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Hello everyone! I've been a silent reader of this forum for a few days now and I can't help but share some thoughts. I'm trying to back read all the post up to the very first one. I'm a new fan, it's

From Huangjisoo   He's going back to Korea tonight!

Life is a combination of magic and Yoon Si Yoon ... get your magic yoonitamins from various items he is active in as acting, entertaining and modeling and so on ... :wub:



Modeling before you was just a misunderstanding... ;):D


Tastes with your tasting could be so tastiful :P



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The article is translated by Google

"Immortal lover" Yoon Si-yung, recently addicted to the camera "I think everyone in Japan will be happy with the photo"

KSTYLE |Aug 02, 2019 16:21:00


Starring Yoon Siyun “Witch treasure book-Hojoun, young love” × Chin Se-yeon “Okunyo Destiny Woman (person)” × Ju Sang Wook “Sloppy Witch's Love”! The dramatic history drama “Immortal Lover”, which depicts a fierce battle between the throne and a woman over a woman and a love story with an exquisite balance, has been released on DVD and rented from today. In addition, broadcasting on NHK General Television will start from August 4 (Sun). 

In order to commemorate the release and broadcast, the official interview of Yoon Si Yun has arrived! Of course, he talks about the role, from the story behind the filming to the story of the diet. 

[Present] Yoon Siyun autographed cheki for 2 people! Follow Twitter & Tweet

-Please tell us what you think when you received the offer of “Immortal Lover”.
Yoon Siyun: It was very interesting, so I wanted to appear. After that, I decided to perform at the last of the three, but I was really looking forward to co-starring with Ju Sang Wook and Chin Se Yeon. Drama is not something I can set alone. I was most attracted to the fact that I was able to pull the story with great actors. 

-What kind of preparation did you make to play Lee Fi, who was a good-looking prince since he was a brilliant Bunmu? 

Yoon Siyun: There were exposure scenes in the first three episodes. I have taken it off to make me laugh in the drama, but I feel it was the first time I took it off to make it look cool. To that end, I continued dietary restrictions for 2-3 months and controlled my weight while consuming chicken fillet and protein. I used to concentrate on dieting as long as my face was sharp, but this time it was not easy because I had to work on my muscles while dieting. The appearance is sharp but agile and ready to draw a sparkling figure. 

-How did you analyze the attractiveness of Lee Fi during the role-making stage? What was the first person who read the script and imagined it, and what part of Fi's impression changed while playing?

Yoon Xi Yoon: Fi ’s leadership will show up as we move into the second half. Two people, Gun and Fi, will advance the power of how to guide people, put people nearby, and move people. However, I was attracted to such a part. I enjoyed the performance because I knew the texture of the second half of the drama. I was very happy that I was able to perform while supporting the mind and leadership of Lee Fi. 

--What are the similarities and differences between Lee Fi and Shiyun? 

Yoon Xi Yoon: I am a person who wishes to live like Lee Fi. Actually there are so many human faults that I can't live that way, but I thought his way of life was so cool and I'm trying to live like that. However, because it is difficult because it is not possible, there is a feeling of regret. I was very happy to live as Lee Fi while filming the drama. Caring for other people, warmth, gratitude, leadership leading people, and love for these things are similar to Fi. The difference is that I can't be that human (laughs). I think it's like that.
r.580x0(C) 2018 TV Chosun

-What part of Lee Hyung was attracted to? 

Yoon Si Yun: The part about love, but Fi is not limited to love the opposite sex but can love others and love life other than himself. Some of them, for example, are beautiful flowers, and he is staring at other people like flowers. A warm line of sight of the way people live can greatly spread their love for the people. That love is to respect each person's way of life. 

-What kind of character is Chahyung? 

Yoon Si-yoon: The character Cha-hyun was more curious about people than anyone else. Because of their curiosity, the two of them met and fell in love while talking about such things, so in the end, I thought that the subjects I wanted to love were the same, and the aim was the same. Because the aesthetics of love are the same, I think they might have loved each other. 

-Lee Fi is about to be robbed and killed by her older brother Lee Gang. What do you think Fi feels about cancer, which is a real brother and takes such actions? 

Yoon Siyun: Since the middle stage, Fi played a hardship that he couldn't suppress his brother's runaway, so many of the viewers felt frustrated. Because Fi is good, I didn't mean I couldn't manage my brother. From my point of view, he has love for each life. Fi knows that each person has their own thoughts, their lives, dreams and goals, and that is the most beautiful value. 

-What was Lee Fi thinking?

Yoon Si Yoon: Lee Gang ’s life is also a dream of a beautiful life, so it is simply judged that it is right for Fi to condemn and eliminate his brother I didn't think it was. In a way, Fi may have understood his brother until the last moment. I can't say that Cancer is right, but I think that Fi had known to the end that he also had life and had a beautiful value. So until the last moment, I think that Phil ’s thoughts about his brother were pain, not anger or hatred. 

-What do you think is the reason why Lee Gan took so much action against his brother Lee Fi? 

Yoon Siyun: Probably the motive is the same. I want to live with loved ones and spend time with loved ones, but Fi respected the lives of other people and loved them, so I just watched the behavior of cancer. The If Fi thinks that the flowers on the roadside are the most beautiful to bloom, and that it is leadership to watch over the spot, Gan pulled out that flower and put it in a beautiful vase and wanted to watch by her side It will be. However, the world was so strict that there were no people to be with me, so I wanted to leave them beside me, forgive, protect, love, whatever way I choose, whatever the way I hurt I think. I hated my beloved woman and hurt my beloved younger brother, but when I knew that they were not by my side, I forgave me and I knew I had no loved one I started to go downhill. 

―― What do you think is the strength of this work?

Yoon Si Yun: In the end, I love someone, I want to put someone around, I want to live with someone, and because Gunn is just a different way to express these thoughts, we understand enough It's a possible character. Despite being a difficult person, an actor called Ju Sang Wook has performed cancer in a very three-dimensional human manner, so that it is not only a drama only of Fi and Cha Hyun, but a drama that not only draws a composition of good and evil I think that the finished point has become a unique strength of this work. I think this was possible because of Mr. Ju Sang-ook 





r.580x0(C) 2018 TV Chosun

―― What character would you like to play with other characters in “Immortal Lover”? 

Yoon Siyun: I ’m Lee Gun. I think that it would be fun to play a different form of leadership, what would it be like to play loneliness, and that would be fun. I think that the color of the performance of Yoon Xiyun Mark is different before it is good or bad, so I'm curious what color it will be. 

-What kind of story did you have with Ju Sang-ook, who was the first co-star during the filming? 

Yoon Si-yoon: I ’m quite different from Sang-Uk, but this time, the teamwork with Sang-Uk, Jin Se-yeon and other senior actors was very good. When asked how the teamwork was, everyone would say “good”, but this time, the trust of the performances of the co-stars was really great. Every time I finished shooting, it was a drama with a lot of encouragement such as “I was really good” and “The emotional expression of this cut was really good”. In particular, Jang Sang Wook is a senior who respects his performance and is so happy when he gave up on his performance. 

―― What are your memorable episodes with the performers?

Yoon Si Yun: There are so many episodes, but the one episode I want to talk about is Pan Jaeho who played the role of Kituk. Since Jeho was the second work of an “immortal lover” as an actor, he was not confident in acting despite his ability and potential. I was always worried and asked me many questions during filming, but there was an episode in the early stages that Kituk was punished by a whip for a calf because of Fi. At the time of the filming, “Because we have to go to war and have a hard time together, we will show our brothers instead of the lords. "What if you do?" But I didn't force it any more, because I was the same actor. But when I go to the bathroom and come back for about 5 minutes, he is missing. If you look at it, Jeho is standing on the wall and making emotions alone. I was grateful to see that figure, and as a senior I also developed a sense of responsibility as an older person. I can't forget that. 

-How was it with other co-stars? 

Yoon Siyun: I remember the seniors who have been active since I was a child giving up acting and encouraged me. I felt impressed that I felt the trust and expectations of myself at a certain moment and acknowledged it, and I felt that I was able to accomplish it with a sense of responsibility on the ground. Then there was a scene where I played a masked play, but if I felt so stressed and spilled that it was “hard”, Chin Se-yeon said, “I think I can do well if I ’m an older brother.” I feel like the words that said "Oppa can do well!" Moved me. I still remember this trust in me and the sense of responsibility that came out of it.




“I like the camera. I was excited at the scene.”









――You said that it was hard to wear hanbok and get into the water when it was cold, but which was harder than the variety program “2 days and 1 night”? 

Yoon Siyun: That's another difference (laughs). The drama is exactly 100 meters. It starts with “Yooo Don!” And it is a short-distance run where you have to concentrate all the time without thinking about pace distribution. “Two days a night” seems to be a marathon where you need to fight against yourself that you can't be too fast or too slow while allocating pace. I feel that there is such a difference. (Drama) It's good to put energy in until the voice of the cut is heard, but the camera is spinning all the time for “2 days and 1 night”. I think there is a difference between the two. 

-You talked about diet and exercise earlier. Could you introduce an effective exercise and diet method that fans can imitate? 

Yoon Siyun: I did it too much ... (laughs). But you have to know this. Exercise and diet are clearly different. If we go to a time like the primitive era, the exercise is to create the most beautiful balance for our survival, and the diet is to create a slimmer and minimal body. I think it's important to decide whether you should make a minimal body or whether you want to make a healthy body that is immune to illness and live happily. 

-What are the tips for a successful diet?

Yoon Si Yun: For me, I would like you to avoid excessive dieting. If your body gets smaller, it will definitely get bigger again (laughs). Therefore, I want you to love yourself more, to love the most beautiful balance that you originally had, and to start dieting first. It is recommended that you eat not to eat too much delicious food, do your best and exercise, and feel the joy of making the body in the most beautiful state without thinking "Why can't I lose?" The That way, I think it's easy to start a diet later. 

――Please introduce any stress relief methods during filming or items that you always bring to the filming site. 

Yoon Siyun: I sometimes talk in interviews, but I like cameras. I really like the sensation of pushing a camera shutter. There are so many hanoks at the shooting site, so there are not many things to shoot. I want to take a picture at the moment I am impressed with something, but since I am Korean, I am used to it and I can't feel that much (laughs). Even if I don't shoot, I really like the feeling of pressing the shutter, so if I can take 20-30 minutes, I'll take a camera, take a horse or field in the field, and take a stylist or manager when I get tired of it. It was fun and always laughing and laughing.

r.580x0(C) 2018 TV Chosun

――In the past, you said that you studied in a Korean variety program at Shodo (a private school like Terakoya from the Joseon era) when you were a child, but you were studying like in the Joseon era. Is that? 

Yoon Siyun: In the Joseon Dynasty, it was like a textbook for an elementary school, and there are books from China such as “Mingshin Hokan” and “Four Elementary School”. To do. Most of it is about morality, but I learned that. But there is no big reason for going to the calligraphy. There was only a cram school in my town. There was no supermarket! However, when I gave my homework to the teacher, I had to give my knees down, face down and go back, and I felt like I learned this kind of traditional courtesy at a young age. It was a very special experience and fun to learn about the existence and courtesy of my superior when I learned about a society with other people. 

-Is the camera that you're addicted to the camera you mentioned earlier? 

Yoon Shi Yun: Recently it is a camera. However, the drama shooting was over and there was an interview schedule, and I wish I could have an interview with other actors yesterday, but I would join the day late for a dream concert of "one night and two days" became. I want to go out to take a picture when the day is off. 

-Can you see the photos taken by Yoon Siyun someday?

Yoon Siyun: I feel especially happy when I show my photos to everyone in Japan. I have always lived in Korea, so there are things that I don't feel unusual about, but I think there are things that everyone in Japan likes. Myeongdong and Namdaemun are also very nice places to enjoy, but I also enjoy the Korean appearance that I have seen since childhood, and it is familiar and old for me, so it is a mediocre and unusual place However, I hope you will be pleased if you show such subjects in your photos and show them to your fans. I think that everyone in Japan loves the fun of small things and the aesthetics of small things. 


―― "Immortal lover" DVD will be released. Do you have any words for Japanese fans? 

Yoon Siyun: I think you can buy a DVD or rent it! “Immortal lover” is a very good work no matter what you see. By the way, I read books a lot, so I like the moment when I put a book next to me in the house and take out the book I want to read when I have time, alone, or when I am bored . If you have important dramas and movie works, you can always watch them when you remember or suddenly want to see them, so it is recommended that you purchase them on DVD. To do! The “Immortal Lover” DVD-BOX contains a lot of our interviews and making videos, so I think it ’s very interesting. I'll talk straight from here. Please buy ... Please borrow ... please! (Lol)




"Immortal Lover" Release Information



[Cell] -August 
2, 2019 BOXI Release 
Enclosed Bonus: Color Booklet (20P Planned) 
Bonus Video: Scheduled to record about 120 minutes (1DISC) 
◆ Production Presentation ◆ This Reading ◆ Yoon Siyun Interview Part1 ◆ Interview with Chin Se-yeon Part1 ◆ Interview with Ju Sang-woo Part1 ◆ Collection of mini-clips of making ◆ Music clips 

· September 4, 2019 BOXII release 
revenue benefits: Color booklet (planned for 20 
pages) Bonus video: Scheduled to record about 70 minutes (1DISC) 
◆ “Immortal lover” free hug event ◆ Interview with Yoon Siyun Part2 ◆ Interview with Chin Se-yeon Part2 ◆ Interview with Chu Sang-woo Part2 ◆ Collection of mini-clips for music ◆ 

All 2BOX / ¥ 19,000 (body) + tax / PCBE. PCBE.63788 / 20 times in total (10 times each BOX recording) / Japanese dubbing and Japanese subtitles recording 

※ Product specifications and design Subject to change. 

- today rental start ~ 5 Vol.1 
9 April, 2019 rental start Vol.6 ~ 10
all 10 volumes / all 20 episodes (each volume 2 episodes) / Japanese dub and Japanese subtitles From 

issue: NHK enterprise 
Publisher: Pony Canyon 
(C) 2018 TV Chosun 

<purchase special campaign>
Pony Canyon Shopping Club 
First-come-first-serve purchase privilege: Bonus DISC (includes making video not included in DVDBOX) 

■ Related site 
official site: https://www.welovek.jp/ fumetsu





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I would say his drama Psychopath Diary is all but a done thing.  There’s lots of other casting news.  So I can’t imagine he or Jung InSun not having already signed on even though there is no confirmation article.This couple appeared in 100 Days My Prince (the Director of Psychopath Diary is the same as the one who did 100DMP).




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[NEWS] Actor Yoon Si-yoon will serve as goodwill ambassador for 'Korean Wave in Fisheries'

"We appointed Yoon Si-yoon, who is well-known in China and Asia, as a goodwill ambassador for the KCSIFISH in order to raise the awareness of Korean fisheries products abroad and expand the export market," a ministry official said.



The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries announced on Thursday that it will appoint actor Yoon Si-yoon as a goodwill ambassador for Korea's "K-FISH," an integrated brand for exports of fisheries products, and strengthen promotional activities to tap into the ASEAN market, including Thailand and Vietnam.
The ministry said it has appointed Yoon Si-yoon, who is well-known in China and Asia, as K-FISH's goodwill ambassador in a bid to boost the country's overseas recognition of fisheries products and expand export markets for exports.
Yoon Si-yoon has appeared in various films, including High Kick through the roof and Kim Tak-gu, the baker's king, and has also been active overseas. Yoon is also known to have a high interest in fishery products, as he usually visits the mountain to eat fish products during the season. "(Yoon Si-yoon) has a good and clean image and was considered suitable as a goodwill ambassador," a ministry official said. 
The ministry filmed a promotional video for the export of marine products starring Yoon Si-yoon and Moon Sung-hyuk. The promotional video consists of introducing K-FISH and encouraging consumption, and will be used in the future at sites such as international exhibitions and trade consultation meetings.
Yoon Si-yoon said he will focus his efforts on promoting our excellent fisheries products to the world so that they can create a "Korean wave of marine products."






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Except from article above (cr Allkpop)


The drama tells the story of a man who happened to be a witness at a murder crime scene. While running away from the crime scene, he loses all of his memories. He wakes up to find that he's in possession of a mysterious diary, documenting every detail of the murder. This leads him to believe that he himself is the psychopathic killer. 



Yoon Si Yoon will take on the role of the male lead Yook Dong Shik - a man trying to cope with the fact that he was a "psychopathic killer" before losing all of his memories. Jung In Sun takes on the role of a neighborhood police officer named Shim Bo Kyung, who becomes entangled in Yook Dong Shik's life due to an accident. Finally, Park Sung Hoon plays the role of the real psychopathic killer, Seo In Woo

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Soompi article 




tvN’s newest drama has confirmed its lead actors!

After it was previously revealed that Yoon Shi Yoon and Jung In Sun were positively reviewing their casting offers, it was confirmed that the pair will star in tvN’s “Psychopath Diary” (tentative title), along with Park Sung Hoon.

“Psychopath Diary” is about a man named Yook Dong Shik, who coincidentally witnesses a murder and loses his memory after an accident that occurs while fleeing the scene. He wakes up with no sense of identity and mistakes himself as the killer when he finds the murderer’s diary in his hands.

Yoon Shi Yoon will play Yook Dong Shik, who works at a stock company and is the world’s biggest pushover. Although initially a man with a weak personality, after discovering the murderer’s diary and perceiving himself to be a predator, Yook Dong Shik begins to change.

Jung In Sun will play Shim Bo Kyung, a patrol officer who lives solely in the present. Although she followed in the footsteps of her respected detective father and became a police officer herself, after seeing him lose everything with one mistake, she decides to forget her dreams and only live for the moment. She coincidentally gets tied up with Yook Dong Shik when she hits him with her car and causes him to lose his memory. She plans to catch the real serial killer using his abilities.

Seo In Woo, the real murderer, will be played by Park Sung Hoon. Seo In Woo is a cruel and meticulous character who happens to be the director of the stock company Yook Dong Shik works at. He is a psychopath who satiates his thirst to dominate over others by killing people, but he finds himself in danger once his diary falls into the hands of Yook Dong Shik.

A producer of tvN’s “Psychopath Diary” shared, “We have confirmed Yoon Shi Yoon, Jung In Sun, and Park Sung Hoon as our drama leads. We look forward to the synergy these actors will have, as they have each shown impressive acting skills and charisma through all of their previous works. Please look forward to ‘Psychopath Diary,’ which will air later this year.”


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1 hour ago, nmka said:

Hi! its been a long time since I unlurk hehe:D. Just wondering, is there a forum for psychopath diary?B) I want to join .



Welcome back!! @nmka   Image result for gifs of yoon shi yoon


The drama thread for Psycopath Diary should be out soon since the cast is confirmed.





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Psychopath Diary



  • Drama: Psychopath Diary
  • Revised romanization: Ssaikopaeseu Daieori
  • Hangul: 싸이코패스 다이어리
  • Director: Lee Jong-Jae
  • Writer: Ryoo Yong-Jae, Kim Hwan-Chae, Choi Sung-Joon
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: Second Half, 2019 --
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Yook Dong-Sik (Yoon Si-Yoon) works at a brokerage company. He has a timid personality and he can't even get angry at the people who look down upon him. One day, he witnesses a murder. He accidentally picks up a diary belonging to killer, who is a serial murderer. The diary has a log of his murders. Yook Dong-Sik flees with the diary, but he is accidentally hit by Police Officer Sim Bo-Kyung’s (Jung In-Sun) car. Yook Dong-Sik loses his memory because of the accident. Due to the diary in his possession, Yook Dong-Sik mistakenly believes he is a serial killer. Since that moment, he begins to change. Sim Bo-Kyung, who got involved with Yook Dong-Sik, decides to catch the serial killer.

Meanwhile, Seo In-Woo (Park Sung-Hoon) works as director at the brokerage company where Yook Dong-Sik works. He is heartless and a psychopath serial killer. He has lost the diary in which he detailed his crimes. He now feels insecure.





Really exciting to see Mr. Yoon in a psychopath role who is playing with cold and dead eyes ... I think his performance could be the most iconic psychos of all time ... he is such a versatile actor who we could expect this from him ... :)


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