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  1. Happy Yoon Shi Yoon's Day! You're the one who made me begin interesting with korea. keep present as yourself for us .
  2. We're sorry to hear his loss. It's hard not to feel at a loss for words. I'm lighting a candle in your dear loved one's honor. His childhood memory of his grandpa in this video Oops! something wrong happens with youtube video case?! Ok, i replace that with an instagram one.
  3. Congratulations on Yoon Shi yoon's 10th year since he debuted!!! He's made such an amazing impact on our lives. we will look forward to many more anniversaries and can’t wait to see how much more he will accomplish ..fighting!!!
  4. These photo are so iconic . He is getting better with age. I am so looking forward to him playing the psychopath role. Sounds exciting if we would get his darkest image.
  5. I know, in some way he will be involved in. Who knows maybe he expose some tendencies
  6. imagine him in a bloody serial killer psychopath! An extremely brutal killer in interactions with the victims! tnN post for Psychopath Diary
  7. Kworld Festa Official released this video from Yoon Shi Yoon message for 2019 Soribada Awards.
  8. This is the real meaning of perfection. Could he be any more perfect?! Ah gosh he is stunning and so charming!!
  9. @Maryam I already told you we are of the same mind. He is talented and works hard enough to be where he wants to be! He is inspiring and has positive vibe to attract people crowd around him . Keep up the great work Yoon Shi Yoon. You have a great talent and we get a great vibe about you. Keep believing!
  10. That ending had me in tears. I'm still upset and sad like I can't get over that. Wish he didn't kill himself. I was like what the hell!
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