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I was watching TV this afternoon when a commercial for Proactive started showing (it's a skincare product for those with acne problems). I was watching it and suddenly I noticed an asian girl who looked familiar... and it was Yuna Ito! I was so surprised to see her as a model for an American commercial! I wonder if they sell Proactive in other countries, too? I know she grew up in Hawaii, but I didn't think she had been marketed in the US. Usually, Proactive is promoted by really big stars like Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, etc... anyway, just thought it was cool! There were 4 people giving testimonials about it, and I only recognized one of the girls as a professional dancer from 'Dancing with the Stars', but Yuna was just a model, not a testimonial giver. It's okay though; I was still excited to see Yuna!

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