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YUNA ITO [伊藤由奈] Official Topic

Guest heygingersnap

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^-^ Sugoi, Yuna Ito is amazing!! She's so pretty and her voice is great. =DD She fits Reira perfectly for NANA~ can't wait for new songs. =3

They say her "Endless Story" is like now the best, sweetest love song in Japan or something ^-^ Saya Chang's "Missing Your Song (Xiang Nian Ni De Ge)" is basically Endless Story... same melody except in chinese =D

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definitely one of my top ten female J-pop singers...very pretty as well, I hope she does more dance songs...her "I'm Here" single was LOVE!!!!

and of course Endless Story/Journey...I love her songs for Nana more than her regular songs

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Guest Whatevers

I never knew she was half korean? Anyways, shes a pretty lady, and i recently got really into her songs,

especially "I'm Here" "Losin'" and "Secrets" I should probably listen to her songs more. :)

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Guest redmoon123

yuna ito's cover of My Heart Will Go On is sooo goood! Celine Dion's version is soft, Yuna's is powerful!! They are both great! I like them both!

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ah! i din know soompi has an official yuna ito's thread.

absolutely loves her songs way back frm Endless Story, Precious, Truth, Pureyes...

hopefully more pple will know abt her songs.

anw, tis is her latest single PV <Urban Mermaid> due release 24th Oct:


and her previous single <Mahaloha> released 27th June jus tis yr:


n, one of my fav live performances of Mahaloha earlier in July:


jus to add, she looks really pretty in the Urban Mermaid PV. like the new image :D

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Guest von-norelle

her voice blowing me out in "Precious"

and summon the pieces off me in "Truth"

"mahaloha" make my day brighter

she has awesome voice

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