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my acne journey.

Guest diceey

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Guest traciebo0ox3

THANK YOU so much diceey for sharing this remedy with us!! its amazing!

my grandmother and dad also told me in the past that eating and washing your face with green bean is great for healing acne. i should have listened to them earlier ><

I came upon this thread last year but never actually tried it till last Saturday. For the past year and a half I had been breaking out with severe acne, mostly all over my cheeks. I tried every product there was from Clean & Clear to Neutrogena. I think I have used too many products that my skin got worse and didn't heal at all. I have been using this mask for 5 days now and I can see my skin slowly improving. Healing process takes a while so we must be patient :) I used half a bottle of Yakult and kept adding Green Bean Powder to the mixture till it wasnt as liquidy (the amount has lasted me 5 days so far and I still have about two more days worth remaining in my fridge). I first washed my face with a cleanser then used my fingers to apply the mask and waited 20 minutes before washing it off. My skin did feel a lot softer afterwards. the mixture was not liquidy and nothing dripped off my face, it actually dried up very quickly and got hard.

sorry for the gross pics >< I took both pics with the same lighting in my bathroom.





On Day 1, my cheeks are very red and filled with a lot of acne marks. I also had a few juicy and big pimples on my cheeks.

On Day 5, the redness on my cheeks has decreased, some acne marks are slowly starting to fade, and the juicy pimples has dried up.

I am pleased with the results so far and I can't wait to see my skin further improve!! I will def come back and update you all!! ^_^

its def worth a try girls!!

Good luck everyone!

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My skin used to be alot worse than yours :sweatingbullets: but then it finally cleared! Now these two days I've suddenly broken out LIKE CRAZY, and they're big cysts =(. Lik 7 of them in two days =="

I was taking friggen hair, nail and skin supplements. It was the biotin in it, obv I learnt sth new lol, I'm one of the people that gets affected by biotin and breaks out.

I think I'll buy the yakult. Gotta get rid of my cysts asap. I'm panicking bc I DON'T want my severe acne skin again.

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Guest junkomundo

apple.Bi said: i've really got to try this!

have been having bad skin for almost 9 months now image(
ever since i did my internship at a very dusty environment + OTs + stress.
stress perks especially when my mom ask me "why is your face like that now?!" instead of helping me find solutions. >"<

Thank you so much! hopefully it'll work for me too <3

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