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my acne journey.

Guest diceey

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products, home-masks, etc.
I just thought i would like to share this. hopefully this would help some people out.

I've been suffering from acne for a while now- but it got so severe in the past year. I felt so horrible and it was disgusting to look at myself in the mirror. Acne really hurts self esteem and it just seems like nothing could ever fix my face. I've tried SO many products in hope of fixing my acne but some of them just made it worse. BUT a few months ago, my grandma introduced me to this random and weird homemade mask that was suppose to be miraculous and amazing. and it was ! trust me, when i first heard of it, it was just.. weird. So i've been using this for about 2 months, about 3 times a week and it made a huge difference in my skin. i feel a lot better and less self concious.

Of course, i'm also using products to wash my face and such- ( that also helped a lot! ) (: I did also use the clinique three step acne kit... it wasn't that great, but it did stop my acne for a while. I have really really oily skin and that kit just basically took all the oil out of my face and made it completely dry (but i didn't break out). I sort of liked the kit but it ran out really fast and the moisturizer really stung my face. I guess I just had really sensitive skin. I just gave up on that since it was a bit too pricey for only 2 month's worth. So i've switched to neutrogena deep cleanser and been using it for a month. it is AMAZING. <3 it just cleans all the dirt and oil out of my pores and my skin never felt so clean and smooth. i dont know if this works for all skin types though because when i checked online, there were a lot of mixed reviews but i think its definitely worth a try. and i've also been using witch hazel as a toner-- it smells really bad at first though; but it's gentle and doesn't irritate my skin at all.

but basically, the most important thing is: dont pop those pimples. dont scratch, or touch your face no matter how much you would like to, it'll leave scars and spread the bacteria. and of course, drink a lot of water (: eat healthy and lay off the chips. those things would definately make a huge difference.

okay, im starting to ramble on and on-- so i'd like to post some pictures and show you the difference!

OH and if anybody's interested, the ingredients to the masks are simple. I live in an Asian community so the ingredients are easily purchased. I dont know the exact amount to mix in since I just eyeball it, but basically you would want a paste-like substance.

all you need is two ingredients: yakult and mung bean starch/flour ( sorry, i dont have a picture of the packet ): but i think it could be purchased at any asian market. )


okay, here comes the pictures! sorry if it's .. really disgusting.







it started clearing up eventually. and now, these are the most recent pictures.




have a good day everybody! and sorry for the long post. take care and drink lots of water! :)

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Guest Luxirie

Thank you for sharing this! I'm definitely going to try the mask.

Your skin looks AMAZING now!

Clinique's 3-Step system didn't really work for me, either. =\

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Guest pig_tailed_girl

This is very inspirational! Thank you

This is very inspirational! Thank you

oh by the way

what is "mung bean" flour?

*googles anyway*

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Guest IckyVicky<3dongbang

WOW! it even got rid of some of ur scars!

i def need to try AND thanks for sharing. :)

and is mung flour white???

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Guest dragonwings221

I've had a lot of trouble with my skin too, but usually by just watching what I eat and washing my face before I go to sleep as well as in the morning, I have a better day. Also stress seems to be a factor for me. I've had some of my worst break outs before tests. >.<

I noticed in your previous pics that you weren't smiling at all and them in the last few you had the pretties grin I've ever seen!!

You really are beautiful, I hope that this helps you to keep smiling. ^o^

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Wow, this is inspiring, it gives me hope. My skin has calmed down heaps in comparison to last year but it's not the same (large pores, pimple scars etc).

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WOW, is this a coincidence or what because my cheeks look exactly like yours.

literally, i am in the same situation as you are. not wanting to look in the mirror.. etc.

My acne scars and pimple are taking forever to go away.

oh and could you tell us what exactly mung bean starch/flour is with the steps on how you made the home made mask or if thats a hassle you could take pictures while making the mask for yourself when doing it(:

oh and your really prettty by the way!

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Guest dorkiimee

WOW creds to your grandma ROFL

my dramatic journey with acne is still ongoing--cleared but you know not great xP.

thatss like amazing tho HAHA

ive heard of mung bean but i have no idea waht mung bean flour/starch is :S

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Guest apple.Bi

i've really got to try this!

have been having bad skin for almost 9 months now :((

ever since i did my internship at a very dusty environment + OTs + stress.

stress perks especially when my mom ask me "why is your face like that now?!" instead of helping me find solutions. >"<

Thank you so much! hopefully it'll work for me too <3

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Wow, that's so inspiring (: I have acne problems too TT.TT and I've tried a lot of products but nothing has ever been that effective for me. Some would make it go away just for some time. I have a really sensitive skin. I want to try what you suggested ♥ I just don't know if Mung bean starch/flour is available here in the Philippines. Can you show us the packet of Mung bean starch/flour? Thanks for sharing this! :) and BTW, you look so pretty in the picture :D

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Guest TaroStrawberryCream

:lol: oooh thanks for sharing :] congrats on your skin! :o

dang. yakult tastes good. must not drink it all so i can have some for the mask... ><;;

and can you tell us how long you left the mask on? thanks~

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