she has in mind

Y: what if he doesn’t pick up.

Y: oppa..

Caption: who is it?

DM: who is this?

Caption: jang dong min!

Y: good morning

Caption: dong min is the one yoona has in mind

DM: good feeling from since this morning

Y: we’re going to the station, right..

Caption: slowly broaching the topic with dong min

Y: oppa..do you have someone to go with?

Caption: as if he has already been waiting..no one else besides yoona

DM: of course, I will only go with yoona

Y: is that so..for real?

Caption: going to the station, will it be a success at first try?

DM: of course, I have only yoona

Y: really?

DM: of course

Y: can you come to (?) station?

DM: oh..ok

Y: oppa..you really have to go with me

Caption: unsettled.. oppa..you really have to go with me

DM: ok..cannot change your mind

Caption: unsettled too…cannot change your mind

Y: yes

Y: we’ve arranged to meet infront of the (?) station

Caption: yoona & dong min have agreed to meet at (?) station

Caption: still apprehensive about yoona’s partner

T: yoona won’t be going with sang hyun hyung…don’t think so..dong min hyung?

Caption: connecting to dong min

DM: call coming in

DM: hello

T: hyung..dong min hyung

Caption: taecyeon detective..interrogation starts!

T: hyung, I heard that you’re planning to go with yoona?..you and yoona are going together?

Caption: spot on..already know the truth

Caption: how did he know?

DM: what are you talking about?

Caption: pretend not to know..

T: hyung..yoona is going to betray you and go with me instead..that’s why I’m telling you

DM: ah taecyeon..i only want you and yoona to meet up

Caption: I already told you I’ll let you meet up with yoona

Caption: caught!

T: but she said she’ll be going with me so she’ll betray you

DM: oh really? like that?

T: yes

DM: I don’t think yoona will do that

Caption: lied to by taecyeon

T: arranged to go with me….that’s why I know she’s planning to go with you..i’m afraid you’ll be alone ..that’s why I’m calling you..

DM: oh I see..there seems to be problem..i know..let me try to understand it more..

Caption: these people!

Caption: injured..taecyeon detective’s plan (?) starts…

DM: wait a minute..yoona

Caption: connecting to yoona

Caption: taecyeon’s plan..his target is yoona!

T: yoona isn’t going with me but dong min instead..what is it..This irritating fellow

Y: why are you calling again

T: ya.ya..hello

Caption: unaware that it’s connected

Y: why does taecyeon oppa keep calling..hello

T: so, you’re going with dong min hyung?

Y: ha ha!..who says?

Caption: unable to connect?

DM: unable to connect? Yoona unable to connect? Yoona unable to connect?

T: I called dong min hyung..now, he has 2 persons to choose from, you and bong sun noona..he said he’s closer to bong sun noona

Y: oh?

T: that they’ll be going there

Y: don’t lie

T: I’m worried that you’ll be alone..that’s why I called

Caption: sabotage (?) king!!.taecyeon!!

Y: forget it..don’t lie..i’m hanging up

T: what is this..hung up!

Y: this is ridiculous..will I be alone

Caption: connecting to dong min

DM: oh..yoona.

Y: oppa..where are you?

Caption: dong min..yoona..their moods are not the same as before

DM: taecyeon called me..he said yoona has arranged to go with me..

Y: he called me..said you’re closer to bong sun noona..you’re planning to meet her..

DM: me?

Y: I’m more suspicious..oppa..you won’t really go with bong sun noona?

DM: yoona..i’m jang dong min..just pretend it didn’t happen..

Caption: dying of laughter

DM: yoona..you’re the innocent face I want to see in the morning or bong sun’s face like the weather this morning

Y: I did feel that you may go with bong sun noona..that’s why I called you

Caption: yoona is whole-heartedly trusting in dong min

DM: no..don’t worry..yoona..

Y: you’ve known bong sun noona for a long time..normally, you guys are pretty close….that’s why..

DM: yoona…are you at the station?

Y: yeah..almost there

DM: ok..just wait awhile longer

Caption: hurriedly ending the call

DM: *suspect*..can hear taecyeon’s breathing beside her..yoona is already with taecyeon and on their way

Caption: suspicious..suspicious..suspicious

DM: for all I know, 2 of them could have set off since yesterday, the 2 of them

T: of course, it’ll be most convenient to go with jokwon..we are one family

Caption: sabotage a success taecyeon! Must look for his own partner.

JK: oh..there’s a call coming in..hello

T: hello…kwonnie..where are you?

JK: dorm..dorm

Caption: about to fly

T: if we’re going together, we need to meet at the station

Caption: discussing with jokwon

JK: yes, I heard

T: you’re going with me, right?

JK: oh

T: ok? Call? Can’t betray

Caption: taecyeon and jokwon partnership a success?!

JK: hyung..you can’t betray me..i’m very nervous now

Caption: both are afraid of betrayal

T: no..i won’t betray you

T: let’s agree to meet infront of that station

JK: alright..quickly come to (?) station

T: oh..i’m going right now

JK: don’t betray me, I’m serious

T: you too..i love you

JK: ok..i’m alright

Caption: taecyeon and jokwon agreed to meet infront of (?) station!

Caption: this side, heechul

HC: taecyeon..

Caption: connecting to taecyeon

T: hello..

HC: taecyeon

T: yes..where are you?

HC: why are there so many calls since this morning?

T: because hyung is very important

HC: no..it’s because I’ve been calling..that’s why I’m abit slow..what are you doing?

Caption: pretend..pretend..

T: hyung..who are you planning to go with?

HC: oh..i need only choose..

Caption: now he needs a partner

HC: oh..there’s a call coming in..i’ll call you back in a minute

HC: he’s too easy..not much fun…think I’ll wait for others to call..

T: HC hyung is being thrown away..i’ve found my partner..don’t need him

DM: I really hate being played out, let me call bong sun

Caption: connecting to bong sun

DM: oh..why did you take so long to pick up your phone? At the entrance of east (?) station? Ok..hurry up

Caption: abandon yoona to look for bong sun!?

Caption: dong min & bong sun agreed to meet at east station

Caption: at this end..yoona has reached the station

Y: I’ve not taken the train in a long time..during training days, I took the train everyday for 4 years..not taken it since my debut..i have to buy the tickets

Caption: how do I do this?

Y: hello..i want to go to (?) station, what do I choose?

Y: this one, and then?

Caption: kept asking “and then”?

Y: put in another 10K won?

Y: oh..it’s done..thank you

Y: oh? I didn’t cancel

Caption: do it over

Machine: continue to purchase transit card

Y: transit card?

Caption: expressing wonder at the appearance of the transit card

Y: oppa needs one too..can get there faster

Caption: believe that dong min will come

Y: this is so fun!

Caption: waiting infront of the station for dong min

DM: bong sun won’t not show up..bong sun, try not showing up

Caption: at that moment, a car arrives

BS: nobody’s here..looks like I’ll be going alone

BS: taecyeon ah!

DM: yoona ah!

BS: I even give up taecyeon

DM: yoona is crying her fill now

BS: hey..yoona has already gone with someone else

DM: yoona really cried

BS: really?

DM: yes..

BS: don’t lie

DM: really

Y: when is he coming

Caption: poor yoona

PD: the train leaves in 5 minutes..

Y: what?

Caption: if she doesn’t take the train now, she’ll be late

Y: I’m going alone..really..frustrating..i’ll kill dong min oppa!

Caption: girls generation’s fury!!

Caption: heading towards the train is couple dong min & bong sun


WH: what’s his name? kwonnie? Just kwonnie?

JK: won hee noona..what should I do..

WH: not picking up..oh..wait

Caption: jokwon has already agreed to meet taecyeon!

Caption: just awoken voice..

JK: hello

WH: kwon..where are you?

JK: I just woke up

WH: oh..you just woke up? At home?

JK: yes

WH: that’s good..you’ve not talked to anybody, right?..besides my call, don’t take any other calls from now on..for real..otherwise, you’ll be in trouble

JK: I really like noona

WH: oh..that’s right..you like noona..you know that station?

JK that station?

WH: go there immediately

JK: now?

WH: at 3rd exit

WH: quickly

JK: alright..i know..noona

WH: if you don’t show up, it’s likely I won’t be recording today’s program..i’m hanging up

Caption: between taecyeon and won hee, who will jokwon go with?

JK: what should I do..


Caption: jokwon who is waiting for..

Caption: taecyeon has reached station

JK: he’s here!

T: kwon ahh..i love you

Caption: feeling at ease because non-betrayal

Caption: hurriedly rushing into the train

Caption: there are other family members on this train

Caption: yoona betrayed by dong min

Y: what happened..what did this happen?

Caption: if known earlier, would have gone with taecyeon oppa

Y: if I had known..

JK: won hee noona is calling me….hello..noona..i’m at (?)..noona..where are you? I’m at (?)

Caption: he already has a partner, joking with ease

WH: I’ll go as well

Caption: in the train, she slowly appears suddenly..it’s won hee noona!

Caption: run quickly!

Caption: can’t be discovered for lying that he’s at (?)

Caption: hiding from won hee, he enters the train

Caption: at that moment! It’s yoona! Since it’s already like this..

Caption: why did he hang up like that?

T: you betrayed me, why are you alone?

Caption: yoona who betrayed taec when she thought she had a partner

JK: oppa will give you a chance..walk towards that direction

Y: who is it? Sang ryul oppa?

JK: just head towards that direction, just as long as you’re alone..that should be fine

Caption: not wanting yoona to be alone

Caption: another lonely person, won hee

Caption: finally saw won hee

Y: unnie

Caption: both had a fright upon seeing each other!

WH: why are you here?

Y: unnie..why are you here?

WH: first apologize to them

Y: I’m sorry..

Caption: ladies and gentlemen..because of filming, we apologize for the disruptions

Y: you’re alone?

WH: you stand up…the guy you were talking about, where is he?

Y: don’t have

WH: no?

Y: betrayed me

WH: this kwonnie..he said he’ll go with me

Caption: revenge

Y: do you want me to tell you something?

Y: kwonnie oppa is infront..with taecyeon oppa

WH: really?

WH: he said he’s at (?)

Y: when you called, I was there with them

Caption: guys…can’t trust any of them..

WH: there’s really no one to trust..that’s why I’m telling you, you can’t trust all guys…from now on, just trust unnie

Y: really..i’ll only trust unnie..

WH: men are really…


DM: hello..

Caption: family couple arrived!

Caption: cold

BS: after this time, I really won’t be able to trust anyone

Y: me too

BS: I only trust jang dong min

Y: look at them

Caption: apologetic

T: told me there’s someone cool and humorous..

Caption: rebel..taec played mercilessly by yoona..

Y: that’s enough..i need that person anymore

T: don’t need

Caption: who did dong min and yoona betray

WH: taecyeon ah..why are ears becoming red?

T: my ears became red on their own, what does that have to do with you guys?

Y: really..

WH: your ears are ours, noonas..

see if there are other interesting parts to translate...still watching...

taecyeon really sounds good on the radio..what's more, he has the looks to match...what a package! :P

he requested a song on behalf of dong min from the radio lady..he said "to express dong min's feelings, (he mentioned the singer's name)'s "love left"...hmmm.....wondering if that was meant for yoona since they seem to be drifting in this episode..

at 69:04..although yoona had her back to the camera while adjusting her clothes..she turned and looked at the radio lady dancing towards taec...

at 69:33..after taec rejected radio lady, he stole a quick glance at yoona's direction..hehe

at 73:30 taec: yoona..are you going to sing? yoona: under normal circumstances, i'll usually not sing..after singing, yoona to dong min: this morning, you were really a despicable betrayer

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Annyeong everyone :) oh gosh...since Family Outing Season 2 has ended, this thread is very quiet. Luckily we have Thow to liven it up. Komawoyo Thow for the translation. Do you think Ramensoupsubs would still continue to sub the rest of the episodes? I would love to watch the unsub episodes with subs again.

And I wonder hows Katdiva is doing nowadays. I know she has a fulltime job now and can only do updates during weekends for her fanfic. But I'm so sad to see that she still has not update last weekend, I guess shes mighty busy with her job :). Kat, kidarike for your fanfic ok? Komawoyo :) Aja-aja hwaitting!

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Guest del32

Yay!! Been waiting for that certain part to be translated. Kumawo, thows ;) Feeling like watching the vid again now I knew what's going on. Yeah, they seem distant in that episode, thank god for the we're-eating-jajangmyun-from-one-bowl-and-oh-we-got-to-pinch-each-other' scene from the finale

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Guest stephlove_

The show has been canceled. A new show called Running Man has taken its place.

thanks for letting me know!!!

and WOW they shoulda at least had an ending epi!

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Guest thowysg1

you're welcome, guys..hahah...since u guys have been MIA, i was thinking i might just stop posting any more FO2, taecyoon stuff..it's like i'm talking to myself.. :rolleyes:

del32..yes..think taec was more than glad to have that jajangmyun/pinching segment with yoona..he was looking rather forlorn in the rest of the scenes..hahah..anyway, baidu fans noticed that yoona had a band aid on her arm..that she might have been sick during that episode cuz she was also missing in certain scenes..said she probably went to the doctor's for an injection or smthg...that's why she wasn't as cheery as before...others think it's cuz of the earlier betrayal on the train incident..haha..guess we'll never know...till october that is... :P

stephlove..agree totally...they should've had a proper finale..just like what FO1 did...such an abrupt ending..so disappointing...

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Guest del32

Awww, please dont feel that way. I'm still lurking and checked on this thread at least thrice a day, waiting for an updates  You're our source, thows, dont even think about leaving!!:lol:  Im looking forward to see the hahamong show, I wonder if they're gonna bring up the FO2 stuff.

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Guest Kogiboy

thanks for letting me know!!!

and WOW they shoulda at least had an ending epi!

Running man has same casts from Family outing, I think Lee Hyo ri is still in Running man.

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Guest thowysg1

Running man has same casts from Family outing, I think Lee Hyo ri is still in Running man.

hyori was a guest in the premier episode...she's not a regular..however, running man does seem to be recruiting former FO1 members to their show...the 2nd episode has chun hee as a guest.. :)

del32..hahah..ok...i'm looking into chinese sites to see if there are goodies... :D

allkpop just reported 3 different articles on hahamong show with snsd ..hhaha..anyway, this is of interest to us shippers..hehe

"SNSD’s Yoona doesn’t have a curfew?by heartfacee on July 20, 2010

On the upcoming episode of the HahaMong Show, the girls of SNSD came on to share some secrets and have a good laugh with Haha and MC Mong.

Taeyeon said to Haha, “I don’t think Yoona has a curfew.” Yoona then fired back, “Taeyeon is always out with somebody.”

Haha and MC Mong had became the SNSD girls’ mothers for one day and listened to the complains of the girls and that was what Taeyeon came up with.

I guess Yoona stays out late. I wonder with who… The episode airs on the 25th.

credits: allkpop"

of course..lotsa debate on allkpop saying this is not newsworthy & it's also creating anti's for yoona...although i agree on the 2nd part...i still find that info "shipping-worthy"...hehe.. :P

baidu also posted the same content...lotsa speculation...hehe


credits: baidu

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Annyeonghaseyo everyone! Hi Del32 :) I saw you are one of the members online now. I just found news about Yoona at allkpop.


On the upcoming episode of the HahaMong Show, the girls of SNSD came on to share some secrets and have a good laugh with Haha and MC Mong.

Taeyeon said to Haha, “I don’t think Yoona has a curfew.” Yoona then fired back, “Taeyeon is always out with somebody.”

Haha and MC Mong had became the SNSD girls’ mothers for one day and listened to the complains of the girls and that was what Taeyeon came up with.

I guess Yoona stays out late. I wonder with who… The episode airs on the 25th July.


I wonder whether its "Taec" :) I wish.......

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Guest prettyoungthing

How's running man fairing? I just wish FO2 comes back. The PD should just have a very good concept. However, with all the variety shows saturating the tv at present, i think there would be less original material that they could work on.

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Guest thowysg1

the 2 princesses letting it all hang out while they slept... :D


credits: dcinside

yoona looking pure, sweet and simple here...curled her eye lashes nicely too..hehe...the look that taec goes for..her innocence..hehe


credits: dcinside

think the rating for the pilot episode of running man was 10% or smthg...someone posted it here..got to back page...as compared to the pilot episode of FO2 which was at 16%...oh well...not that it matters now.. :( saturdays are different now without the weekly FO2 fix...yes, lotsa variety shows being introduced now...can't be 100% original anymore...

although i think YJS is a fantastic MC and i like him alot in FO1...think he's a little more serious in RM..hence, not as funny..maybe he's a dad now? heheh...anyway,the show is at its infancy stage, supposed he's still trying to find and build the synergy with his team members... :)

there's a tv report by MBC bringing up their scandal again on 15th June..in it, taec actually was on the phone to clarify...there's no translation so i'll update if some kind soul does it..:) but i supposed it's the same old thing..denial..denial..denial..heheh

since i did one for yoona..now got to do it for taec..hehe..

polls done in japan...seems our boy is pretty well-received by japanese fans..hehe

10th topic - even with heavy perspiration, these are the guys who were selected for still being cool


4th topic - guys who were selected as match-making ideals...


9th topic - guys who are selected for being very cool normally but showing their cute sides infront of the women they love..heheheh..this is SO TAEC !!! :P


credits: baidu

closer shots of yoona with "Y" necklace..cake on face & all..hehe



credits: baidu

have to share this from baidu...chinese fan made a compilation of all yoona moments from every single FO2 episode..from the first to the last episode..very nicely-done...cute song to match..ehhehe..


re-watched the walk-in-the-park scene again...heheh..at 0:28 when sang ryul said "wait a minute, let's pretend as lovers and take a walk"...at 0:30.can clearly see that yoona automatically detached herself from nicole and headed to the back where taec was...was it scripted or did it become second nature to her to do so when SR said "lovers"? :P..also noticed that taecyoon couple walk was much farther than adam couple..hehe


found yoona chicken-catching cut subbed..


check this clip out..dunno if this is a cut scene from one of the earlier episode cuz i don't recall watching it..anyway..it's so funny cuz bong sun broke the box..hhaha..


noticed something during the pinching part...

bong sun used one hand to pinch dong min..


credits: baidu

radio lady also used one hand to pinch sang hyun


credits: baidu

why did yoona have to use one hand to hold taec's wrist and the other to pinch him? :P of course...notice her gleeful smile..hehe


credits: baidu

so pretty with eyes closed..


credits: baidu

finally looking grim..haha


credits: baidu

also....when taec spoke to heechul on the phone..heechul immediately referred to yoona..after heechul's initial "you're not her ideal type" to taec...heechul is surely quick now to link them together..haha..

...& the other comment was made by dong min who said he thought that yoona & taec had already gone to the venue together the day before..hehe..just have this feeling FO members are in-the-know about this couple already...it's just a matter of time before they're caught by papparazi.. :P



happier times?


credits: baidu



credits: dcinside

yelling clip by yoona, taec, kwonnie & bong sun..


individual cuts..mostly yoona, kwonnie..more in silentmarj1 channel..i just posted a couple...she re-uploaded them..




one of her many brilliant taecyoon vid..

of cuz, taecyoon noodle-eating moment...love how elated yoona was after the game upon getting more water for their noodles..hehe


smthg must be up with youtube cuz all the deleted ones have come back...wondergirls episode subbed in guess1994's channel..

cut scene playing that game...


new fanmade vid


Final episode yoona pixs..












she still looks good..


when she got played out, so cute squatting in the train...



credits: dcinside

first, check out these pixs of yoona and her sis on vacation in saipan recently..

wonder who she was texting..hehe



credits: baidu

then check the interview that taec did while doing a CF..he talked about where he would like to go for a vacation..& guess what? the pix he looked at 3:38 (similar to the above pix) and then at 4:22 he said "i heard from someone saipan is really great"..hahah..someone?? maybe they discussed about places of interest..hehe


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Guest del32

Thanx  thows for the montages. See, Im still around!! I came across Won Hee and MC Yoo's show couple days ago where Suju and Wonder Girls were their guests and they're playing couple games. When won Hee affectionately squezzing HeeChul's hand for a second I thought they were on FO2 and SR would popping out into the screen and ordering everyone to play the horsey game:lol: I wonder if the SNSD gals would be there at  2 PM first concert or prolly sending Taec a' hwaiting' messages. :)

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Guest thowysg1

ale..del32..good that you guys commented...i was thinking when will i ever get to do a new post..heheh...

ya..actually the chinese translation for when taec spoke about his ideal vacation as saipan..he said "a good friend of mine"...not "someone"..so i guess we know for a fact that they're very good friends.. :)

del32..hahah..ya..with so many variety shows now...the MCs & guests are being "recycled" as well...i'm looking forward to the hahamong show with snsd this evening...i read that the MCs also celebrated one of the girl's birthday...forgot which one so probably that'll be the main focus.....but for us, even a fleeting moment of taecyoon moment is fine by us... :)

i watched WGM last night..think khun mentioned taec when he talked about suggestions on what to do on dates or smthg...good thing is that the subs for WGM come out at supersonic speed..heheh..

check out this interview by 2pm for their upcoming concert...at 1:15..taec trying to act his fierce & tormented..then he cracked and made funny faces...haha..they were asked who they would like to invite to their concert..at 1:49..i dunno who taec said...got to wait for sub..then wooyoung said friend...hehe..maybe he meant taeyeon..then at 2:08 after khun said victoria-shi..taec jokingly stood up and walked away...he must be so envious that khun can be so open about his relationship..hahah..


*edit*..hehe..i think he said he wants that ear candy lady to come to his concert...i just watched hahamong show...can't wait for the subs cuz i think the girls spilled the beans about each other..haha..

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Guest 13sunshine

I made a page on twitter for Taecyoon, so feel free to follow ^^ @Taecyooniverse

and please do let me know if you're interested in helping me with the page haha, many thanks :D

i top a page again! still missing FO2 so much!!

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Annyeonghaseyo chingus :)

Hi Thow, Del32 and Sunshine :) very pleased to see you three are still active in here. Ear candy lady, isnt that Baek Ji Young? Taec wants her to go to their concert? Why didnt he mention SNSD? I know he cant specifally mention Yoona but at least, SNSD since he likes them and that has been broadcasted so I guess many people know that Taec likes SNSD.  And Fany is supposed to be one of his best friends in FO2, at least he cant invite SNSD....too bad. I really miss YoonTaec moments.

Thow dear, do share the translated conversation Khun had at WGM about Taec, ok? Komawoyo chingu!

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Guest thowysg1

sunshine..wow..i'm not good with twitter but will check out that taecyoon page later..thanks!

ok..taec's birthday card to yoona..the one with the black figures of a boy & a girl kissing pix..abit blurred..but can definitely see it with all the hearts & stuff..hehe..after the initial moment, taec flipped it over..guess he was too shy...haha


credits: baidu

ale..i'm sure taec invited yoona & the rest of the girls...what's more, wooyoung surely to invite taecyeon..9pm couplings too much..they are sure to be there in cognito maybe..hehe..

yoona's rapping part in hahamong show...wonder who taught her to rap like that with a smattering of english thrown in, especially "c'mon!"...hehehe..don't her hairsyle & outfit remind u guys of FO2?


the whole show is on youtube..here u go..


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