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[Official Thread] Ariel Lin 林依晨


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Guest getxinfatuated

yeah she is really cute...she is now preparing to shoot legend of the condor heroes...

huh?!?!!? Didn't they just did one starring Crystal Liu? Or am i off...?

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Guest asian_love2788

^ your a little off, it's the return of the condor heros that's what crystal lui is in (2006).

the last condor hero was in 2003 now they're doing a remake again which will be out in 2007 or 2008.

can't wait to see ariel lin and hu ge together again. I love them in Tian Wei Fei Xian. so cute.


one of the lastest picture of her & wu zun together....so cute.

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i love this girl so much haha..been a fan of hers since forever haha

i think she should do a drama with mike

She did do one with him, in Love Contract ^^ if you're a fan of hers since forever shouldn't you know? LOL xD it was before ISWAK ;] I was stuck on the MikexAriel coupling for soooooo long until ISWAK came along.. I STILL thought Mike was better with Ariel than Ariel with Joe. But then later I saw a lot of behind the scenes and stuff with Ariel&Joe though, they're a great match. Even though Mike is just as goofy as Joe, it seems she was more reserved with Mike than with Joe :lol: .. I think the ISWAK family opened her up a bit more<3

I LOVE ARIEL TO DEATH, she's my favorite actress! =D

i support her! but...i think she lip sings(is that what you call it) I watched some clips of her singing live on a show for tokyo juliet and it sounded different from her singing on a stage infront of crowd. She messes up more during the show but on stage it sounds extremely perfect...a little too perfect. But I still love her b/c i don't care! :P

I heard her sing "JOKE" live during a umm I don't know what it was.. I think they went to a school or something? Or was it a fansigning? but I can send you the mp3 of it ^^ she did very well =) even though she was a bit embarrassed at first x] wait no.. I can't nvm =( I forgot my computer got reformatted a couple weeks back and I lost all data T________T

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Guest carosince

she's soooo cute in 'full house' !!!! =DD

*oppps i meant 'it started with a kiss' -____________-'' *oppps

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I found some pics of her when she graduated...oh she looks very simple...As if she's just one them :) .....Like just a normal student...Very happy to recieve her diploma...I just remember how does it feel....










Credits from: Ariel's English forum

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Guest Mae!

Aww I love her!

I think she's like Song Hye Kyo.

Thye both act real well and they're natural beauty.

I like her with Mike He too.

Thanks you for the pics ^^ she looks so happy I like her white outfit soo cute

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Guest deformedmonkey<3

She really pretty in some pictures and just cute in others. But I have to say she really is a settled actress, she starred in so many commercials, dramas, and music videos.

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Guest Carmen.

She's so cute. haha

And she's been in alot of dramas, but I've only watched ISWAK and I'm starting to watch Tokyo Juliet.

I love her acting in all these dramas. haha

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Guest RainFan4ever

what she was in make a wish w/ zai zai i better go back and check it that was long time a go...like in 02 o )1 i like in ISWAK that 1 funny movie she cute either joe or mike hehehehheh....i like her she is a great actress

she a great actress n have agrea voice too ooh she graduating yay n smart too1 dang the whole package huh?!

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Guest i heart victoria's secret

she looks so cute! she still has her baby face look...like how gemma ward does..haha

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I renember the Make A Wish songXD I didn't watch the whole thing though cause no offense but Vic's voice is kinda :crazy: for me >>;; but Ariel looked cute in there^^ I love her in the grad outfit too! It looks GIMONGOUS on her haha but cute XDD

love this pose:



thanks for sharing<3

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Guest Emyli

my favorite actress of all time!!!

i agree with the ones that said her sweetness is very nautral.

that makes me like her even more~ x333

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Guest joe_ms

ohh..nice pics...i also agree her sweetness is very natural...I love her smile...she have the sweetest smile in taiwan..though i just saw few of them.. i love her with joe in iswak..Ariel-Joe RULES... :):):):):):)

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Guest kenzhi_06

yah...this girl damned cute...she has the sweetest smile...i saw her in interviews...i like the way her being quiet...She does'nt want to attract people by her personality,..She attracts people by the way she act...And she's really great in it....She does'snt have to cute for you to like her...she is a simple girl..

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Guest kenzhi_06

yeah...is she doing now the legend of the condor heroes?

i read that she is now preparing for it..and she took piano lesson for the drama..and her teacher praises her because she memorize the notes in just 3 tries...Knowing that she had not recieve music training when young...

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2006.06.24]Ariel Lin memorizes music score, plays good music

林依晨死背簡譜 彈出箏功夫

Ariel Lin is putting in a lot of effort in preparing her role of Huang Rong. Besides learning sign language and Gu Zheng, she is able to play a song within 3 lessons. This is an achievement for someone who does not have any music background. Receiving praises from her teacher, Ariel became embarrassed and said, “I memorized the score!”

Ariel will be heading to China soon to film <Legend of the Condor Heroes>, she has begun her preparation work 2 months ago. In the show, Huang Rong has to live with a group of mutes, thus she had to take out her own pocket money to learn sign language. In addition, Ariel is learning to play musical instruments from teachers so that she can be as talented as Huang Rong. The character Huang Rong is a witty and talented lady who has expertise in books and music.

Teacher praises Ariel's talent

Due to the fact that she had not received any music training when young, Ariel was stunned and her mouth fell wide open upon seeing the Gu Zheng and the music scores. Luckily the teacher sang the tune to her and Ariel memorized the order of playing the instrument, so she was able to know the basics and play it. The teacher praised Ariel as being very talented in music, “she is able to play an entire song just after 3 lessons.”

Ariel replied shyly, “I only want to understand the Gu Zheng more, so that I will have the look when I film LOCH!” Although she is still a distance away from Huang Rong’s expertise in playing the Gu Zheng, Ariel is getting more interested in the musical instrument now. “How much is one? In future when I move to a new house, I want to buy one so that I can continue playing it at home!” she said.

Besides learning the Gu Zheng, Ariel is also learning the wushu spear in order to let her arms be active and flexible so that she can play martial arts with more agility. Being a little chubby, Ariel scorned herself as the chubbiest Huang Rong on television. In order not to become fatter, Ariel is currently on a diet, she eats only green vegetables and salad for meals. Although she weighs only 43 kg, she still goes on diet and said, “I have natural baby fats, I can’t be helped!”

Translated by: Engel

Source: TW Apple Daily 蘋果日報



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