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[2009 Drama] Hot Blood 열혈장사꾼

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Yesterday, HOT BLOOD is the No. 1 most searched topic in the korean internet:


Credit: PHJ DC

This afternoon at 4pm, the cast and crew were spotted filming near the Hankook University of Foreign Studies: http://www.hufs.ac.kr/ 외국대


They were filming there the whole day.. as what fans said. Filming is rather intense and photos were not available.

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Ah, so many famililar faces in this thread, lol XD. I'm looking forward to this production especially since it's based on a manhwa. Great to see that PHJ has landed the lead role and I don't mind the rest of the cast either (though I do feel CJA's acting can be weak at times - hopefully she'll prove me wrong; and HYW... not too fond of her acting either). Anyway, I hope the drama will come out strong and I can't wait to watch PHJ acting again. I think the role will suit him well so hopefully he won't disappoint.

p.s. to the ladies of phj thread... I guess I'll be making a drama banner soon for his thread XD

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^ Hey, symphonee!! Long time no see.... *nods head umpteen of times* yes yes yes, you've got to make us the drama banner real soon and for this thread too... Deal??

Hope to see you more often either here or there.....*hugs*

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Re-post from PHJ Soompi thread....

Pictures of the props used in Hot Blood... should be stickers of Ha-ryu and Dahye when they were young and together??



Credit: krdrama + ck9705 @phj,tworz,com

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As this drama is about sales of cars, we'll get to feast our eyes on these gorgeous Peugeot, the featured sponsor of HOT BLOOD....





BTS filming on location in their showroom.... Chae Jung Ahn is filming her part today...





Credits to PHJ DC + ck9705 & JJJ from PHJ TFC

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News posted on September 21 2009

Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200909211700411001

채정안, 박해진에 능청스런 한방! ‘열혈장사꾼’ 꼬이는 첫만남

[2009-09-21 17:11:51]




[뉴스엔 이미혜 기자]

배우 채정안과 박해진이 제대로 만났다.

‘미남 영업사원’ 박해진이 KBS 주말드라마 ‘열혈장사꾼’에서 ‘미모의 영업퀸’ 채정안과 첫 만남부터 얼굴을 붉혔고, 채정안은 기분이 상한 표정으로 노려보며 악연을 시작했다.

채정안은 도움을 주기 위해 다가온 박해진에게 도리어 망신을 주는 능청스런 연기를 선보였다. 차 안에서 옷을 갈아입는 채정안을 보고 직감적으로 위험신호를 느낀 박해진이 채정안의 차를 유심히 들여다 봤고, 보는 순간 박해진을 치한으로 오해하는 채정안의 표정이 리얼하게 담긴 것.

쑥스러워하는 박해진과 개의치 않고 촬영에 임하는 채정안의 대조적인 모습에 제작진들은 웃음을 터트렸다고. 특히 박해진은 눈을 어디에 둬야 할지 모르는 듯 촬영 내내 순수한 모습을 보여 덕분에 촬영장 분위기도 화기애애했다는 후문이다.

‘열혈장사꾼’을 연출하고 있는 지병현 감독은 “첫 만남을 통한 두 배우의 감정선이 자연스럽게 맞닿을 수 있도록 중점을 두어 촬영했는데 두 배우가 너무도 잘 따라줬다”고 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다.

방송은 10월 10일 오후 10시 15분.

이미혜 macondo@newsen.com

기사제보 및 보도자료 newsen@newsen.com

손에 잡히는 뉴스, 눈에 보이는 뉴스(www.newsen.com)

copyrightⓒ 뉴스엔. 무단전재 & 재배포 금지

In brief:

- This scene is when both Ha-ryu (Park Hae Jin) and Jae Hee (Chae Jung Ahn) first met each other.

- Jae Hee is not only pretty but she is also the queen of car sales. Therefore, she is not only confident but also quite arrogant

- More about the scene being filmed in an underground car park: Ha-ryu had helped Jae Hee up but she did not appreciate. She did not get off the car as she was changing in there and Ha-ryu happened to be near her car looking by and she thought he was a lecher. Jae Hee then got off the car and gave him a good stare without any restraint. Ha-ryu could only act confused.

- That's how their animosity started from this first meeting..

- PD Ji praised both Park Hae Jin and Chae Jung Ahn for their natural acting during the filming of this scene.

When translating to another language or posted elsewhere, please credit translations as follows:

CREDIT TRANSLATIONS: JJJ, ck9705 and melyssa from PHJ TFC @phj.tworz.com + Hae-ven


Another source with similar news posted on Sep 22: http://news.nate.com/view/20090922n08510 by news@tvdaily.co.kr

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I can't believe how soon this drama's starting and yet I only just read of it recently. CJA looks lovely in these pics. Seems she's lost some weight since her last drama (Cain & Abel). Poor PHJ, getting misunderstood on the first meeting, lol. Thanks for sharing pics and news <3

melyssa: i'll make the banners once the drama starts airing and more pics/caps are released ^_^

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soooo looking forward for this drama... Park HaeJin deserves this lead role.. he's finally recognized as a viable protagonist :D :D :D yey!

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melyssa: i'll make the banners once the drama starts airing and more pics/caps are released ^_^

So happy to see you here also! *hugs*

You know us too well.. we didn't even have to ask you for it.. yes we do need another banner for PHJ's profile! TIA!!

new photo is up on Hot Blood at KBSWorld website:


credits: KBSWorld + niceHJ cafe + PHJ TFC & Hae-ven

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^ Thank you cutiepie!

Watch Online: http://news.kbs.co.kr/news.php?kind=c&id=1852285

There's a picture on the left of the page. On top of that picture, there are three different resolution for streaming the video: 700k, 300k, and 56k. Click one of the three to view. Refer to picture below:


DO NOT HOTLINK! Upload to your own album.

When reposting to another forum/blog/site, attach the entire credits, just as mentioned like the one below.

credits: 윤슬☪ at gall.dcinside.com/phj +PHJ TFC & Hae-ven

I'm getting more hotlinks than usual. <_<

The original pictures were toooooooo huge for my photobucket so I had to crop them. Try to be considerate, upload to your own album and attach credits.















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kinda late... but here goes:

Park Hae Jin Becomes a Car Salesman

Written by zakiya at Omgkpop.com

Saturday, 19 September 2009 14:53


Well not quite, but Park Hae Jin will be playing one in his upcoming drama. This 'Family Outing' member has been recieving a lot of popularity since going on the show. Park is set to play the lead in the new weekend drama, 'Hot Blood.'

The drama, based on a comic, tells the story of a young car salesman. Just like in any other drama there are morals to be learned, but in this particular show these life lessons are taught through car sales. Whether it be in success or love, 'Hot Blood' documents one man's struggles in everyday life.

Some might be thinking why car sales? The production team felt that using car sales to compare the hardships of one's life would be effective. Reasoning that, "...viewers will easily sympathize with Park’s character, so they will be able to get energy to live by watching him fighting obstacles in his life."

The director, Ji Byung Hun, agreeing with the production team stated, "I want people to take some comfort and courage by watching it as they are weathering the storm in this difficult time." One can probably say that a big part of this drama is to get its viewers to connect with the characters.


Along side Park Haejin will be actress Chae Jung An. She's usually an actress who takes on the innocent pure character, but this time she changes things up. Chae has said that she hopes to bring out a new image of herself through this new, charismatic role.


Audiences will be able to base their own opinions on the drama, and even Hae Jin's acting skills, starting October 10th at 10:15 pm (Korean time) on KBS.

In additon this will be the first modern drama to air on the weekend at the 10 o'clock time slot, which is usually occupied by epic dramas.

Chae Jung-ahn in the Hot-Blooded Salesman

September 22nd, 2009 // by javabeans at Dramabeans.com


Finally, news of a new KBS weekend drama! (The historical series Iron Empress has occupied the slot for many months, and is finally heading to its close. I, for one, am happy to see another contemporary offering take its place.)

The show to take that prime-time slot in October is called Hot-Blooded Salesman [열혈장사꾼], and stars Chae Jung-ahn (Cain & Abel, Coffee Prince), Park Hae-jin (East of Eden), and Choi Chul-ho (Partner, Queen of Housewives).

The story is set in the world of car dealerships and sales. In the drama, Chae Jung-ahn plays a car dealer who is so successful that she is called “Goddess Kim”; she may seem elegant on the outside but harbors (naturally) pain on the inside. Park Hae-jin also plays a car salesman.

The topic makes me think of the sleazy image car dealers have in the States (and brash comedies like The Goods), but this project is described as being a drama with a human touch that still takes a serious look at this world and the fierce competition within it. A source from the production explained, “On the outside the story is about car sales, but you could also say that on the inside it’s a story about life, and as the main character Ha Ryu [Park Hae-jin] matures and progresses, you’ll root him on and be able to be cheered by this drama.”

With the director of Kingdom of the Wind (Ji Byung-heon) at the helm, I’ll be expecting strong visuals; he said, “I want to make a drama that will encourage the people who are hanging in there in these difficult times.” On the story front, this is another adaptation taken from the work of Park In-kwon, the creator of the manhwa War of Money, on which the SBS drama was based, as well as the original Hot-Blooded Salesman manhwa.

Hot-Blooded Salesman premieres on October 10.



Via Chosun, KBS

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Do NOT hotlink! Upload to your own album.

CJA in the News.. with new pictures! :D








photo credits: chosun/osen/newsen

and JYH also:



photo credits: newsprime

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melyssa,, u r the best hehe^^ the drama preview is very very interesting!!! i really wanna watch it now!!

thx for preview clip and news so much!!!!! *hugs*

i find another version of the preview,, but i'm not sure it might be same as the first link of ur post. bcoz i can't watch the clip from that one. i hope it will be different. if it's not, u can tell me to delete this one ^^

this version is kinda haryu's version,,, enjoy!!

ver. 33s

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