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[Variety 2010] Family Outing Season 2

Guest prettyoungthing

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Guest del32

Yeah, I think it was the Y necklace gift that Taec gave her for her birthday. Because she's usually wearing that cross pendant one. Thanks for zooming the pic, thows.wink.gif

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Guest thowysg1

papercrane..thanks for that interesting fact about the coincidence in birthdays of kwonnie & that lady he selected...actually that lady & yoona look quite similar ..height & hairstyles..i had difficulty distinguishing the 2 during the show..haha...

kritansherchan..it would too cute, wldn't it? :P

del32..u think so? hmmm..i remember the one he gave her is a simple "Y" pendant..don't recall seeing a circle around it....hmmmm..thought maybe this was a present from her snsd members for her birthday...but let's pretend it is..heheh.. :D

sunshine..hahha..awaiting anxiously for your vid then... :)

see if i have more goodies to contribute today..hehe..i wonder if chinese subs is ever going to come out... :blink:

here goes..

grilled by the hosts before the Gayo festival..

caption: heard that yoona and taecyon are dating


mc: wait a minute..heard that you and yoona are dating..


in SH..caption: love scandal


same response when taec spoke informally to yoona


taec's expression when he lost.. :(


game on expressions..his expectant look when yoona was about to tear..


his concerned look when yoona's eyes became red..


his relieved expression when the happy, sweet music came on..


elder: when you first became a couple with yoona, how did you feel?


caption: became a couple??

the elder mis-spoke..actually she wanted to say "loveline"..haha..


elder: how did you feel


credits: baidu

"Family Outing" Yoona, ate jajangmyun in one bite, is this Girls Generation?


Did Girls Generation eat a bowl of jajangmyun in one bite? On 11th July, SBS broadcasted Good Sunday - Family Outing 2 prepared the eating of jajangmyun for the final show. Concerning how the way that they were going to eat the noodles within 5 seconds. Taecyeon and yoona worriedly said "leave us out..this is too .."

Using noodles as the topic, Dong Ming said "you guys went to the amusement park, right?" Leading to laughter.

Eventually, yoona ate the whole bowl of jajangmyun with one bite. Before, there was also an instance where yoona opened her mouth widely, earning the nickname of "crocodile yoona" creating amusement and laughter for viewers.

This is Family Outing 2's last episode, Running Man and Heros will broadcast next week.

credits: baidu @snsdforever.com

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Annyeonghaseyo chingus :)

Hey Thow, yup the necklace Yoona is wearing in those pics not the same necklace given by Taec cos like you said, it was a simple letter Y. The once shes wearing has a circle around it.

Last nite, I watched the finale episode and yeah, Taec's expression was not smiling at all during Yoona was on Dong Min's back. He looked unhappy about it. I too wish to see Yoona on his back which I know he would love it very much and we can see his inflamed ears one more time but too bad.......

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Guest thowysg1

alekaonu..yup..think it'll be way too obvious if she wears taec's necklace..hehe..oh..both weren't happy campers in the last 2 episodes...

alrighty..now for happier taecyoon times...more screen caps...mostly from FO2 army episode...

look at the way yoona was looking at taec as he read the instructions..


walking together..




on the truck enroute to the camp..talking to each other with sang hyun between them..and then..


*poof*..they're seated together..hehe..FO members always know when to leave these 2 alone..haha


when they reached the camp..noticed the guy in the yellow jacket


of cuz, it's taec..hehe


ok..staring time...




backstage preparing for the concert...taecyoon couple together again..


credits: baidu

when yoona made a mistake in her performance..everyone told him it's ok but he was still worried..







when she was about to hug the soldier, she looked at taec..




still looking at taec for assurance perhaps?


after the appearance of the soldier and his wife


kwonnie diligently making calls while taec & yoona enjoyed quality staring moments... :lol:



retiring for the night..our 2 "best friends" are walking side by side again..behind won hee..


roll call..


off to do marketing...both were usually together..walking behind.. :P


funny pixs of the 3 idols..caption: painful!





another pillowfight pixs from WG episode..


favourite scenes from favourite episode... :)

before the game..same pose again..





the tallest couple...


cutie pie


just a word from yoona "don't act cute"


and he apologized..


the 2 couples begin..



hilarious boy-on-boy action.. :P ..another word from yoona "what are you doing?!"..



taec pushed heechul..


handing towel to heechul for soo hee..taec starts to tease yoona..




credits: baidu

oh..a juicy titbit i got from baidu (where else?hehe) is that the hostels for snsd & 2pm are within 10 minutes walking distance from each other..how convenient... :D

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Guest del32

Sigh, Im still gonna pretend that it was THE necklace laugh.gifthows, what hostels that you're talking about here? Im gonna rewatch the last week episode to find out the aegyo moments that you're talking about when she was running after the boys on the train. The look that make boy goes weak on the knee?

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Guest thowysg1

haha..don't be down, dear..there were still lotsa of taecyoon moments... :) as for the hostels..you mean they have more than 1 per group? i'm not sure but i remember in the first episode, taec picked yoona up cuz they're staying closeby..

it's chicken catching time..





cheeky taec caught the chicken both as a gift and as a scare for yoona..hehe


yoona running for her life!


taecyeon let the chicken escape..on purpose? :P




taec gently coaxing yoona to catch the chicken again..



yoona's curdling screams.. :D


the re-capture


taec making fun of yoona



leaving the scene of the "crime".. :lol: before whether they were in groups of 4 or 10, they walked together...


credits: baidu

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Guest del32

How about adding montages from earlier episodes? The picking her up at her dorm? The mud fights where he lifts her up huggy style? The part where Won Hee teasing them when they were cleaning the shack? The staring contests from episode 4? The jealous Taec when Yoona and Kwonnie doing the noodle thing? And the list goes on and on..

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Annyeonghaseyo chingus :)

Hi Del32, I think I know what Thow said about the way Yoona looked at the boys...I think thats the part she looked at Taec one kind. My guess is that she know that Taec has created the confusion between her and Dong Min resulting in her being alone. But at least Kwonnie told her to find Won Hee so that Yoona wont be alone.

I have many fave moments in FO2 and all of them are Yoona and Taec ahahhahahhahha. I also like that part in Ep5, I think, when Yoona hugged the army, he was so happy that he fell to the ground and trembling there. I also noticed the part when Yoona hugged the army, she looked at Taec's direction and he also looked at her. I really pity them both because of the scandal, they cant be near each other. Always theres a gap between them and no skinship. But I noticed that she can stand and even touching with both Kwonnie and Heechul cos no scandals there.

I am really looking forward to this October to see whether the fortune teller is correct or not that Yoona will have a boyfriend finally and from the same industry. I wish its Taec but there are many candidates.......

Thow, thanks for all the pics...I am busy saving them to my collection :). Mianhae cos I cant share anything as I dont know how to read Chinese so I dont visit Baidu at all. You all JJANG chingus!

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Guest thowysg1

del32..good suggestion..hehe..unfortunately, me not the right person for it... :)

bonus..just found SH epi with eng sub..


alekaonu..unfortunately, we are taecyoon shippers so most of our fav scenes and contributions are of them.. :) i watch FO2 because of them anyway...that's why i started commenting in here only the last couple of episodes when i started to see some romantic vibes between them... :D

inspecting the contents of the bags belonging to the 3 idols..yoona has the same ear muffs as taec only of a different colour..noticed taec was grinning when the others told yoona to put it on... :P


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Guest 13sunshine

I think even if she starts dating in October, it will be in secret haha but we all know who that boy is :)

ok here are captures from the mud fighting ^^




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Guest thowysg1

thanks for the screen caps, sunshine! did u draw in all the little hearts? so cute... :D yoona was practically lying on taec..hehe..yeah...hopefully, everything is status quo then it'll be taec in oct for sure... ;)

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Hi Thow and Sunshine, how about some screencaps for the episode whereby they washed the cloth in the river? Cos that game had some skinship between our fave couple. More like hugging cos Bongsun tried to push Yoona down to the water. Yoona was in between Bongsun and Taec, thus got squeezed. Because of that, Yoona was in Taec's arms but too bad he let her go. Sang Ryul tried to help but failed. Hmmm I think Thow has shared the pics before.

Can we put in our fave moments in a list here? Like Thow, Del32, Sunshine, Katdiva & all TaecYoon shippers, I guess most of my fave moments will be TaecYoon LOL. I will start soon...let me think of all my fave moments first hehehehehehe

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Guest del32

Im gonna have a FO2 marathon starting tomorrow, teheehe havent seen the earlier episodes in ages. Thanx for the mud fight skinship caps, sunshinegirl

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Guest thowysg1

hehe..drop this off before i go..SK fortune-telling subbed..think it's from korean to english..abit different from mine..hahah..but gist is still the same..at 1:39..check out what he said "get too involved & it's gonna be headline news".. :rolleyes:


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Guest kath09is

I'm so sad Family Outing has ended :( It's such a shame, if only

they had chosen to shake things up a bit, change a few things etc.

The people were great.. it was just the lame show format T___T

And haha of course I grew to love TaecYoon as many did here.. <3

Where will I get my fix now? LOL well lucky for me Ive only

seen the eng subbed eps so there is quite a few more episodes for

me to catch up on.

I've decided I'm tired of waiting for it to be eng subbed and

shall watch it raw. I know most of it has been deleted

but does anyone have the youtube links (or other streaming sites)

for any episodes that are within the 6-11 & 15-19 range?

Greatly appreciated!!

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Annyeonghaseyo chingus :) Aigoo Thow, komawoyo for the Youtube link on the Starking Fortune Telling. I agree with the lady saying that "not your favourites". Thats a bit fishy, how can both fortune tellers have differ opinions about whom got the most boyfriend fortune between Yoona and Yuri unless the fortune tellers read differently. Maybe one is better than the other. Too bad they didnt read Jessica, I'm also interested to know about her.


Wow, I was so excited about what the fortune teller said "get too involved & it's gonna be headline news". Omo omo that really sounds like TaecYeon! hehehehe If Yoona choose Taec to be her boyfriend this fall, I will be very happy!!!

I was very busy capturing pics of my fave moments in FO2, will be sharing them soon. Thow and Sunshine, what are the steps for me to share the pictures here again?

Fave Moments in Family Outing 2

Episode 1

- Taec fetched Yoona at SNSD Dorm

- When Taec and Yoona fetched Kwonnie from 2AM Dorm - the part Kwonnie's voice changed to a softer and gentler voice after hearing Yoona was with Taec waiting for him

- Taec glanced at the still sleeping Yoona in the bus

- During "Open Bags Session" - beginning to notice Taec's many quick glances at Yoona when the camera was not on him

- During "Guessing GAme" for the food before dinner - everyone was funny and my fave is Taec and Yoona's gueesing time.

Episode 2

- "Performance Session" - enjoyed everyone's performance especially Yoona's part. Enjoyed the time that Yoona was mad at Taec by throwing out sponge for her when she didnt even throw out any for his performance. Can see that Taec regretted but it was too late to withdraw.

- During Telephone Calls before sleeping, Taec called Junho and Yoona wished Junho Happy Birthday and Chukahae. Junho responded and also wished her Chukahae that both Taec and Yoona laughed. All this time, Taec was staring at Yoona.

Episode 3

- Beginning of the episode with the arrival of the guys in the waiting room. Fave moment- Taec's full of smiles when Yoona arrived and his intense look at her.

- Mud playing and Eating Ramyeon (ramen)

- The guy's bathing time and that was hilarious especially Kwonnie and SangHyun

Episode 4

- Staring Contest between Taec and Yoona. Gosh..the way Taec stared and smiled at Yoona is LOVE. Hes gorgeous there.

- Yoona's phone call to Sunny - Sunny complimented her for being pretty and Taec's response to that

- The next day game - when Kwonnie and Yoona came back to Taec's placve with the seaweed and vege. They were disappointed to see the water level in the pot has decreased and only enough for 2 persons, Yoona sat down on the ground. Kwonnie stood up to offer his seat, Taec asked her to sit on the chair and not the ground. After seating, suddenly Yoona mentioned the smell of bun, Taec's response to that.

- Idols Eating Noodle Challenge

- Laughed so hard at the octopus stucked twice in Wonhee's mouth, no matter how many times I watched this part, I always ended up laughing again.

Okay I will continue with the rest soon......... :) Anyone wanna share their fave moments too here to keep this thread kicking and living?


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Guest thowysg1

I'm so sad Family Outing has ended :( It's such a shame, if only

they had chosen to shake things up a bit, change a few things etc.

The people were great.. it was just the lame show format T___T

And haha of course I grew to love TaecYoon as many did here.. <3

Where will I get my fix now? LOL well lucky for me Ive only

seen the eng subbed eps so there is quite a few more episodes for

me to catch up on.

I've decided I'm tired of waiting for it to be eng subbed and

shall watch it raw. I know most of it has been deleted

but does anyone have the youtube links (or other streaming sites)

for any episodes that are within the 6-11 & 15-19 range?

Greatly appreciated!!

hi and welcome kath...great to have another shipper among us... :P interesting to have new fans in here after the show's demise...hahah..totally agree with you..blame the PD...join us to spazz about this couple and any other FO members... :)

so i reckon you've checked ramensoup...you've got to register..here's the link:


hardsubs are available on episodes 1 - 5, 8-9, 12

do you understand chinese? cuz the chinese sites like tudou & youku have all the episodes subbed except for the last 2 episodes...

alekaonu..hehe..you're so organized...i like all the moments you talked about..i'm too lazy to go episode by episode... ;)

okie..partial translation on ep 16, last episode when they were playing the couple games.. :)...ok..i can't remember the names of all the ahjummahs so i call them "Tall Lady", "Scary Lady", "Short lady" & "Young lady"..guess you guys can figure out for yourselves who they are..heheh..


credits: baidu

here's the link:


Ep 16..i’ll start the translation from when won hee introduced the game..

WH: to celebrate the success of something(?), shall we play once this game?

Caption: now we begin the highly anticipated couple selection

T: it’s ok..it’s ok..i accept

Caption: little friend (?) & taec love couple selection

Caption: the meeting actor and comedian in couple selection

Lady: forceful..quickly accept

Caption: we are the station DJ lover, heechul and (the lady’s name..forgot..heheh)

Caption: beauty and bad guy dong min couple selection

Caption: and then there’s the full of charisma lady in couple selection

Caption: taking away the red flower is jokwon, realistic couple selection

Caption: on the other side, the pure girl’s heart is….walk towards jokwon

Caption: regardless, he takes noona’s cold stare

Jokwon: please don’t be sad

Caption: our pure couple jokwon and (that young lady..forgot name..hehe)

WH: ok..now we’ll start choosing the strongest couple…for that, we’ll play games

RJ: what’s the objective of the games?

WH: 3 types..3 types.. 3 types of games

WH: 1st, the girls will kick the shuttlecock..2nd, the guys and girls will kick it to each other, 3rd piggyback and kick it…based on the results of the 3 games, we will determine the winning team

WH: for the losing team, the punishment will be for the girl to wash her hair in the ice cold water, for the guy to wash his back with the ice cold water

BS: I don’t have to worry, this family member is very good

Caption: where did that mushiness come from?

Short lady: for the lady’s shuttlecock kick-off, our first contestant is bong sun

WH: try kicking it a few times

Caption: the chance to practice before competition

BS: one..two..

Caption: oh..she can play

DM: you have to kick it like this?

BS: 1,2,3,4,,5,6

Taec: you kicked better than me!

WH: the next to compete is (short lady)

RJ: short lady shouldn’t be too bad

Caption: full of confidence, using both legs to kick..how is it?

Taller Lady: can’t we let short lady use her left leg only to kick?

Shorter Lady: why do I have to use my left leg?

Jokwon: you’re too good

Caption: at this time!

T: there’s no such thing!!

Caption: suddenly losing temper …?

Short lady: don’t be mad because of me, taecyeon..i’m ok

BS: I know this unnie..once it comes to competition, she can’t make it

Short lady: shut your mouth!

Caption: will she fall into bong sun’s psychological trap..

Short lady: stop that!

BS: the most you can do is 3

Caption: success at 12!

Caption: shuttlecock goddess, short lady!

WH: practice first

Caption: these 2 did well while practicing, however, in reality when competing..?

Caption: very well done, success at 5!

WH: success at 5

Tall Lady: we’re done

RJ: this is the result of choosing the appropriate aged partner

Scary lady: I’m not bad, right? I’m competing!

WH: next up is Tall Lady

HC: now radio couple…

Caption: we’re screwed

Short lady: is this a new way of kicking shuttlecock?! Number 1 is like that..number 2 is like that..number 3 is like that..

WH: success 1

DM: she kicked her own leg!

WH: next up is young lady

BS: looking at her body, she should be quite good at this

Scary lady: you man-snatching lady!!

Caption: something bad will happen

JK: it’s ok..you need only kick 2 times..

WH: are you ready?

Young Lady: give me one more time, one more time

RJ: eventually, it’s 0 score

Caption: success 1, heechul & tall lady team can rest easy

WH: next up is yoona

WH: you can practice first

Y: I’m really no good at this

DM: don’t have that kind of negative thinking!

Caption: bad guy with bad attitude?!

Y: I really don’t know how to kick shuttlecock

Caption: not even 1!

RJ: to give yoona more energy, show your kick

Caption: can yoona actually get more energy

Caption: nervous yoona

Caption: fiery

BS: unnie has been through this before so it’s time to kneel!

DM: this is the first time, I’ll let you off

WH: for now, short lady & taec lead as no.1..secondly, guy kick shuttlecock to girl..take turns to pass it over to each other..

WH: like before, we’ll have 1 round of practice first

Scary lady: using this kind of attitude to kick it..?

Caption: what will be the outcome for this worrisome team?

Scary lady: got to stand further, how can you kick it to the front of yourself?

Caption: face turning white

Scary lady: I’m here! I’m here!

WH: RJ & scary lady, success 1!

WH: next up short lady & taecyeon

Caption: worried

Short lady: do you usually use your left or right leg?

T: right leg

Caption: under shuttlecock professional’s personal instructions

Short lady: you have to be relaxed and kick it like this..

Caption: totally different direction!

Caption: embarrassed

DM: let’s not think about this, let’s see how taecyeon will manage his first kick

T: I actually don’t know how to do this..

Short lady: from boston, this game is foreign to him

Caption: do you have to use your whole body to kick shuttlecock?

Short lady: good japanese (think she wanted to say good job..hehe)..good jap…I’m done..

DM: ya..kicking shuttlecock can also be turned into dance!

Short lady: taecyeon, you kick it first

Short lady: taecyeon..relax and kick it…noona is right here..don’t need to kick it far

Caption: causing worry taec

Caption: how many can he make it!

Caption: strong objections from taec

WH: based on the rules, their game is disqualified

WH: next up jokwon and young lady

Short lady: is this the 2 melon lettuce(?) couple?

JK: just do it twice

Scary lady: why did you abandon me? Serves you right!

Caption: looks like it’s getting chilly in may

JK: noona!

Caption: doing a direct exchange jokwon

JK: I’m nervous

WH: jokwon and young lady couple success 1!

WH: next up dong min & yoona

WH: practice..dong min has become gentle

Caption: just do it like this during the competition

DM: just like this..like this..like this

BS: I know this team..once it’s time for competition, it becomes a mess

Caption: bong sun’s psychological game again?

Caption: can they continue what they practiced!

RJ: continue like just now..dong min..yoona..fighting!

Caption: the result is most disgusting..

BS: yoona..give him a flying kick..just hit him..

WH: dong min & yoona couple…success 2!

Caption: after that, heechul and tall lady success 2!

Caption: sang hyun and bong sun couple success 3!

WH: now we’ve finished the 2nd round..taecyeon & short lady are still number 1! Jokwon and young lady last…now, thirdly..piggyback and kick shuttlecock….first up, taec & short lady..

Caption: this team’s only worry is…

Short lady: don’t worry..i will sit well because you’re taecyeon

WH: this looks like children’s pose..why is this leg like that?..sit more like a lady

T: you’ll fall if you sit like that..

Short lady: why are you so sweet…

RJ: carrying short lady, what do you think you’re doing

Caption: age difference almost 20 over years..

BS: what makes us sympathise is no matter how you whisper to him, the colour of taecyeon’s ears have not changed

Caption: the colour of taecyeon’s ears have not changed one bit!

Caption: : his ears are as white as white jade…

WH: love will not change

WH: total points 15

Short lady: you did well..did well..

Caption: joyful couple dance!

Caption: from being happy to insane taecyeon..

WH: he’s so proud of himself

WH: next up, sang hyun & bong sun

Caption: present moment at 9 points

BS: I’ll trust oppa one time

Caption: whatever he says ends up in a song

Short lady: how come there’s song in his preparation..

WH: sang hyun..you have to make 6 then you guys can be number 1

BS: what do we get for getting 1st?

WH: if you get number 1, it’s an honor!

Short lady: only the last ones will have a cold water bath

WH: do you need to practice?

SH: yes..

WH: can’t grab her legs fully.. bong sun..1,2,3,4

Caption: carrying bong sun like this is ok..

DM: can’t you talk?

Caption: in battle, there’s no question

BS: is it because I’m too heavy?

Caption: to sang hyun, bong sun is a little too…?

Caption: sang hyun nearly suffered an injury because he wanted to kick the shuttlecock

WH: total points 11

WH: next up..JR and scary lady

WH: why is he sweating when it rained..

Caption: his leg refuses to listen to him

Short lady: you can’t throw away the shuttlecock but you can’t let go of unnie

WH: success 3..total 9 points

WH: next up heechul and tall lady

Tall lady: heechul..i’m heavy

HC: looks like you’re heavy than me by a lot!

RJ: really very heavy

Someone: she’s “Ms Korea” from birth

HC: I have to piggyback her in a relaxed way

Caption: sitting back down again

Short lady: ya..the chair isn’t for you to sit

WH: can change abit..can she change abit..guy & girl can exchange..

Caption: it looks strenuous..

RJ: Heechul..don’t need to practice..just start right away

Caption: at this moment

Caption: can he even manage 1

HC: noona..how can you keep laughing there..

Caption: might as well get on when he’s seated and then stand up

Caption: those who can’t watch it any longer move in..

HC: quick..quick..quick

Caption: eventually still can’t manage heavy tall lady

WH: heechul & tall lady team success 2, total 5 points

WH: dong min, yoona..how many points do they have now? 3?..so who will be the last.now, there’s also kwonnie & young lady..

WH: look at dong min’s happy expression..

Caption: what position is this?

Short lady: are you dancing on ice!

Caption: is she heavier than you thought..

WH: if dong min can make it to 12, he’ll able to give yoona winning happy words

DM: do you want winning happy words?

Y: yes!

Caption: dong min and yoona couple success 8!

WH: success 8, total 11 points

WH: now we have the last challenger couple

RJ: in order not to be last, you have to beat the heechul couple with 5..

BS: you need to get at least 4..over 4, you’ll win them

WH: if not, you guys will be the tail

RJ: don’t practice..just play right away..if you practice, you might become nervous and do badly in the real competition

Caption: eventually decided to warm up

Caption: in the beginning of warm-up, he had already managed 4

Short lady: you want to remain or become fruit juice

RJ: if you had known, you should’ve played..

WH: jokwon and young lady …total 2…tail couple jokwon and young lady

Short lady: announce the first place members as well

WH: there are no prizes..just for honor kind of competition..really..our first place winners..short lady and taecyeon

WH: it smells good..not bad but it’s really cold.

T: let’s begin!

JK: you’re agitated!

Short lady: why can’t our family’s taecyeon be agitated

T: the winning team can pull the tail of the losing team

WH: first, let us pour cold water on kwonnie’s back

Caption: kwonnie’s good body..

Short lady: show the back muscles

Caption: good chest is a good chest, punishment is punishment

Caption: told you to raise your face..even the hair

Caption: upset kwonnie..let me shower directly

WH: next young lady will use the cold water to wash her hair..looking at it, you know it’ll be refreshing

RJ: how are we going to wash her hair..

DM: you can do it like this..

Caption: being held back

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Guest del32

The part that still never failed to get me laughed matter how many times I watch it from the episode 3 was the mud fight scene [of course beside the Taecyoon moment] the one where Won Hee so violently dragging Sang Ryul by the bun to get him off of the bucket that everyone was fighting for ..:lol: And Bong Soon/Dong Min scenes are always hysterical..

I just found the Boys Generation vid, where 2 pm, SUJU, SHINEE boys do their version of 'Gee', and feminim like Taec Yeon singing Yoona's part :lol:

Alright! Uri thows does her magic again!! Keep the goodies coming, sister!

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Guest thowysg1

del32..hahah..will try but not much i can do if the source isn't out yet...dunno why ep 15 is taking such a long time...hope the subbers haven't given up... :unsure:

our taecyoon couple is also an obedient & polite couple...most of the time, they are the ones dishing out the food... :)



credits: baidu

from these pixs, although blurred..can see yoona is quite comfortable with taec..almost leaning on him..hehe


credits: baidu

yoona biting her finger while watching taec wrestle..must have been worried for him..


yoona jumping for joy when he won...her response was even more enthusiastic than tiffany's... :P


credits: baidu

someone in baidu made a funny comment..she said ever since khun made that statement in WGM that he's sorry to taec for wanting yoona to be ideal type, the rest of the 2pm boys have already regarded yoona as their sister-in-law... :D

del32..talking about bong sun & dong min antics..to me, the funniest & most natural was when they were in train..a passenger vacated a seat..dong min quickly sat down but bong sun was equally quick to haul his sorry richard simmons out of the seat..hehehe..he was so embarrassed..he said a bashful hello to the lady passenger next to him.. :D

i'm re-watching the best friends episode with tiffany..during the kimchee feeding part..when won hee said they have created a loveline between tiffany & taec..yoona said "very daring"...think that comment surprised everyone..they were all like "ooh!!"...even taec & tiffany were caught unaware..look at the expressions at 7:42...then won hee asked taec who's his ideal type is between yoona & tiffany...at 7:51....tiffany pointed to yoona..hahha..


the family members should know about this couple cuz when heechul & yoona came walking in hand in hand..they weren't even teased... :)

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