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[2009 Drama] Hot Blood 열혈장사꾼

Guest luthien

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Guest luthien

[KBS2] Park Hae Jin • Chae Jung Ahn • Choi Chul Ho • Jo Yoon Hee

Hot Blood



Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Production Crew

3. Cast

4. Synopsis

5. Character Descriptions

6. Episodes & Subtitles

7. Multimedia

8. Gallery

9. In the News

10. OST

11. Ratings

1. Overview

Title: 열혈장사꾼

English Title: Hot Blood

Also known as: Hot Blooded Salesman, Passionate Entrepreneur

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 20+

Broadcast Network: KBS2, KBS World

KBS2 Broadcast Period: 2009 October 10 to (to be announced)

KBS-World Broadcast Period: 2009 November 07 to (to be announced)

Timeslot: Saturday & Sunday at 22:15 (Replaced Empress Chunchu)

Official Website: KBS , KBS World

2. Production Crew

PD: Ji Byung Hun 지병현 (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Cool - Asst Dir)

Director: Kang Il Soo 강일수 (The Kingdom of the Winds)

Scriptwriter: Hong Seung Hyun 홍승현

Original Writing: "Passionate Entrepreneur" by Park In Kwon 박인권 (War of Money)


One of the covers of the Manhwa

3. Cast

PHJs.pngPark Hae Jin 박해진 Soompi | DramaWiki| East of Eden | As Much as Heaven & Earth | Seven Princesses|

CJAs.png Chae Jung Ahn 채정안 Soompi | DramaWiki | Cain & Abel | Coffee Prince | Emperor of the Sea |

CCHs.pngChoi Chul Ho 최철호 DramaWiki | Partner | Queen of Housewives | Empress Chun Chu |

JYHs.pngJo Yoon Hee 조윤희 Soompi | DramaWiki | Hometown Legends | Spotlight |

Yeon Je-wook 연제욱 DramaWiki | Gangster High | Public Enemy Returns | Sharp 2 |

Han Ye Won 한예원 DramaWiki | Brilliant Legacy | On Air | Seoul Warrior Story | On Air |

Kim Gyu Chul 김규철 DramaWiki | Hometown Legends | Kingdom of the Winds | The Devil | My Lovely Miss Dal Ja |

Lee Won Jong 이원종 DramaWiki | Partner | Hometown Legends | Ja Myung Go | Gourmet | Emperor of the Sea |

Choi Jong Won 최종원 DramaWiki | Hometown Legends 2009 | Dae Wang Sejong | Cloud Stairs | Seoul 1945 |

Jung Young Sook 정영숙 DramaWiki | East of Eden | Mun Hee | Wedding | Pharmacist Kim's Daughters |

4. Synopsis

“Hot Blood” revolves around penniless Ha-ryu who is driven by upward mobility and a thirst for personal success.

Money – 'Every dog has his day'

Here is a man who can do whatever it takes to make money. He dreams of raking in 10 billion won by selling cars. Due to this wild idea, he is deemed crazy by everyone, but is ready to sell even his soul to become a billionaire. “I will make myself fully prepared to take every chance that lies ahead of me!!!”

Business- ‘A successful sales man sells personality, not product.’

Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone involves in an act of selling products. If you benefit from quality education, you can sell your knowledge as a high-caliber worker. You can engage in physical labor to make ends meet. You can devote yourself into selling “real” products like merchants in the market. What difference can there be between successful salesmen and unsuccessful ones?

Car - ‘A car and life share commonalities in that you can control both by your own free will.’

A car, considered indispensable to life after food, clothing and shelter, has many faces.

You can use a car as a criterion in evaluating people.

You can think of a car as a livelihood to support the family.

You can drive a car to show off your fortune or brag of your power

It brings happiness to some while giving others pain.

Source: KBS World

Thanks Sayroo!


5. Character Descriptions

Credits and Translations by mixedplay.

When taking out of Soompi, please attach proper credits. Thank you.








6. Episodes & Subtitles

♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ RAW Episode Downloads ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦


Option 1

Aja-Aja: Satisfying Your K-Drama Needs

Download RAWs from Aja-Aja's Hot Blood Page

Available Versions:Ental (700mb) , Han 450p (800mb)

DDL: Megaupload, Rapidshare

Must Read: Aja-Aja's Access Policy - Help Section

Option 2


Download RAWs from AM-Addiction's Hot Blood Thread

Available Versions: Ental, Han 720p

DDL: Megaupload

Option 3

Uploads by Soompiers

Episode 1 - ENTAL version - Download via Rapidshare * Thanks to blog234

Important Reminder:

Unless you uploaded the video yourself, please DO NOT re-post Direct Links (Megaupload/Rapidshare/Mediafire) from Aja-Aja or AM-addiction. Thank you.


Courtesy of cute_girl

Episode 1

Ental XviD - AVI - 662mb - 640x352

Han X264 450p - AVI - 786mb - 800x464

Episode 2

Ental XviD - AVI - 674mb - 640x352

Han XviD - AVI - 700mb - 624x352

Han X264 720p - AVI - 1.56gb - 1280x720


Courtesy of semi-fly


File renamed in clubbox to 열혈 장사꾼

♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ Official English Subbing Team ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦ ♢ ♦

Haru2subS - Everyday Is a KDrama Day

Official Website - FansubWiki


Please take a moment to read Haru2subS's Announcements!

7. Multimedia


[2009.10.09] Hot Blood Cast Interviewed for MNET Wide News

[2009.10.09] Park Hae Jin Interviewed for DongA News

[2009.10.09] Hot Blood Cast Interviewed for KBS News

[2009.10.07] Full Coverage of Hot Blood Press Conference 001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 (5 parts)

8. Gallery

() :: pg , #

(2009.09.17) FAN CAM: Park Hae Jin spotted filming on the side of the street. :: pg 2, #26

(2009.09.17) BTS: The Making of the Preview :: pg 2, #26

(2009.09.15) STILLS: PHJ at a bookstore and CJA at the gym :: pg 1, #18

(2009.09.14) FAN ART: Ha Ryu Drawing by a Fan :: pg 1, #13

(2009.09.14) BTS: Park Hae Jin, PD Ji and another actor at the Filming Set :: pg 1, #7

9. In the News

Park Hae Jin debuts as the lead actor of an upcoming KBS new weekend drama "Passionate Entrepeneur"

Source: OSEN

KOR to CHN Translation by: JJJ and CK from PHJ TFC

CHN to ENG Translation by: Melyssa

Friday, 2009 Sept 4, 0458 (KST)


Main lead young actor, Park Hae Jin will debut in a KBS2 TV serial drama 'Passionate Entrepeneur'. Since the moment he debut, this is the first time he is playing the main lead of a drama. 'Passionate Entrepeneur' will air next month after the historical drama 'Empress Chunchu' ends its run. War of Money ...using a popular manhwa writer Park In Kwo(박인권) comic novel as the original works makes the drama even more worthwhile looking forward to. Park Hae Jin will act as the title lead, Ha Ryu;. He is a good-looking guy who is also ambitious and refuses to admit defeat easily. He strongly believes that the business market for car sales is a competitive war-like commercial world. He could convince customers to fall into his sales tactics within 10 minutes. His sense of humour and self-boosting ability is never 100% less. He lives with his incapable father and his mother who lives around as lowly as his father. Therefore, he is the one who just rules the home.

Around 4 in the afternoon, the spokesman from the production company liaised with OSEN by phone and states that they are making the last confirmation that the main male lead of this drama is Park Hae Jin and they look forward to see how he will exhibit his vibes and acting skills in this new drama. The casting for the female lead and other roles is almost complete. For the female lead role, one of the newer actresses will be chosen.

In 2006 KBS drama 'Infamous Chil Princess', Park Hae Jin debut in it, followed by being in another KBS daily drama 'As Much As Heaven And Earth' (2007) and an MBC serial drama 'East of Eden'. Though he was not the main lead of these dramas, his performance has left a deep impression on viewers. Therefore, through this drama being the main lead as a passionate entrepeneur, this will probably give him more opportunity to showcase his craft with his highly anticipating acting skills, .

This drama will debut on Oct 10 2009 at 10.15pm on KBS2 TV .

When translating to another language or posted elsewhere, please credit translations as follows:

CREDIT TRANSLATIONS: JJJ, ck9705 and melyssa from PHJ TFC @phj.tworz.com

10. OST

11. Ratings

Date ---------- Episode-------- Nationwide-----Seoul

2009.10.10 - Episode 01 - 9.5% (13th) - 9.4% (13th)

2009.10.11 - Episode 02 - 9.6% (16th) - 10.2% (13th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & DramaWiki

** Thanks to Melyssa, Mi-Hyun and Sayroo for the updates. ^^

** Under construction **

DO NOT HOTLINK PHOTOS! Upload to your own album


When taking out pictures & translations, attach proper credits.

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Just read the synopsis on KBSW, before finding out that this thread has been created, Thanks!!

BTW, KBSW site has currently listed the number of episodes as 20+, I guess KBS is being conservative, pending public response.

Feels so strange to see a modern drama, when this slot has always been for KBS' period drama, as far back as 2006.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The thread is opened again. Great to know that.

yesterday was the first filming day of the drama. Does anyone here the news from it? And anyone have the BTS picture/ poster.. of the drama? Pls share us at this thread.

This drama seems like a great drama to watch so i cant stop myself from looking for the news about it. Gah, November pls come quickly, so i can watch the drama on KBS world =P~.

And luthien, thank you so much for opening this thread.

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Guest reddynamitez

wonder who's going to be the female leads.

but it's about time hae jin got the lead roles. He was soo good in EOE.

i'll definitely look forward to this.

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THanks, rubie, for re-opening this thread ^^ Really appreciate it..... and reposting all the updates of this kdrama 'HOT BLOOD' from Park Hae Jin Soompi thread.....

Chae Jung Ahn joins the cast of Hot Blood....

“청순녀 그만”…채정안 이젠 억척녀


article found at http://news.donga.com/fbin/output?n=200909080246

It says something about shooting starting next week? huh?

News from Sept 6:

박해진, '천추태후' 후속 '열혈장사꾼' 주인공 발탁


article here: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=20...1&outlink=1

Confirmed casting for Hot Blood...

News posted on September 8 2009

Source: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=20...link=2&SVEC

채정안·최철호, 박해진과 '열혈장사꾼' 주연

Chae Jung Ahn-Choi Chul Ho, joins Park Hae Jin in 'Hot Blood'

2009년 09월 08일(화) 오전 10:43


KBS 2TV 새 드라마 '열혈장사꾼'의 주연 박해진 채정안 최철호(왼쪽부터)

채정안과 최철호가 KBS 새 주말극 '열혈장사꾼'에 주연급으로 캐스팅됐다.

8일 KBS 드라마국 관계자에 따르면 채정안과 최철호는 '열혈장사꾼'에서 이미 주연으로 내정된 박해진과 함께 연기호흡을 맞출 예정이다.

'열혈장사꾼'은 유명 만화가 박인권의 장편 극화를 바탕으로 재구성한 현대물. 자동차 세일즈맨의 사랑과 일을 그린 드라마다.

채정안은 극중 자동차 판매왕을 연기하고, 자동차 세일즈 맨으로 분한 박해진과 연기를 펼친다.

더불어 MBC '내조의 여왕', KBS 2TV '파트너'에서 호연한 최철호도 드라마에 주연급으로 출연해 재미를 더할 것으로 기대를 모으고 있다. 최철호는 극중 박해진 회사 사장을 연기한다.

드라마 관계자는 "이번 주말께 첫 촬영에 돌입한다"면서 "현재 출연배우들의 막바지 캐스팅 작업 중이다"고 밝혔다.

총 20부작으로 기획된 '열혈장사꾼'은 '천추태후' 후속 작이며, 드라마 '바람의 나라', '쾌걸춘향'의 지병현 감독이 연출을 맡았으며 홍승현, 유병우 작가가 대본을 공동 집필한다.

모바일로 보는 스타뉴스 "372 누르고 NATE/magicⓝ/ez-i"

머니투데이가 만드는 리얼타임 연예뉴스

제보 및 보도자료 star@mtstarnews.com<저작권자 ⓒ 머니투데이 스타뉴스>

김수진(기자) skyaromy@mtstarnews.com

In summary ... (translated from Chinese translation shared by JJJ from PHJ TFC @ phj.tworz.com)

- On the 8th, it's then confirmed that Chae Jung Ahn and Choi Chul Ho will be in 'Hot Blood'

- Script-reading session scheduled next week

- Park Hae Jin and Chae Jung Ahn are the selling points for the company (?)

- Female lead is a beautiful and confident lady; she, having the same perception of life as the male lead

- Chae Jung Ahn plays Kim Jae Hee who is considered the "queen" of selling cars.

- Choi Chul Ho plays the boss of the company that Park Hae Jin's character works in. (Choi has acted in 'Queen of Housewives')

- Director has directed in the Sung Il Kook's drama 'The Kingdom of the Winds'.

When translating to another language or posted elsewhere, please credit translations as follows:

CREDIT TRANSLATIONS: JJJ, ck9705 and melyssa from PHJ TFC @phj.tworz.com + Mihyun@ PHJ Soompi thread

Credit also to Mihyun for verifying the translations...

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More reposting from Park Hae Jin Soompi thread.....

Additional updated info on 'Hot Blood': (credits to luthien, Mihyun, JJJ, ck9705, ripgal, rafaelle, imogene_af, trangngan)

- Another news article about Park Hae Jin as male lead in 'Hot Blood'

[News posted on Sep 6 2009: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=20...1&outlink=1]

- Scriptwriters: Hong Seung Hyun (홍승현), Yoo Byung Woo (유병우)

- Female lead: Chae Jung Ahn; She will be acting as Kim Jae Hee character. not Dahye; Chae Jung Ahn was last seen onscreen in Cain and Abel and Coffee Prince.

[News posted on Sep 8 2009: http://news.donga.com/fbin/output?n=200909080246]

- Choi Chul Ho (last seen onscreen in Queen of Housewives) joins the cast of 'Hot Blood'; Director : Kang Il Soo (The Kingdom of the Winds); Script-reading session scheduled to be held next week.

[News posted on Sep 8 2009: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=20...link=2&SVEC]

[News posted on Sep 9 2009: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200909091128201001; http://spn.edaily.co.kr/entertain/newsRead...DirCode=0010301]

Second female lead of 'Hot Blood' is announced..... She's Jo Yoon Hee (Soompi thread)

Last seen in MBC's Spotlight and debut in 'Orange' ...






Credit: gall.dcinside.com/phj... [Credit to JJJ from PHJ TFC @ phj.tworz.com]

.... thanks to ck and JJJ from PHJ TFC for info.

Some of the many official news articles posted today Sep 14 2009 on Jo Yoon Hee joining the cast ...:



There's further news about male cast.....

He is Yeon Je-wook 연제욱 ... http://movie.daum.net/movieperson/Summary.do?personId=99444

...last project: Gangster High (2006, movie)


All info from ck9705 and JJJ from PHJ TFC @phj.tworz.com

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So, the main leads ... Park Hae Jin, Chae Jung Ahn, Choi Chul Ho and Jo Yoon Hee met for the first time yesterday...

Filming for Park Hae Jin started today...

Wondering if there ever was or going to be a script reading session as mentioned in the news...

Yup... here're some of the official news on Jo Yoon Hee joining the cast...



Wondering who female lead is..... Jo Yoon Hee or Chae Jung Ahn??

Some snippets from the news posted today shared by JJJ and ck9705 from PHJ TFC ...

- the four main leads met for the first time yesterday (Sep 13)

- Jo Yoon Hee's role as a female employee of an insurance company with a strong sense of righteousness and she's also a cheerful character. She's lost her father since young and mother passed away early.... she grew up alone with no one to depend on. When she's all grown up, she's very optimistic and loves to help others

- Rumored that she is then female lead 1 but nothing is fixed yet..based on today's news.

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Drawing of Park Haejin's Ha-ryu of 'Hot Blood' drawn by a fan from gall.dcinside.com/phj ...


Credit as on picture + ck9705 from PHJ TFC

They are really quick and talented^^ Thanks for sharing....^^

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Guest reddynamitez

everything seems to be happening so quickly.

they barely announced the cast and filming started already. and it's airing in less than a month? WOW.

HaeJin is going to be so tired from both the filming for this drama and Family Outing.

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everything seems to be happening so quickly.

they barely announced the cast and filming started already. and it's airing in less than a month? WOW.

HaeJin is going to be so tired from both the filming for this drama and Family Outing.

I think it'll be ok. HJ is not a weak girl so he can do his best for the drama. And othera, i know that they will do their best to give us a good drama. So what we have to do is just waiting the drama and enjoy it ;))

Gah, both Jo Yoon Hee and Chae Jung Ahn are pretty girls. So i wonder who would be the girl has the happy ending with Haryu. And Choi Chul Ho, though i'm a big fan of Hae Jin, i got to say that he was really handsome and cool in Partner. Can't wait to see them at this drama.

And the drama, the image of Haryu makes me feel that it will be a light and funny drama. It's also based on a manhwa that have many funny scenes. Tired of the stresses come from the real life, i really hope to watch this comedy. It'll bring me the relax moments.

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

OMG hottie PJH is in here, must watch. Love the cast, got my eyes on you!!

lol at first I thought this was a vampire serie or something HOT BLOOD!

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So this will be airing after Cheon Chu?

This means I'll get to see this on KBS World then! YAY!

That aside, doesn't anybody think Jo Yun Hee looks like Hyori? Of course not as pretty...but it some angles, I find them really alike..


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^ Yes, after Empress Chunchu. According to KBSworld website, it will start airing in KBS2 next month.. then on November, it will air in KBSworld.

Thanks Melyssa for updating the thread!! *hugs*

In the News:

'박해진은 열혈남, 채정안은 카리스마', 이미지 대변신

'Persecution of the Hot Rod Jin, Chae Jung Ahn charisma, image transformed

(Google Translation)

Source: My Daily

Credits: JJJ at PHJ TFC (phj.tworz.com)

Date: 2009-09-15 18:38:27



마이데일리 홈 > 엔터테인먼트 > TV/연예

'박해진은 열혈남, 채정안은 카리스마', 이미지 대변신

2009-09-15 18:38:27 msn 전송 모바일 전송

[마이데일리 = 한상숙 인턴기자] 수많은 인파가 모여있는 동대문 고서점 거리. 박해진이 책을 찾아 이리저리 뛰어다닌다. 사람들의 웅성거림에도 아랑곳하지 않고 독서에 매진하고 있는 박해진.

다른 곳에서는 채정안이 러닝 머신에서 땀을 흘리면서 달리고 있다. 뛰는 와중에도 미모는 흐트러지지 않는다.

한창 촬영중인 KBS2 주말특별기획드라마 '열혈 장사꾼'(연출 지병현, 극본 홍승현, 유병우)의 촬영 현장이다. '국민 연하남' 박해진과 청순한 이미지의 채정안은 '열혈 장사꾼'을 통해 각각 열정적이고 남자다운 '국민 열혈남'과, 카리스마 넘치는 여주인공으로 이미지 변신을 꾀하고 있다.

제작사 '화앤담 픽쳐스'의 관계자는 "어려운 시기에 하류(박해진)의 성공과정을 통해 시청자들에게 희망과 열정을 선사하고 싶다"며 포부를 밝혔다.

또한 '바람의 나라' 등에서 감각있는 연출력을 인정받은 지병현 감독은 "힘든 시기를 잘 버텨내고 있는 국민들에게 보내는 '응원가' 같은 작품을 만들겠다"며 많은 기대를 당부했다.

박해진과 채정안의 이미지 변신이 기대되는 '열혈 장사꾼'은 오는 10월 10일 첫 방송된다.

['열혈 장사꾼'으로 이미지 변신을 꾀하는 박해진(위 사진), 채정안. 사진제공 = 와이쥬 크리에이티브]

한상숙 인턴기자 sky@mydaily.co.kr

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