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my acne journey.

Guest diceey

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:) thanks for the comments you guys. and answering the questions..

cherubie: i think this mask helped calm down acne, and prevents new acne from coming up. and also got rid of A LOT of scars. i think this definately cleared my acne and brightened my entire complexion. :)

MISSxSHAMPOO: yes ! it comes in a bag similar to that. it should also be fairly cheap :) a bag lasts forever!

pinktux101: yeah, you just spread it all over your face :) i usually leave it on for 30+ ... basically you would just want to take it off after its completely dry. when you touch it (when its dry) you hould feel a powdery substance on your fingers. thats about the right time to take it off :)

cherii2007: haha yeah, i was going to post up a tutorial/picture instruction up.. as soon as i find my camera ! :) but i do hope this mask will help you out! and thank you for the compliment <3 :)

and ill post up how i make the mask.. as soon as i find the camera :)

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Guest Autumn1430263885

ooo! i wanna try this out, thanks so much for sharing dicey!

my skin's been acting up again due to stress@@@ grrr

my skin always seems to stay clam, then break out, get more scars and so goes on the cycle,

so i would rly like to get rid of the scars!

btw, is yakult just those little yogurt drinks that you can get from an asian super market?? my dad used to always buy those when i was little, or does it have to be that exact one in the pic?

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WOW, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope this works for me because my face has gotten worse in regards to scarring. I haven't had an explosion of pimples in a while so I'm grateful. I'm just waiting for these darn scars to go away. *PRAYS FOR HERSELF* :rolleyes:

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Wow.. how in the world did your grandma know this!? o_O

I'm definitely going to have to try this out since my skin looks similar to yours (actually, mine looks worse.. =\)

& btw, since your skin is cleared up now, do you still use this mask?

Thanks for sharing this!

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Guest 0oyokisuo0

this direction has yogurt in it:

The following are the required ingredients.

* Green bean also know as Mung Bean powder

* plain yogurt

* lavender oil 2 drops

* Rosemary oil 1 drop

* gauze(cloth) - this is optional


1. Mix 50g of mung bean powder into the yogurt and stir until it thickens somewhat and sticks.

2. Drop in the lavender and rosemary oils. Mix thoroughly.

3. Before putting on the face mask, wash your face and then wet some cotton balls to put over your eyes once you have the face mask on.

4. (Optional) Cut a gauze so that i covers your face. Soak it in water and then squeeze out the excess water.

5. (Optional) Place the gauze on your face or cut it to fit your face if necessary. Some places sell disposable paper mask sheets which you just place on your face and then apply the mask recipe.

6. Apply the facial mask mix and gently spread out the pack evenly.

7. Be sure to apply on the nose, the lower part of your chin and neck.

8. After 10-15 minutes, remove or wash off the face mask.

9. Wash your face thoroughly and apply skin toner afterwards to provide more moisture.

from http://hubpages.com/hub/Face-and-Body-Mask-Recipes





注意:皮肤不同、天气不同时,蜂蜜、牛奶的用量要调整。 关键是还是得坚持!

you can also add egg white and stuff. there are many ways.

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Guest sweetfantasy09

diceey: i will go for my grocery shopping tomorrow and will start on this treatment on monday. i plan to do twice a week as a start and will be making a video blog about it throughout the process.. and the end result will be shown on video as well.

will keep you updated once in every 2 weeks.

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Guest Purimyuu

YOUR SKIN... SO.... NICEEE!!!!!! T__T so jealous :P

Is there an alternative substance you can use other than Yakult? Or are the ingrediants in Yakult really benefiting for the skin? Or its mainly just the mung bean poweder?

Gonna give it a go! ^^

so, 3 times a week, and you did it for 2 months with such amazing results. kyaaa~~~I hope it works for me! XD

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Hi! Thanks so much 4 sharing! I couldnt find Yakult in my area but I found BIOFEEL, which is kinda like a korean version of Yakult..? I checked the ingredients of both and they are similar. Do you think Biofeel would work?

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I just did some quick research on Yakult and it is apparently a probiotic drink. It is basically a drink created to sustain healthy bacteria (kind of like yogurt, except yogurt uses a different strain of bacteria) for the human body. Suprisingly, Yakult also has a cosmetic division that also uses the same bacteria (lactobacilli).

I think it's both Yakult and the mung bean powder together that helps the skin so it might not be as effective if you leave out one of the ingredients.

BTW the website recommends to keep it at 4C (39.2F) which is slightly above freezing and optimal conditions for the bacteria in the drink. Your normal refrigerator is about 40F about 0.8 degrees higher.

I believe substitutes are okay, as long as the ingredients are the same, especially the main ingredient, lactobacillus casei shirota.

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Wow, thanks sooo much for the additional information, kikkie.kl and mynameissecret. And, of course thank you to the original thread creator :) I think I will try this one out. Hopefully I will have your success!

On a side note, I wonder which Korean brands use this "mung bean flour" in their products; definitely makes me more inclined to try it out.

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Guest Kamakshi

Thanks for the tip diceey! Your complexion looks flawless now. Besides diceey, anyone else had success from this homemade mask?

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you guys are the first people i've shared this mask with - and im not sure if it'll give you guys the same results it gave me ! hopefully it does. so update me if you guys see any results etc !

the yakult yogurt type of drink can be bought anywhere. when i run of it usually, im too lazy to go to legit supermarkets to get some so i end up with those... uh... wannabes. but they are WAY cheeaaaper and saved me a lot of money,

personally, i think the other kinds of "yakult" drinks works as well- as long as the main ingredient is there. and make sure you keep this in the FRIDGE.

this mask is actually very soothing and calming :) so if it doesnt get rid of all your pimples and stuff, it'll lessen the redness, swelling, pain, and such. :)

also, thanks for all the additional information that other soompiers added! :D :D

and sorry for all these typos. some of my keys are getting stuck -

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