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  1. I haven't fully watched Nokdu Flower, but I've watched the clips and I know how it ends. It is a good drama but yeah it is a bit heavy. I will watched it fully someday... The end is so sad for me .
  2. Hi! its been a long time since I unlurk hehe. Just wondering, is there a forum for psychopath diary? I want to join .
  3. [Diagnosis IS] Abolition? Reorganization? What's the fate of '1 night and 2 days' "Everyone agreed the necessity of water change. E officials said, "We have to go out with new cast members and production crews with time for reorganization." F PD said, "I have been a member of the team for 12 years, so I think it would be better to be a female member on this occasion. If the new season is the same for 6 boys, " https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002893486 No way!!!! I beg to disagree...
  4. [POP Focus] "Delayed announcement" ... KBS's worries about whether or not '1 night and 2 days' In the meantime, the audience petition, which was posted on the bulletin board of the KBS audience, is divided into two opinions about whether or not the "one night and two days" should be abolished. As of 18th, there were 2933 people in the petition against the abolition (at 4:30 pm) and 2391 people in the petition for the abolition. According to the audience petition introduced last September, the person in charge of the related department directly replies to the petition that more than 1,000 viewers agreed. KBS is also expected to take a close look at the existence of "one night and two days" in a situation where petition for proposal for abolition and opposition petition is being severely divided. How will the contents of the petition and the contents of the officers' meeting affect the existence of "1 night and 2 days"? Since the announcement of the official position of '1 night and 2 days' is delayed rather than the time that the public expected, the viewers watching are also getting tense about the issue. https://search.naver.com/search.naver?sm=tab_hty.top&where=news&query=1박2일&oquery=윤시윤&tqi=U49eSwp0YiRss6U6MMlssssstHd-233913 This is only google translation so some words are not accurate.
  5. This is all getting out of hand.... stay strong everyone By the way I'm too disappointed with KBS!!!!
  6. Hi this is me @nemokama to those who comes across my account. I can't log in to my old account which is why it took me too long to be back. Happy that both of them LYY and YSY are busy with projects and I can only hope for their good health while doing their works..I bit disagree to @yoondonggu(please don't misunderstand)though about YSY making unwise career decision. He probably want things to be kind of slow and not something that would make his head ache for the pressures brought by famous shows. He is not so into variety shows and probably just testing the waters. On the other hand I'm so sad about the case of JJY and the possible outcome it would bring to 1n2d which includes ending the season. (Sorry, I kind of diverge from the main topic)
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