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[Variety 2010] Family Outing Season 2

Guest prettyoungthing

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Guest thowysg1

hehe..del32..i posted it already...now i'm thinking they're really not gonna chinese sub ep 15...it's been so looongggg... :(

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Guest thowysg1

i found another fanvid but the main aren't our taecyoon couple so i'm not posting it..hehe...oh btw..there's news that 2pm may be going to japan as well..so chances of our couple meeting up will be quite high.. :D

when sang hyun & yoona had the staring contest..


credits: dcinside

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Guest thowysg1

ale...not confirmed yet but most likely as the article said japan doesn't have any beastlike idols like 2pm before so that's why they're keen to bring them over..:)

yoona's expression when she tasted vinegar in hello baby..ultra-cute..hehe..


credits: dcinside

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Guest 13sunshine

ahhhh I was working on my new fanvid since yesterday and i almost, ALMOST finish....then you know what?? iMovie crashed, and after the crash I can't work on it anymore T____T the project is still saved, just that it won't play properly and i can't save it as a video. No sound, no pictures.......so now i have to do it all over again....im so sad now making me so frustrated T___T

ahhh actually imovie won't work anymore....i was actually trying to make it again but imovie won't work...ok this seriously makes me sad :((

sorry i will try to figure this out soon

edit: won't work, i guess i can't continue then...it was really good i have to say...and i have less than 20sec of the song until i finish it....too bad T_____T

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Annyeong chingus, I found someone share what Heechul talked about Yoona in his radio. Let me copy and paste here...hold on....

Heechul recently talked about Yoona on his radio show , SBS Power FM Kim Heechul's Young Street.


Listener: Seems like Hee DJ’s mood is quite good, there are still 2 more days to your birthday.

Heechul: You’re right, planning to hold a party tomorrow. Actually I’m not really afraid. I’m just afraid of Donghae and YoonA, in another context of course.

Listener: I’m in High School Year 1. I’m afraid of taking the lift alone, so I’ll always wait for someone else to take the lift with me. I once waited till 12am.

Heechul: There’s basically nothing I’m scared of. If there must be, it’s SJ’s Donghae, but he’s scary in another context. Haha. And SNSD’s Yoona, f(x)’s Sulli. Haha.

Heechul: YoonA sent in a SMS.. “Haha, oppa, stop boasting. Do you want me to say out everything?” Haha.

Heechul: Donghae and YoonA are the people I don’t wish to see in shows the most. YoonA is currently preparing the birthday party. It’s my birthday eve tomorrow. Is that K’s boyfriend outside?

K: No.

RJ: There are 5 guys outside, who are you talking about?

Heechul: I’m very flustered now, but seems like YoonA already switched off the radio.

Heechul: YoonA’s last SMS came: is a song suitable for you. The lyrics is talking about you.

RJ: The lyricist wrote the song based on Heechul.

Heechul: YoonA is just joking..

RJ: So your English name is Devil. Kim Devil…

Heechul: I’m afraid of YoonA, Donghae and Jungmo.

RJ: Why are you always talking about Sohee? Isn’t she in America? YoonA is also quite pretty..

Heechul: Everyone thinks that YoonA is pretty but I don’t think so. She’s my brother. When I eat with YoonA on normal days, she will ask: Am I pretty? I will say, not pretty, like an idiot.

Heechul: Sometimes, when I see something stuck between YoonA’s teeth, I will stare at her. She will ask me if I’m staring because she’s pretty. I will say: There’s something stuck between your teeth, like an idiot. YoonA will then grumble at me, how can I say it out directly. What should I do then?


Listener: I’ve never envied anyone, but recently, I’m very envious of YoonA. She has a manly character and a pretty feminine look. Besides you, she’s the first person I’ve envied. I’m also jealous that the relationship between YoonA and you is so good. I think there are many who are like me. I hope I can be as pretty as YoonA. Dedicate Soshi’s <Oh>.

Heechul: The reason I’m close with YoonA: She’s definitely the prettiest girl in Korea. She’s even prettier without makeup. Although she’s pretty, she doesn’t pretend to be pretty. She’s always very bold, funny and destroys her own image. So I told her: You are pretty because you don’t pretend to be pretty. A normal girl who hears this will definitely say: Don’t say that! But she will joke with me like a silly girl. We always plan funny parts during shows to create our image as siblings. But we have no chance now. When I’m on the phone with her, I always say: The prettiest YoonA… She will answer me by singing.

All thanks to tellyourmumtx from Yoona's thread and Sukimiy @ soompi offical SNSD thread

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Guest del32

Thanks alekanao, hm, so thats mean Yoona was also there when Heechul had his picture taken with Suli, wy and Taec. Or was she behind the camera? , :sweatingbullets:  I wonder if she gets her revenge with the cake like the way HC did on her birthday. was that why HC was so scared of her? LOL yeah, that gal certaintly is real. She doesnt care about ruining her image and even HC thinks of her as his brother..

Have you guys heard about SNSD/2 pm concert for their CABI  on the 17th? Im so psyched!

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Guest thowysg1

del32..oh really?? i thought they were gonna be at the park on different dates...wow..great news then! can't wait..at least, we've smthing to look forward to..thanks! :D heheh..just saw it on allkpop... :)

ala..thanks so much for the translation on the radio program with HC... :) he further affirmed their sibling relationship..that's good..hehe..no wonder he can get along with Taec...haha..& of cuz, taec is doing well building his rapport with yoona's "brothers"..hehe...who's this "k"? a mention of k's boyfriend?? aawww..it's even sadder now that FO2 ended..else, we can see more of their sibling antics... :)

ya..like what del32 said...was yoona with them when they took the pix? probably, eh? hehe..HC had his face smashed with cake too but i dunno if it's by the same group...saw the pix...

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Annyeong del32 :)

Yeah I also saw the news at allkpop about 2PM & SNSD gonna have a pool concert on 17 July. Heres the article below for everyone's info :)


As part of the endorsement with Caribbean Bay, 2PM and SNSD will hold a outdoor concert on the 17th.

This will be at Caribbean Bay because it is part of the Carib Festa, a poolside summer part held by the water park. Eun Ji Won, MC Mong, Wheesung, Lee Jung Hyun and more have already performed at the other concerts starting June 25th.

2PM’s rep said, “Since it’s regarding Caribbean Bay, the boys are trying to bulk up their bodies. This will be a way for fans who couldn’t get tickets for their first concert to cheer up.” 2PM’s solo concert will take place at the end of the month.

+ ++++++++++

I hope someone can share the torrent or youtube link for the concert. I would love to see TaecYoon again.

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Guest thowysg1

sunshine..don't be disheartened, dear...we'll wait patiently for your fanvid.. :) i'm sure it'll be very good..

hehe..more chinese subs are out on the last episode..off to translate... :P

here's the link..i translated only selected portions..


Episode 17 – 2nd half

YL – young lady, TL – tall lady, SL – short lady, SCL – scary lady

Caption: Family who are still in dreamland

Caption: big nostrils

YL: is this a real camera?

0:36..taecyoon moment – taec staring at yoona..hehe

Caption: because of the richard simmons’s crowing, 1 or 2 family members awoke..

TL: it’s so noisy, go kill it..

SCL: aiyoo..so noisy

Caption: the earliest to wake up taecyeon

Caption: even with eyes closed, whole body starts to shake

Caption: the reveal of naked face!

YL: yoona..you’re really pretty..when I was 20, I looked like that too..

Caption: at this moment, entered SL’s dark shadow

Caption: got pushed!

BS: say she’s an elder, should be slower

Caption: Family prepares for an energetic morning with music

Caption: using songs from the 70’s & 80’s as workout music

Caption: slowly start to move

Caption: now the Family starts to look awake

Caption: the settings for 70’s & 80’s generation

Caption: enthusiastic attitude

Caption: knocking door action

Caption: is this correct?

Caption: although the mood is comical, there is proper dance sequence.

Caption: if you talk about 70’s & 80’s generation music, I’m the queen

Caption: energetic steps

Caption: CP selected partner taecyeon joins in..just like very good teamwork

Caption: can’t stand it

Caption: here I come!

Caption: please stop me

Caption: the more you look at it, the more unusual it is

Caption: after the dance, exercise the bones

WH: before we do our chores, we need to have breakfast

BS: today’s menu is some soup (?)

WH: yes, let’s divide into 3 groups to do the work

WH: preparation team SCL, RJ and myself…then heechul, jokwon and SL move stuff (think they had to use a vehicle to move stuff)

Caption: now begins the love triangle (?), the rest will go and fish

HC: is yoona going to the river?..i’ve got upset stomach, where shall I go?

Y: you need to go see a specialist

Caption: since they’re free, they’ll crack a joke

Caption: only we feel it’s funny (hehehe..think that was what HC was talking about during his radio program)

RJ: let the 3 teams prepare breakfast, let’s go!

Caption: going fishing to prepare for breakfast

Caption: off to refreshing river nearby

Caption: family’s excited reaction upon seeing river

BS: we can see the mud but we can’t see any fish?

DM: once you get in, you’ll see lotsa fishes

Caption: how many fishes will they catch?

Caption: Taecyeon goes into the water first

Caption: look to the left, look to the right

Caption: going to fishing expert dong min for help

T: dong min hyung, there’s no fish

DM: aigoo..only know how to strip (?..dunno if this is right, there’s clothes for sure..haha)

Caption: slowly approaching

DM: come out!

Caption: will he able to catch the fish this way?

TL: it’s going to rain soon, let’s finish shooting and go back

DM: it’s sunny, will it rain

BS: I have an idea, we don’t even have googles..we can’t see the bottom..so let’s use stone, scissors, cloth..the looser will submerge in the water to look at where the fish is..

TL: I really don’t want to submerge, I better win

Caption: yoona & sang hyun saved

Caption: taec & bong sun saved from submerging

Caption: no matter, TL who wants to win!

Caption: I will win

Caption: why is it like this..

TL: once I’m submerged and see the fish, I’ll head towards that way

Caption: finally submerged!

Caption: because of the murky water, nothing can be seen

DM: here? Where? Here? What did she say?

TL: I pointed here just now..here..

Caption: finally caught one

DM: since it’s like that, let’s not say further..let’s get them to bring food over..

TL: how do you do that? you know of any eateries?

DM: if we call, they will deliver it

Caption: decided to not tell the rest of the members, they opt for jajangmyun!

DM: in this kind of weather, eating jajangmyun is the best

DM: the sky is angry! Let the fish go! I’m wrong..i’m wrong

Caption: anyway didn’t manage to catch any fish, let’s play in the water!..acting as if they’ve seen the fishes..

Caption: forgetting their hunger, they have retreated to the good old Family days..

BS: it rains then it stops..it rains then it stops

DM: I’m so hungry

TL: quickly order..didn’t you say you are order jajangmyun, dong min?

DM: whenever I come to such places, I usually order delivery..like this..

TL: I want meat with soup

BS: me too

Y: I want jajangmyun and meat with soup

Caption: china restaurant ordering is coming out..

TL: you have money?

TL: I’m asking if you have money?

DM: actually I only have 10K won

BS: we need at least 20K won to eat jajangmyun

TL: just order 10K won worth!

DM: order, order

Caption: before ordering jajangmyun, dong min’s suggestion

DM: in order for those who are hungry to eat more..

TL: please ..don’t be like that, I really don’t want to play games..everyone is hungry

DM: this kind of thinking is wrong, are you an officer (?) ?

Caption: what’s he talking about..

BS: quickly call..quickly

Caption: mobile got submerged in water, don’t know if it’ll still work

Caption: calling the nearby Chinese eatery

Owner: hello..this is Chinese eatery

DM: hello..i’m hungry..i want to order jajangmyun..3 bowls of jajangmyun

Owner: alright..where are you at?

DM: we are at..

T: where are we?

DM: where we’re at, there’s a river

Owner: where?

DM: river..

BS: there should be some signage here?

DM: this is the river..what is this..it’s (something) river..

Owner: we don’t deliver to the river..

DM: you don’t? can’t you do it this once?

T: are we going to fail this way?

Subs started again at 16:03

T: why isn’t it here yet?

Y: I’m so hungry

Caption: jajangmyun is finally here!

Caption: looking like a bunch of people who have eaten for days

BS: ahjusshi, over here! Over here!

Caption: 3 bowls of jajangmyun with sides

BS: I feel like eating that big bowl of jajanymun by myself, let’s play a game..

BS: let’s divide into idol team, gagman team, actors team

DM: the girl will pinch the guy for 3 seconds after which if he cries out, the jajangmyun will be hers.

BS: 5 seconds..3 seconds ..that’s too short

DM: ok..5 seconds then!

Caption: seems ok..bursting out in laughter

Y: this looks too easy…not fun

Caption: painful! Pretended that it’s not painful..suddenly letting out excruciating shouts..

Caption: oh..it’s heavy!

T: now, dong min hyung can have the bowl of noodles himself

BS: let me have a bite..just one bite

Caption: if you want to eat, you want to eat..bong sun also has to be pinched for 5 seconds

DM: pinch the skin beneath the eyelids..for 3 seconds

BS: can I eat the jajangmyun now?

T: bong sun shouted in pain..

Caption: dorky brother-sister team who love jajangmyun

Caption: idol team taecyeon vs yoona contest

Caption: yoona wants to pinch the same area

Caption: using all her strength

Caption: (angry)..because of biceps..unable to pinch the flesh..

Yoona: loosen up! Loosen!

Yoona: start

T: are you pinching?

Yoona: are you crazy? Really!

Yoona: you really want to eat that badly!?

T: ya..i really didn’t feel a thing

Caption: what’s dong min’s reaction?

Caption: because of taecyeon, he gets injured again

T: it was really not painful for me..what do you want me to do?

Caption: no matter what, taecyeon has the bowl of jajangmyun to himself

BS: you pinch her below her eyelids to let her eat as well

Caption: yoona is testing areas to be pinched

Caption: it’s not the area beneath the lids

Yoona: use all your strength

T: use all my strength, really use all my strength?

Y: wait! You can use less strength

Caption: with fear in her heart, brave yoona is slowly dwindling

DM: do you two want to go to the amusement park?

Caption: pinched reddened cheeks

BS: pity..yoona ..take a bite of the jajangmyun..

Y: I’ll just take one bite

Caption: is this one bite?

T: your chin looks like it’s gonna drop

T: I’ve seen this somewhere

Caption: this time too

Caption: once hungry, doesn’t care much for her image

Caption: one big mouthful after another, yoona eats it.

T: yoona..just eat the whole thing…

Caption: I said I’m going to only have one mouthful

Caption: TL & sang hyun team competes

TL: I too will pinch the arm

SH: my tolerance for pain is very high

Caption: yelled out in pain even at the start

SH: I too want to eat, pinch me

Caption: pinch under the lid for the sake of one bite of jajangmyun

& yes, it's really the end cuz the caption for the pix at the end thanked the viewers for their support....so sad... :(

isn't taec just too adorable carrying that little boy from cinderella's sister? :P

PM me if you want the pix..

vintage photo of 100-yr-old grandma's birthday with FO2..


credits: dcinside

yoona's cameo in WGM during taeyeon & hyung don segment..she should get on the show herself with taec..hehe


credits: dcinside

some gifs of my favorite moments...hehe

taking the chance to caress her..look at how he's stroking her hair...kwonnie just hangs back..hehe


the Family doing their "thang".. :P





when taec isn't looking at her, she looks at him..hehe


poor taec..so tired..


best friends..

our couple imitating yoon sang's bestfriend for running funny..


first he makes her "suffer"..


then he rewards her with a treat...hehe


credits: yuntaec@baidu

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Annyeonghaseyo chingus ~waving~

Komawoyo Thow for all the goodies.....I enjoy myself looking at all the pics and animated gifs you shared here. How many times did Yoona visited WGM? I know she visited Uee and her "husband - Hosae" from You Are My Destiny/Life daily kdrama. So she paid another visit to Taeyeon too? Which episodes are that for both? I will go and download to watch because of Yoona. :)

Wow if she does get to be in WGM, I really wish that her hubby is Taec.

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Guest thowysg1

ale..you're welcome.. :) i don't know which WGM episode that pix was from..it was a random pix i happened to come across..think it's from the taeyeon one..i'm sure u can find it in the WGM thread..

oh..i've exceeded my photobucket's bandwidth plenty..heheh..cleaning up now...i'll try to re-load later but not all...so PM me if u guys want specific pixs that aren't there..

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Annyeonghaseyo chingus :) today supposed to be FO2 but too bad :(. Just wondering anyone managed to get any links to share here on SNSD and 2PM's cabi concert yesterday on 17 July? I will try to scout around to see whether I can find anything to share.......

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Guest thowysg1

i've just started searching for this outdoor concert...just finished re-uploading the pixs..geezz..so tedious..hahha..btw..snsd will be appearing in hahamong show..wonder if the guys will tease yoona about taec..they're pretty cheeky & love stirring things up..hehe..i saw the preview..by some strange coincidence, yoona had her hair tied up like she did during the FO2 wondergirls epsiode..i thought FO2 came back!! :D

here's the preview..


another appearance by yoona & taec on WGM..but not as a couple of cuz..hehe..cameos for that real couple on WGM...


a hello baby episode where yoona was caught hiding behind the curtain talking on the phone secretly..let's pretend taec was on the other end... :D


fanmade gif..


credits: baidu

random FO2 pix...


credits: dcinside

pixs from the concert..poor boy performed with his sleek leather cast..look at all that sweat..very man.. :Phehe ..don't think there was a joint performance by snsd & 2pm..maybe on the same day but different routines...



credits: dcinside

here's a clip of him flexing his fingers..poor thing..

he's cute & smexyyyy at the same charging at the crowd..haha

found these pixs..notice the white watches worn by both...taec wears his on his left hand...i saw a close pix b4 but can't find it now...coincidence? or maybe they buy from the same watch shop..hehe



credits: baidu

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