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[Manga/Anime] Bokura Ga Ita


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Guest Clairebear

Hello guys!!!!! Since I'm being Bokura Ga Ita-deprived again, I spent two days compiling some, if not all, of the most beautiful quotes in Bokura Ga Ita. I complied it so that I can go back and read it over and over again whenever I feel like to. It's actually hard to go back and read the book to look for that specific quote when you don't remember when it was said soooo I compiled it and referenced it. hehe. I'm sharing it in case you guys want to go over it it too :) To those to have given up on this manga, I hope the compiled quotes will make your interest back in it again :)


What's my favourite quote?

Of course, there's just sooooo many but if I were to pick only one, it's this:

:) sigh I miss Bokura Ga Ita. I need more chapters to read :P I read on mangaupdates that it's ending in the spring of next year. Wow. We have quite a long road to go :P Oh wells, I'm just glad to know it's coming to an end. At least we will finally get some closures after all these years, unlike some manga I know and loved that's still in limbo *cough*NANA*cough*

thanks for the quotes! aah I want to watch/read it again now T_T

I love this story so much. praying for a happy ending

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Guest Leebie

I have to admit I stopped reading it halfway through...it was getting rather sad. One day I'll get to finishing it...:P

It's a really nice read.

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Such a nice chapter!

OMG Finally....

got rid of Yuri! MUHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Now it's about time for Motoharu and Nanami to get together! Can't wait!

At the end of the chapter, Motoharu is deeply thinking about it and I say, MAN UP MOTOHARU!

It's been too long already! HAHA

My favourite quote of the chapter:

Motoharu: What happens between you and Takahashi is between the two of you. And what happens between me and Takahashi is between her and I.

Takeuchi: I really envy you. You can say say that so easily. You were there the whole time, you know? The whoooole 5 years, right between her and me.

OUCH! awwwww. Take OMG. TT____TT You deserve so much happiness. I say, more happiness than Nanami and Motoharu should get. You're such a nice guy. I really really hope you can find someone you`ll love more than Nanami and will love you back. =.=

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Guest nauticalblue

Takeuchi and Akiko would make a nice pair, don't you think? It'd be sad if they both ended up alone in the end...

Loved this chapter though, even though not a whole lot happened.

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Chapter 67 is out! :D

Okay, we're progressing. sloooow progress but that's a start and I'm liking it so far.

But if they seriously kept missing each other out then I'm going to shake Obata Yuuki to snap her out of this too much missed-chance. grrrr.

Since when did a telephone call become so complicated................

Please let them meet next chapter......

Aki dear is trying to

hook up Take with some girl at some goukon HAHAHAHA! I say, Aki just date him


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Hey guys, according to the translator of BGI, the manga is ending in February at Chapter 70.

3 more chapters to go! wow. I've waiting for this to end... cuz I felt like it already went through enough circles but now that there are only 3 chapters left, can't help but to feel sad at the same time that my favourite manga is coming to an end :tears:

Let's hope for a happy ending! :D

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CHAPTER 68!!!!

OMG :tears:


OMG. I should have known something like this will happen. :tears:

AUGH, just when they finally past that missed chance calls that I thought were going endless, here comes another battle.................................

Nanami rushes to the hospital for falling down the stairs and is currently unconscious.

I will hate you forever dearest mangaka if they don't end up together, happily :tears:

Just what did these two people do so wrong that fate detests them a lot???? :tears:


Here's the movie poster for Bokura Ga Ita



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CHAPTER 69!!!!!!

awwwwww :tears:

such a heartwarming chapter. I was bawling my eyes out.

so many memorable quotes in this chapter

Take: You and Takahashi. You have to honour my sacrifice. Don't forget what I did for you. Don't waste our friendship. Use all you've got and take back all the time you lost.

oh Take TT__TT I couldn't love you enough.

And yes please Aki, help him. No, not the goukon kind of help. :) "He's really losing it" ~_^

and Motoharu :tears::tears:

Motoharu: Takahashi, you told me this once, didn't you?

Nanami: You're the one who made me strong

Motoharu: You're wrong. It's because you were there that I was able to come this far. Because you were somewhere beneath the same sky as me, even though we were apart, I couldn't forget. I was always wishing you were happy.That's all that's been keeping me together. You're the one who made me strong.

And I say, you are each other's strength. It's been proven many times that you aren't going to be the same without the other but here you two, keep playing with fate; always setting aside your own happiness for the benefit of the other when the only happiness you have been wishing is to be together. sigh.

Motoharu: Takahashi. I'm coming to meet you now. I'm coming so hang in there. This time, I'll be able to leave everything behind for your sake. I don't need anything except you so make sure you wait for me this time.

awwwww :wub: totally bawled my eyes out there.

sigh. and LOL. Nanami is just so Nanami. I'm glad that we 'might' be really having a good ending ~_^ Might, as yknow, it will all still depend on the mangaka's mood when she writes the ending. lol

One more chapter....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest nauticalblue

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who cried, haha. I loved the dialogue and internal dialogue in this chapter. Can't wait to see how the last chapter will turn out.

I seriously thought for a moment that Nanami was going to die (or go comatose or something). That voice mail message (plus what Yano said to Aki on the phone) really gave me the impression that something horrible was about to happen. Bokura Ga Ita has already had a lot of tragic events, so I wouldn't have been surprised if it actually happened. So glad it was just a bit of anemia and a slight hit to the forehead.

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LAST CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!

sigh. seriously, I'm very contented with the ending.

It's a


I could not stressed out how much I've wished over and over again that despite the tragic events and how much fate played with them, that somehow, at some point, they would end up together and happy and YES! Thank you Obata-sensei for such a great ending for my two lovely characters.

I liked how the the manga ended with both Nanami and Motoharu visiting Nana's grave. It's a long overdue visit for Motoharu but I'm glad he took Nanami with him. It's like they can always overcome what comes their way whenever they are together. The Power of Two :) The root of their problems lied with Nana's memories haunting them. The manga ended showing how they both overcame that big hurdle in their life by facing it together.

Though I was contented with the ending.... let me just point out my great disappointment in this

We didn't hear anything about Aki and Take!!!! OMG. How could the mangaka leave out Aki and Take out of the last chapter after all these years?????????

I'm soo disappointed to know Take flew to New York! waaaaaa :tears: there goes my hope the greatest people in the manga ever hooking up :( :( :(

Bokura Ga Ita remains one of the my favourite manga. I'm glad I got to see the end of it and very satisfied with the ending.

I will never forget the wonderful quotes of this manga. Very endearing.


Ohhh my favourite scene in the chapter was

when Motoharu grasped Nana's hand when she held it up.


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Hi guys. Just finished watching the movie version of BGI. And I liked it alot especially the 2nd part. I thought Moto and Nanami's cast were perfectly played.
anyways I thought I could share a mv tribute to the mv. It was just a perfect song for BGI

"The day I first met youYou told me you'd never fall in loveBut now that I get youI know fear is what it really was...
Don't wanna break your heartI wanna give your heart a breakI know you're scared it's wrongLike you might make a mistakeThere's just one life to liveAnd there's no time to wait, to waste"

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