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  1. Happy Birthday to you dear Yoon Si Yoon ... Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy... The cast of "Psychopath Diary" for the first script reading And a fortifying Yoonitamin ... Mr. Yoon in "Naturally" Show of MBN ... just swooning
  2. Just now I got aware that Siyoon's maternal grandpa has passed away... Mr. Yoon I know the grief you are experiencing over the loss of your Grandfather and I am so very sorry for your loss... Your Grandfather will be remembered fondly as a very caring and compassionate person who had a remarkable role in bringing up you ... Please accept my deepest sympathy and want to extend it to all of your family and friends ... Please know that we all share your sorrow at this very difficult time... May he rest in peace This is part of an article in: https://www.soompi.com/article/1306051wpp/8-reasons-why-everyone-loves-yoon-shi-yoon 2. He adores his grandparents Yoon Shi Yoon was raised as a child by his grandparents in the countryside, so he’s definitely a grandma and grandpa’s boy. He often talks about his grandparents and how good they are to him. We love a guy who’s soft when it comes to his grandparents!
  3. Congratulations Mr. Yoon on your 10th debut anniversary! ... As a fan who loves you as well as your various works, always looking forward to seeing how you’ll express yourself through your wonderful talent of actiing and other your jobs that in some cases nobody can do ... you can make in my 11th year as an eager fan ...
  4. Yoon Si Yoon is the symbol of cuteness when words are inadequate... 2019 Soribida Best K-Music Awards And our prince charming with the members of ACE band who won "Next Artist Award" of 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards Tiger Tiger burning Bright... when his inner tiger gets awake... Our adventurous diver in tiger diving suit
  5. Sometimes all we need is to connect with nature ... our handsome diver in Cebu, Philippine He is always so dedicated and so ready to dazzle you with his incredible energy for learning new activities ... and yes he never ceases to amaze you ... and maybe it's his secret for his age clock back ... One of Siyoon's fans had this cake made for his 10th debut anniversary... beautiful work with those cute handsome faces glowing on it
  6. Psychopath Diary Profile Drama: Psychopath Diary Revised romanization: Ssaikopaeseu Daieori Hangul: 싸이코패스 다이어리 Director: Lee Jong-Jae Writer: Ryoo Yong-Jae, Kim Hwan-Chae, Choi Sung-Joon Network: tvN Episodes: Release Date: Second Half, 2019 -- Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30 Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff © Yook Dong-Sik (Yoon Si-Yoon) works at a brokerage company. He has a timid personality and he can't even get angry at the people who look down upon him. One day, he witnesses a murder. He accidentally picks up a diary belonging to killer, who is a serial murderer. The diary has a log of his murders. Yook Dong-Sik flees with the diary, but he is accidentally hit by Police Officer Sim Bo-Kyung’s (Jung In-Sun) car. Yook Dong-Sik loses his memory because of the accident. Due to the diary in his possession, Yook Dong-Sik mistakenly believes he is a serial killer. Since that moment, he begins to change. Sim Bo-Kyung, who got involved with Yook Dong-Sik, decides to catch the serial killer. Meanwhile, Seo In-Woo (Park Sung-Hoon) works as director at the brokerage company where Yook Dong-Sik works. He is heartless and a psychopath serial killer. He has lost the diary in which he detailed his crimes. He now feels insecure. Cast Yoon Si-Yoon - Yook Dong-Sik Jung In-Sun - Sim Bo-Kyung Park Sung-Hoon - Seo In-Woo http://asianwiki.com/Psychopath_Diary Really exciting to see Mr. Yoon in a psychopath role who is playing with cold and dead eyes ... I think his performance could be the most iconic psychos of all time ... he is such a versatile actor who we could expect this from him ...
  7. Life is a combination of magic and Yoon Si Yoon ... get your magic yoonitamins from various items he is active in as acting, entertaining and modeling and so on ... Modeling before you was just a misunderstanding... Tastes with your tasting could be so tastiful
  8. Yes dear, it just broke me too so hard ... even more But on the other hand we find how he filled the hearts of audience with sympathy and love so kinda he gets alive and immortal as we see the reaction of the audience for wrap up party, who swarmed and crowded around him and covering him with flowers and gifts and especially that beautiful cake with dolls of both appearances of Yihyun on it ... Thanks to all who supported him such gorgeous and beautiful , and he deserved that... And the link below is about wrap up party which YouTube doesn't allow embedding the video: https://youtu.be/pMeQmkCjujU Wow in this event he looks so brilliant ... but I don't know if it is just my feeling or not that he seemed very formal with Chae Jung An, maybe caz of the situation on the event ... anyway congratulations to him for getting worldwide famous and popular ...
  9. Very welcome @Elsa ... me too at first knew him with FBND and got his fan His cheerful character boosts the energy and moods of his colleagues... Beside wonderful acting of all the cast, though Siyoon's character in Mung Bean Flower is negative and playing as an antagonist, he is doing such blazing, glorious work that he could have made a precise contrast to illustrate the meritorious and sacrificial people of Korea ... and it is very appreciable ... though it is not unexpectable from him while proving that with enlisting in Marine Corps for his duty service ... and tolerating that hard period ... and dismissed with proud.
  10. Professor Yoon in his break time after as an actor on the stage ... it seems so interesting to see him in this character in a project. And our heart melting Yoon as a model ... He looks great in short side parting hair too... though my most favorite style is him with long hair... His talent in acting along with his charming and handsomeness is growing up more and more by passing time ... Very so much love to you lovely Mr. Yoon Si Yoon so that we could see your face always smiley and happy ...
  11. "Extra- super -special- fantastic- quality" of Mr. Yoon acting skills ... his scenes are treasures ... I'm loving every bit of them... though other leads are wonderful and I enjoy theirs too ... just each time he makes more surprises with his new layers of skills and innovations ... thank you Mr. Yoon for your hard working ... His gestures, expressions and in general all his actions are priceless... How I wish I could jump on this scene and not let him cut his hair ...
  12. When it's said he is a reliable man, it's really meant it ... how he is always in perseverant efforts for learning new things and improving his knowledge...how he always plan for being a better person, a prideful figure and in general a reliable man... in below clips we see him who is speaking English more fluently than once he didn't know much about it ... and how he always tries to eliminate his flaws and makes positive changes in his personality and his life ... We can't deny his amazing charming in stealing the hearts our handsome actor as cameo in "Absolute Boyfriend" ... he looks gorgeous!!
  13. Thanks all the Yoonies for updating this thread ... though I couldn't watch full eps of Mung Bean Flower, I've found our talented actor wonderful in performing this different and maybe complex character of Baek Yi Hyun ... but despite his wonderful acting I hope his image after ending this drama would be a positive one ... Our former marine still remembers his skills in shooting the guns... And our heart melting Yoon Si Yo❤n for "haru hana" magazine ...
  14. I think In this transformation he looks more hot and charismatic... but anyway his cuteness is an inseparable element of his character... As the fighters, the leads have good chemistry with each other... especially it seems Mr. Yoon could have matched himself in such a role that is somehow new and different comparing to his previous roles ... Seems In MBF his character is more practical than sentimental and he is experiencing a more action role. As always wish him a perfect success in this project too.
  15. It seems this pic is in a cafe and as always his handsomeness and youthful face and more his nice and warm manner surprises the people who meet him in person... A pic from "Immortal Lover" program Siyoon in Gag Concert show... Very welcome @shiillaah ... thanks for the article...
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