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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part II [November 2012]

Guest massive toene

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Guest massive toene

Check out the new posters for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2!

In the final film of the saga, the Cullens gather other vampire clans after Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) daughter, Renesmee is born, in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 will hit theaters later this year on November 16th.





source: justjared

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Guest massive toene

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson protect Mackenzie Foy‘s Renesmee in this new promo shot from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

The shot debuted as a sneak peek image on Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page and a big reveal has been slated for later today (June 13).

“Bella and Edward’s baby makes her debut in this week’s EW.” the mag writes on their wall.

In the final film of the saga, the Cullens gather other vampire clans after Edward (Pattinson) and Bella’s (Stewart) daughter, Renesmee (Foy) is born, in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens November 16th.




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Guest hollycza

kek.. i like to watch the last part of twilight even though im not a fanatic..

still the last part look like awesome..

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Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has unveiled a series of posters for its vampiric supporting cast.

The images reveal the extended cast of vampire covens who travel to Forks to aid the Cullens in their stand against the powerful Volturi clan.
Noel Fisher's Vladimir is a member of the ancient Romanian coven that formally ruled the vampire world. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_vladimir
Guri Weinberg plays ancient Romanian vampire Stefan, who will do anything to spite the Volturi clan. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_stefan.j
Lone vampire Garrett is portrayed by Pushing Daisies' Lee Pace. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_garrett.
The young Egyptian vampire Tia - played by Angela Sarafyan - pledges her aid to the Cullens. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_tia.jpg
Andrea Gabriel features as Kebi, the beautiful partner of the Egyptian vampire leader Amun. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_kebi.jpg
Benjamin is a physically young and gifted vampire of the Egyptian coven portrayed by Rami Malek. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_benjamin
Omar Metwally plays Egyptian coven leader Amun, Carlisle's reluctant ally. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_amun.jpg
Lisa Howard appears as the powerful and mysterious Irish coven leader Siobhan, an old friend of Carlisle's. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_siobhan.
With the ability to sense a lie, Irish vampire Maggie is portrayed by Marlane Barnes. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_maggie.j
Patrick Brennan's Liam is the mate of Irish coven leader Siobhan. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_liam.jpg
Mía Maestro portrays Denali coven member Carmen. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_carmen.j
MyAnna Buring's Tanya is the leader of the Cullens' allies the Denali. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_tanya.jp
Denali vampire Kate is played by Casey LaBow. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_kate.jpg
Denali coven member Irina, played by Maggie Grace, mistakenly brings trouble down on the Cullens' heads. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_irina.jp
Christian Camargo is former Volturi guard and Denali coven member Eleazar. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_eleazar.
Ashley Greene returns as the gentle, prophetic Alice Cullen. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_alice.jp
The troubled Jasper Hale is again portrayed by Jackson Rathbone in the final Twilight instalment. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_jasper.j
Emmett Cullen will once again be played by Kellan Lutz. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_emmett.j
Nikki Reed's Rosalie Hale finally makes her peace with Bella in the film. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_rosalie.
Elizabeth Reaser is back as the doting mother vampire Esme Cullen.movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_esme.jpg
Peter Facinelli reprises his role as the Cullen patriarch Dr Carlisle. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_carlisle
Judith Shekoni is Zafrina, an Amazonian vampire who can create powerful illusions. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_zafrina.
Tracey Heggins plays Senna, a member of the mysterious Amazon coven. movies_twilight_breaking_dawn_2_senna.jp

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The posters are so horribly photoshopped.
I can't even really look at them without saying, ew!
So badly done.
They couldn't give them red and hazel contacts?

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Guest massive toene

New stills:


It’s been — let’s just say —an eventful couple of weeks for Team Twilight. Bella and Edward may find eternal, immortal bliss in Breaking Dawn — Part 2 (out Nov. 16), but costars and (only recently confirmed) couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are having a much harder time since incriminating photographs of Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, surfaced late last month. “The fact is, these are actors playing parts, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing that people be reminded of that,” Bill Condon tells EW. “Both of these actors gave heart and soul to the Twilight movies, not only during shooting, but also by navigating so graciously the whole life-in-a-fishbowl aspect of the phenomenon. Above all they have always shown great respect for the fans who made these movies such a success. Now it’s time that some of that respect be returned to them.”

But beyond the intense media and public scrutiny into these young actors’ private lives, the turn of events also creates a real challenge for Summit, the studio releasing the film, as it gears up to promote the final installment. In other words: what happens during an international press tour and red carpet premiere when the two top-billed stars may or may not be speaking to each other? Nancy Kirkpatrick, the company’s head of worldwide marketing, tells EW, “While it is studio policy not to comment on the personal lives of actors, Summit is moving full steam ahead.”

In more innocent times (read: a month ago), the Twilight stars sat down for a roundtable interview and talked about the film, the ending of the series, and what they’ve learned from the Twilight experience. Pattinson marvels at Edward’s unflappable ability to stay rational. “It’s strange,” he says with a laugh. “All through the series it’s like, ‘Hey , this guy is trying to be sensible! Let’s think this thing out.’ And everyone is like ‘F— you’”.

Stewart presses him, curious to know what he learned from playing the role.  ”Don’t be pragmatic. Be an emotional idiot.”






source: ew.com
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Guest massive toene

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Breaking Dawn Hearts! Will NOT Appear At Final Twilight Conventions!


Although we can't say we're surprised, we're afraid a grim reality has set in:

It's the end of Twilight as we know it!

With the release of Breaking Dawn - Part 2 fast approaching, so are the FINAL FOUR official Twilight conventions: August 25th in San Antonio; September 29th in Detroit; October 5th in New Jersey; and November 3rd in El Lay!


And although the Holy Trinity has appeared together at years prior, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner have obviously decided that it's NOT gonna happen this time around, given the, ahem, 'circumstances.'

Creation Entertainment says in a statement:

"The passion and dedication of Twilight fandom has been amazing and we're out to throw one last giant convention, a final gathering to see old friends that have made up the Twilight family. Although Rob, Kristen and Taylor will not be with us this time out we will have a super line-up of other Twilight stars and the weekend will be filled with special events, movie prop and costume displays, contests, panels, auctions, parties, exclusive merchandise, music and much more, including some surprises!"





source: perezhilton.com

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