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[2009 Drama] Hot Blood 열혈장사꾼

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^ Omg, that kiss xD It broke my heart a bit, haha. I can't wait until the subs come out.

A 9,5% rating is quite okay for the first episode. I hope that the ratings will keep go higher and higher ^^

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look like a great drama

I love the lead actor after watch his acting in east of eden

he got a brilliant talent

hope haru2sub will sub it (Thanks guyz)

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Luthien thanx for the thread, im soooooooooo much behind :(

Hae Jin looked amazing in the pressconf, thanx for all ur efforts gals ^^ cant wait to see the drama once its subbed, guess they'll broadcast it on KBS world soon as well hehe

im so much thrilled he at got a leading role, im so much looking forward to see his acting again ^^





cr DC

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Woundedheart, it's great to see you again! I haven't watched the episode myself.. will be waiting for the subs. Actually KBS World states they'll start airing it on Nov 1. Thanks for the caps.

Thanks everyone for the download links!

Tentative starts for new weekend dramas

by javabeans at dramabeans.com

2009 Oct 11


Eugene of Creating Destiny

Two new dramas premiered this weekend, to mixed reactions: MBC’s Creating Destiny starring Eugene, above, and KBS’s Hot-Blooded Salesman, starring Chae Jung-ahn and Park Hae-jin.

Perhaps Tamra fans will feel vindicated (or further insulted?) to know that the drama that replaced it (after Tamra was unceremoniously slashed) pulled in even lower numbers; Creating Destiny only managed a very low 3.5% for its first outing.

However, hope isn’t lost for the series, which was up against the last week of KBS’s hit family show Sons of Sol Pharmacy, whose penultimate episode scored a 38.9%. We’ll have to see whether Creating Destiny will bounce back next week when KBS launches its new drama, Three Brothers [수상한 삼형제, or more literally, "Three Suspicious Brothers"]. That drama features Ahn Nae-sang and Oh Dae-kyu — both of the very popular First Wives Club — and is another family-oriented 50-episode drama, so Destiny may still face an uphill climb.

Rounding out that timeslot was SBS’s Loving You A Thousand Times, which performed strongly with an 18.7%.


Chae Jung-ahn, Park Hae-jin of Hot-Blooded Salesman

Meanwhile, an hour later, KBS’s new Hot-Blooded Salesman did better with a 9.5% — not high enough to rest easy, but definitely on more solid ground. It followed the long-running sageuk series Iron Empress (which ended last weekend with a 22.6%). This later hour is also a more level playing ground, as the three broadcast dramas are all scoring within the same general range; MBC’s Assorted Gems brought in a 13.6% and SBS’s Smile was just behind at a 13.5%.

Hot-Blooded Salesman is set in the world of car dealers, and its three main stars — Chae Jung-ahn (Cain & Abel), Park Hae-jin (East of Eden), Choi Chul-ho (Queen of Housewives) — are all coming off previous projects that performed strongly. The drama mixes business competition with romance and is described as an upbeat trendy drama. The description didn’t quite catch my interest, but the drama does come from the brain of well-known manhwa-ka Park In-kwon, who also created the manhwas War of Money and Daemul.

Despite the uneasy beginnings, as we know, ratings are certainly important but they are not an indicator of quality. Both shows earned some positive responses for being fresh in their approach; only time will tell how they fare in the longer run. Next week should be a better indicator of that, and in any case, it’s nice to have a fresh influx of new dramas after having the same ones on for the past several months.

Via BNT News, Joy News

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Park Rejected Thrice to Win Drama Role


[TV Report] On KBS2's "Happy Together-Season 3," actor Park Hae-jin talked about how he secured the lead role for the new KBS drama "Hot Blood" which succeeds the long-running historical series "The Iron Empress - Special." The four cast members of the new drama--Park, Choi Cheol-ho, Chae Jung-an, Jo Yun-hee--were guests on the Happy Together episode that aired Thursday.


Based on the comic series by Park In-gwon, Hot Blood will be a witty drama version of the story of car salesman "Ha-ryu," covering his career, love and life.

Park, playing Ha-ryu, takes up a commanding portion in the drama, appearing in over half of all scenes.

This is his second lead drama role. But it came with painful effort and many rejections. He met three times with the director, who would always promise he would give Park a call.

A week after the meetings, Park finally received the call of approval. He said, "My casting was rather sudden, so I feel a lot of pressure." Chae then cut in, saying, "I told the director that I won't do the role if it were not opposite Park. That's how Park got the role," to which everyone laughed.

Hot Blood aired its first episode Saturday at 10:15 p.m.

Internet broadcast media for "Guide & Review," TV Report

Email reports to pi@pimedia.co.kr <Copyright ⓒ Pimedia TV Report>

Writer: TV Report

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi - Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.

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I waited it with so many hopes and then my PC broke down exactly at the important day :( . It did not be ok back so i couldn't watch the drama. Is it funny and interesting???

WHy i'm so unlucky :angry: . But i'm waiting for the sub in KBS W. At least, my televisions are ok, so i can watch the drama.

luthien unnie, i thought the drama will be aired in KBS W on November 7th?? It will be aired from November 1st or it will be aired exactly on November 1st?? OMG, if the drama is aired on Mon and Tues, VNese fans will be on trouble huhu. EoE is still being aired and i don;t think it'll finish before Nov 1st

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^ KBS world has announced it from the start it will start airing on Nov 1.

I have no idea how it's going.. I kinda skimmed through it, but I wanted to watch it properly with softsubs for the very first time... so I can really enjoy it to the fullest.

Maybe you should wait for subs, it might be more fun that way... then if it gets addicting and I have no self-control, then I watch it raw.

Behind the Scenes

Making of the Previews







Some Automobile Event








Official Hot Blood Poster














Source: club.cyworld.com/KBSDRAMAYH

Compilation snagged from phj.tworz.com and hae-ven

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