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[variety] Mnet Scandal 엠넷 스캔들

Guest thua

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Guest xx-outsider-xx

tae woo and the girl look sooooooo cute together. Well, tae woo is cute himself to begin with. Aww~ If they are really a couple, I would say, good for him!

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woah! another GOD couple, after Danny Ahn. They look good together.

Is someone subbing the epi?

Can someone kindly subbed DANNY AHN'S Scandal first before Taewoo's. Danny's at Vikki first part wasnt improving on the english subbed and there was the second part more.

Taewoo was so cute to call Danny in the van and if not wrong he asked Danny who is more prettier....Danny's girl or his girl......hahaha! To me both have their own prettiness which fit both Danny and Taewoo physically and mentally.

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He's the subs and raw for the cut of ep 13 with Danny's Scandal last part. I hope someone can sub the previous episodes. Later I'll post the download link of the cut of Ep 11's raw with only Danny's Scandal.


Mnet Scandal Ep. 13 (070929) - Danny Ahn's Scandal (Part 3 - Final) Cut



Couple: Danny Ahn (of g.o.d) & Seungah

Part: 3/3 (Final)


Raw - Cut of Ep 13 (.avi): Megaupload

Soft-Subs - Eng (.srt): Mediafire or Megaupload


Translation: khyu80

Timing: Qi Luo

Raw: Rasckita


- I timed the translation made by khyu80 (I hope she doesn't mind) of Danny's last part on MNET Scandal.

- Episode 13 had around 9-10 minutes of Danny's Scandal, the rest was the first part of Kim Joon's Scandal. This raw is only a cut of the beggining of ep 13 with Danny (the subs are only for this cut).

- The translation and timing might not be 100% accurate because the subs were not quality checked. If someone would like to QC feel free to do, but please don't remove the original credits.


Yeah, that girl with Alex is annoying to me. I really wasn't digging her at all. Her voice was really hard to listen to and she kinda seems to have this kinda snotty attitude. I was kind of enjoying it at the end when they were eating dinner and the waitress asked what happened to Shinae from WGM.

W: I'm really curious about something. Who is this lady? I'm really curious. Be honest.

Alex: Truthfully? She's my girlfriend. She's not a friend that I'm filming a program with.

W: Then, I'm really curious about something else. Please don't misunderstand. What about Shinae?

Jisoo: She got married.

A: She went into marriage.

W: But I don't believe you.

A: Don't believe what?

W: She doesn't seem like your girlfriend. You matched up with Shinae so well. Please don't (be disappointed?)

A: After what you've said, how could you say don't (be disappointed). You can't be like that to a customer.

J: You words hurt me.

W However, you're prettier than Shinae. (HAHAHA nice try to save yourself lady)

J: You can't fix it, you've already hurt me.

Yum, good stuff.

hehhehee I loved how the women asked about Shin Ae!

Alex + Shin Ae = AlShin forever!!!!! <3

Me and my friend just talk about Danny epi and I don't realize it at first plus my lack of Korean understanding. There was a scene when they went dinner with Danny or the girl friends when they talk about if Danny had scandal/relationship with a celebrity. Danny said yes and the name start with B. OMG! Then he reluctant to elaborate more.

Danny never mentioned that thing ever since that scandal. It like 2,3 years ago I think. I guess the scandal is really true. I hope that Kim Tae Woo will be in this show too since Son Ho Young already had a girlfriend. I want to see how he treat a girl.

I didn't noticed this part, i'll check it again.

I remember a little bit about that scandal: a person hacked pics from this celeb that starts with B and from Danny's cyworld. B's ent company even payed this person to not release the pics to the public.

I wonder if that scandal was true... But where there's smoke, there's fire...

I see lots of negative comments about kimjoon. huhu...well...he does seemed like he's not trying to be a proper bf. i remembered he said in sgb that hes not the bf material type. but if he agreed to be in the show, he shldve try harder...i dunno why they put him in the show if hes so keen just to be himself...

I think Kim Joon was being honest to himself. He doesn't seem the type that feels comfortable with a person he just met. But if he wasn't willing to act as a boyfriend to a stranger he shouldn't accept be in this show then.

If I'm not mistaken Jay (from 2pm) was invited to be in this show but he refused. Kim Joon could do the same,

Aggar Thanks a lot!

I'm curious to watch how celeb girls act on a show like this. I thought MNET would only be inviting male celebs, it's nice that they invited femal celebs like Brown Eyed Girls and Baek Ji Young. :)

I'm also looking foward to watch Kim Tae Woo's scandal (I love g.o.d and Tae Woo is such a funny guy; By the way, are they really dating???) and Ft Island's Jonghun's scandal. He and his scandal look so cute together and many people said their episode was one of the best:

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Guest Deus5000

Just finished Taewoo's scandal, and i have to say, as a couple, they're really great together. Not on the first day as the girlfriend still wasn't quite so sure what was going on. The second day they seemed a lot more comfortable.

Also have to agree with how enthusiastic Taewoo was. He seemed like a really funny guy and they really do have a spark. The preview looked even better for the next episode, couple clothes!!!

Another thing i'm liking is the improved introductions. Rather than just introducing themselves they've tried making a bit funnier or exciting with the last 3 scandals (Jonghoon with the Shrek costume, Baek picking out of 3, and Taewoo and the troll).

Anyway, looking forward to the next one!!!

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Guest xforeverwithyou

Qi Luo thank you for subbing that part^^

I was happy to know that they will continue

meeting each other, hopefully they become a

serious dating couple^^

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here it is!

beginning [opening]: F.T Island - 꼭은 아니더라도

shrek: FreeTEMPO X 이민기 - Power Of Love (3rd Coast Remix)

shabu shabu: i think it is one of two songs:

while she changes out of the snow white costume

나코 - Ma Girl (Featuring 엄정화)

this song is when they are taking pics with the couple phone

하루 - Love Is Coffee (Featuring 이지혜, 진웅)

i think the last one is wrong, i couldn't find the times you said.

where did you see the episode link...

Thanks so much! I figured the intro song was by F.T Island but as I am new to their music I couldn't figure out which song it was. I am surprised that the "Shrek" song was by Lee Min Ki. :P I can't wait to put all these songs on my iPod to listen at work.Thanks again!

Btw, I got the times from the file at aja-aja.

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Guest x_JiEun_x

can someone tell me the song title and singer of the last song kim taewoo sings in the noraebang? i know ive heard it before but don't remember where.

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Guest Qi Luo

Background music...

Here's the background music list of episode 14-20, in the end of this post there's a link to the post with the background music of episodes 01-13.

NOTE: This is the official list made by MNET Scandal PDs. They always update it on the official website of the show. This list has lots of detailed information, like a small description of when the song was played, etc. If you don't know korean you can use babelfish or babylon to translate from korean to english.


MNET Scandal Background Music

Credits: Link (This is the official list provided & updated by MNET PDs/Staff)


20회 최종훈편 BGM List


커피전문점에서 나와 은별의 차에 타는 두 사람

Macy Gray - What I Gotta Do

멤버들과의 만남을 회상하는 두 사람

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

은별의 부모님과 영상통화를 하는 두 사람

F.T Island - 첫눈에 알아

은별을 바래다주는 종훈

허민 - My Little Cat

문자를 주고 받는 두 사람

Sean Kingston - Face Drop

동물원에 늦게 도착한 종훈

Radiohead - Stop Whispering

은별이 싸온 도시락을 먹는 두 사람

플라스틱 피플 - 고대하던 일요일

동물원을 나와 영화를 보러 가는 두 사람

푸디토리움 - 그저 그렇고 그런 기억

지하철역에서 헤어지는 두 사람

하림 - 첫 경험

축제중인 캠퍼스 앞에서 종훈을 기다리는 은별

Eric Caspar - Hello Hello

캠퍼스를 돌아다니며 축제를 즐기는 종훈과 은별

허민 - 100일쏭

강의실에서 서로의 추억을 회상하는 두 사람

짙은 - 곁에

결정의 시간, 은별의 메세지를 확인하는 종훈

한희정 - 오늘만

두 사람의 마지막 속마음

기억할게요 - 러브홀릭

백지영 오프닝 영상

백지영 - 내 귀에 캔디 (Featuring 택연 Of 2PM)

백지영의 연인 후보들 등장

나비효과 - valentine

백지영을 처음 보는 연인 후보들의 속마음

Maroon5 - Better That We Break

국환에게 꽃다발을 전하는 지영

Boys Like Girls - Two Is Better Than One (Featuring Taylor Swift)

거리를 걸으며 대화하는 두 사람

푸디토리움 - 바람은 차고 우리는 따뜻하니

6살 연상을 사귀어 봤다는 국환의 말에 놀라는 지영

Arling & Cameron - Let′S Get Higher

다음주 예고

W & Whale - 주문


19회 최종훈편 BGM List


오프닝 영상

F.T Island - 꼭은 아니더라도

수원의 한 유치원에 도착한 종훈

Counting Crows - Accidentally In Love

슈렉의상을 갈아 입는 종훈

페퍼톤스 - Superfantastic

은별에게 프러포즈 하는 종훈

FreeTEMPO X 이민기 - Power Of Love (3rd Coast Remix)

옷을 갈아입고 나온 은별

나코 - Ma Girl (Featuring 엄정화)

커플폰으로 사진을 찍는 두 사람

하루 - Love Is Coffee (Featuring 이지혜, 진웅)

커피전문점에 도착한 은별의 친구들

Rich Price - I′m On My Way

은별의 집으로 향하는 두 사람

Jason Mraz - Live High

공연 도중, 종훈에게 문자를 보내는 은별

Be The Voice - Altogether Alone

공연 후 밖에 나와 종훈을 기다리는 은별

Sentimental Scenery - Superrunner By Me

카페에서, 옷을 갈아입고 들어오는 종훈

Sean Kingston - There′s Nothing

막대과자 게임을 하는 두 사람

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

은별을 안고 벌칙 수행을 하는 종훈

로맨틱 모먼트 - 마법의순간

카페를 나와 거리를 걷는 두 사람

김태우 - 내가 야! 하면 넌 예! (Duet With LYN)

은별의 볼에 뽀뽀하는 종훈

부활 - 아름다운 사실

종훈에게 키스하려는 은별

Joshua Ryan Collum - Beautiful

종훈의 속마음

F.T Island - 첫키스

은별의 집 앞에서 헤엊는 종훈

조규찬 - I Love You

중간 선택의 순간

Regina Spektor - Laughing With

Glen Hansard & Marka Irglov - Falling Slowly

종훈의 컬러링

쿨 - 사랑합니다

은별의 컬러링

마이티 마우스 - 사랑해

은별을 만나러 찾아온 종훈

Macy Gray - What I Gotta Do


18회 브아걸편 BGM List


셋째 날, 나르샤와 종훈의 문자 메세지

block - 구름위의 산책

넷째 날, 나르샤와 종훈의 문자 메세지

서영은 - I′ve Got You

더블데이트를 위해 함께 만난 두 커플

Mika - Love Today

찜질방 입구에서 나르샤와 가인을 기다리는 두 사람

차태현 - 피크닉

선물과 편지를 사인에게 전하는 규빈

이재훈 - 좋은 날

더블데이트를 끝내고 헤어지는 가인과 규빈

수 - 처음부터

차안에서 대화를 나누는 나르샤와 종훈

Matt Nathanson - All We Are

문자를 주고 받는 나르샤와 종훈

세븐 - Promise

종훈의 친구들과 만나는 나르샤

장연주 - Love 1

클럽에서 나와 헤어지는 종훈과 나르샤

김태우 - 노래야 말해줘

규빈의 부모님을 만나는 가인

Jason Mraz - Dream Life Of Rand McNally

규빈의 부모님과 규빈이 떠난 후, 가인의 속마음

박정현 - 달아요

일곱째 날, 가인을 만나는 규빈

Joshua Radin - Vegetable Car

나르샤를 기다리는 종훈의 속마음

바닐라 유니티 - 어른아이

패스트푸드점에 들어가는 나르샤의 속마음

Bic Runga - Honest Goodbyes

지난 날을 회상하는 나르샤와 종훈

Gary Go - Engines

나르샤에게 선물을 전하는 종훈의 속마음

Wouter Hamel - Breezy

커플사진을 찍는 규빈의 속마음

Joshua Ryan Collum - Happy

남자친구의 선물을 사러 매장에 들어가는 가인

혜령 - My Boy

액세서리 매장으로 들어온 나르샤와 종훈

Claudine Longet - Hurry on Down

목걸이를 걸어주는 종훈, 나르샤의 속마음

Joshua Radin - Sky (Featuring Meiko)

헤어짐을 앞두고 포옹을 하는 나르샤와 종훈

제이엠 - 그대란 사람 (Featuring 나비)

밴 앞에서 마지막 인사를 나누는 가인과 규빈

브라운아이드걸스 - 내가 웃고 있어요 (가인 solo)

결정의 순간, 규빈의 속마음

Craig David - Let her go

결정의 순간, 종훈의 속마음

David Choi - Love

결정의 순간, 나르샤의 속마음

Rachael Yamagata - Worn Me Down

고민하는 네 사람의 속마음

메이트 - 난 너를 사랑해

종훈의 문자를 확인 하는 나르샤

라디 - Couple Song (Featuring Kelley)

규빈의 문자를 확인 하는 가인

Aqualung - Rolls So Deep

답장을 기다리는 종훈과 규빈의 속마음

Rachael Yamagata - Paper Doll

나르샤의 문자를 확인 하는 종훈, 규빈과 종훈의 마지막 속마음

하은 - 더 사랑할게

스크롤 음악

이승기 - 원하고 원망하죠 (Acoustic Guitar)


17회 브아걸편 BGM List


엠넷에 들어오는 나르샤와 가인

브라운아이드걸스 - Candy Man

가짜 인터뷰 시작

브라운아이드걸스 - Abracadabra

눈빛 한 번 쏴주시면 안 될까요? [가인]

Cobra Starship - Fold Your Hands Child

눈빛 한 번 쏴주시면 안 될까요? [나르샤]

아루앤폴 - Turn It Up (Vocal By Davis)

꽃다발을 전하는 나르샤

8Eight(에이트) - 사이

꽃다발을 전하는 가인

타루 - 시간의 날개 (Sentimental Scenery)

음식값을 계산하는 규빈

Maximilian Hecker - Be Good or Be Gone (Fionn Regan)

종훈이 주는 샌드위치를 받은 나르샤의 속마음

지 드래곤 - Butterfly (Featuring Jin Jung)

나르샤 ′나 노을의 [청혼] 좋아해′

노을 - 청혼

커플폰을 전하는 가인

브라운아이드걸스 - 이상한 일

규빈의 모습을 찍는 가인

김범수 - 줄다리기

나르샤를 숙소로 바래다주는 종훈의 속마음

브라운아이드걸스 - 오늘은 그대와 하늘 위로 (Feat. Bobby Kim)

밴 앞에서 규빈과 헤어지는 가인

브라운아이드걸스 - 내꺼야

둘째 날, 나르샤를 기다리는 종훈

바닐라 어쿠스틱 - 꿈에 잠들다

서로의 접시에 음식을 담는 나르샤와 종훈

Mika - We Are Golden

가인을 기다리는 규빈

Lee Ryan - real love

머리를 자른 규빈을 바라보는 가인의 속마음

Colbie Caillat - You Got Me

밀랍인형 전시관에 들어온 나르샤와 종훈

이지형 - 문라이트

한강변에 돗자리를 깔고 앉은 가인과 규빈

Raul Midon - the more that i know

손목 때리기 게임을 하는 가인과 규빈

브라운아이드걸스 - 오아시스 (Feat.이재훈)

영상 통화를 하는 네 사람

Lily allen - Alfie

DAISHI DANCE - Music Life In Forest

방송국 앞에서 헤어지는 나르샤와 종훈

핀 - Shine On

한강을 떠나는 가인과 규빈

Sentimental Scenery - Superrunner Color Story 1 (feat. 루싸이트 토끼)

버스정류장에서 헤어지는 가인과 규빈

러브홀릭스 - Miracle Blue (Song By 신민아)

가인과 규빈의 문자

Robbie Williams - Better Man

다음 이야기

브라운아이드걸스 - Junjaman Translates My Style (Junjaman Wet Dream Remix)


16회 알렉스편 BGM List


지난 이야기

클래지콰이 - Love Mode (Feat. Verbal (M-Flo))

문자를 주고 받는 두 사라

라임버스(Rhyme Bus) - L.O.V.E (Be With U) (feat. U-Tah)

다섯째 날, 문자를 주고받는

마이티 마우스 - All 4 U (Feat. Solbi)

제천, 멀리서 알렉스를 바라보는 지수

루시드 폴 - 바람, 어디에서 부는지

늦은 밤, 알렉스가 오기만을 기다리는 지수

Corinne Bailey Rae - Choux Pastry Heart

깜짝 등장하는 알렉스

윤건 - 이뻐요

친구들과 함께 자리를 옮기는 두 사람

Craig David - Separate ways

데니와 희망 등장

지오디 - Friday Night

지수 ′저 Fan god 2기였어요′

지오디 - 하늘색 풍선

자리를 마음껏 즐기는 일행

Christina Aguilera - Come On Over

단 둘이 남은 방 안

그린티 - Love Is Magic - feat. Anders Edenroth (The Real Group)

집으로 가는 길, 차 안에서 잠든 두 사람

달콤한 소금 - 다시 너의

지수의 집 앞, 헤어지는 알렉스

알렉스 - Waltz Lesson (Feat. Whale)

M 슈퍼콘서트, 지수를 데리러 나오는 알렉스

성시경 - 러브레터

차 안, CD를 선물하는 알렉스

Daniel Powter - Love You Lately

포장마차로 지수를 데리고 온 알렉스

언니네이발관 - Heaven

마지막 대화를 나누는 두 사람

Jason Mraz - Mr. Curiousity

결정의 순간, 두 사람의 속마음

루시드폴 - Drifting

Cold Play - Trouble

지수의 문자를 보는 알렉스

디어 클라우드 - 나를 안아

마지막 문자를 보내는 알렉스. 두 사람의 속마음

알렉스 - 나쁜짓

지수의 마지막 속마음

오지은 - 익숙한 새벽3시


15회 알렉스편 BGM List


오프닝 영상

알렉스 - 그대라면

영화관에 도착한 알렉스

클래지콰이 - Kiss Kiss Kiss

지수에게 꽃다발을 전하는 알렉스

클래지콰이 - Love Mode (Feat. Verbal (M-Flo))

극장을 나오는 두 사람

Belle & Sebastian - Marx And Engels

식사를 하고 대학로를 걷는 두 사람

알렉스 - 기분 좋은 날

사주 집을 나오는 두 사람

Kings of Convenience - Love Is No Big Truth

길거리에서 액세서리를 보는 두 사람

박혜경 - Fly High

인파에 둘러싸인 두 사람

클래지콰이 - Gentle Giant

차 안, 커플 사진을 찍는 두 사람

Frente - Accidently Kelly Street

지수의 집 앞에서 헤어지는 두 사람

러블리벗 - 그대 목소리 (Featuring Sammi)

둘째 날, 문자를 주고받는

Tahiti 80 - Easy Way Out

압구정동, 지수를 기다리는 알렉스

마이티 마우스 - 행복한 사람 (Featuring 엔느)

인천세계도시축전에 온 두 사람

노 리플라이 - Boy

액세서리를 구경하는 두 사람

Regina Spektor - The Calculation

분수 쇼를 구경하는 두 사람

박혜경 - Happy Girl, Lucky Boy

소래포구로 가는 두 사람

알렉스 - Daydreaming

다음 이야기

알렉스 - 깍지 껴요 (Feat. Gaeko From Dynamicduo)


14회 김준편 BGM List


지난 이야기

티맥스 - Say Yes

넷째 날, 문자를 주고 받는 두 사람

쿨 - 보고보고

고공 하강 놀이기구를 타는 준

Rob Thomas - Someday

풍선 터트리기 게임에 진 준 효원 커플

뜨거운 감자 - 생각

간식을 먹는 두 커플

Regina Spektor - The Calculation

놀이기구를 타는 두 커플

에스티하루 - 하루처럼

범퍼카를 타는 두 커플

엘 - Love Mode

주점으로 가는 차 안

Des′ ree - You Gotta Be

주점에서, 효원의 속마음

Alicia Keys - Goodbye

술자리에서 일어서는 두 커플

Be The Voice - 8월의 기린

효원의 집 앞, 선물을 주는 준

제이 - Kiss Me

일곱 째날, 홍대

the melody - whatever

사주카페를 나오는 두 사람

제인 - 친구

깜짝 프러포즈를 회상하는 두 사람

YIRUMA - It′s Your Day

티맥스 - 널 사랑해

결정의 순간

토이 - 스치다 (Interlude)

짙은 - 곁에 (Early Recording Version)

메세지를 작성하는 준

Rachael Yamagata - Meet Me by the Water

마지막 메세지를 확인 하는 효원

Byjun - 지금 아무도 사랑하지 않는다

두 사람의 마지막 속마음

멜로브리즈 - 달리 되었더라면


13회 - 1회 BGM List


->Click here to find the list of the background musc of episode 01-13 of MNET Scandal


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Guest dlsgp_ckdalsx3

it's like a "We Got Married" that's a bit toned down :] and for younger people as well ...

I thought they would eventually come up with something like this

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Guest xforeverwithyou

I'm currently finishing up Tae Woo's scandal and I just wanna say that

I totally love this couple aside from Taecyeon and JiHyun or Danny Ahn couple.

I love how they compliment each other and I love how Tae Woo takes care of her.

From the start when he laid his eyes on her, he has this expression that 'she's the one

for him.' Although I can't say for the same with the girl in the beginning, but as they got

to each other more, her affection towards him is growing. I hope there will be another successful

like Tae Woo's in the future!

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Guest Deus5000

Yep, just finished Taewoo's scandal. Was really glad at the outcome, and they were exceptionally good as a couple. Taewoo really made the effort i feel, to actually woo the girl (lol@pun) unlike some of the scandals where they just treated it like a normal date. The serenade in the cinema, the matching hoodies and trainers, the photo booth. He obviously really liked her and by the end she obviously liked him too.

eumsung:The next scandal features 2 girls from T-ara, a rookie idol group. Hyomin and Qri IIRC. The strange thing is, 3 of them know each other from their Ulzzang days, and i think its Qri whos been paired up with her friend so that should be interesting to see how that pans out. Looks like the guy with Hyomin really wants something to happen (grabbed her hand in the preview, which was a bit forward IMO).

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can't wait to see t-ara's..scandal soon!

park tae jun!

[well it looks like him]

q-ri already know his soon to be scandal 'bf'..it's the famous ullzang, park tae jun..i think it's confirmed that it's him..

lol..there's even a pic of them together during their ullzang day..

i can presumed that they will be hella comfortable with each other..

i guess hyomin knew him too?she's an ullzang too..

hyomin bf looks eager to be close to her..that hand grabing shocked her.. :lol:

some old pic of T-ARA q-ri with her scandal 'bf'



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Guest adikkeluangman

From allkpop:

Kim Tae Woo on MNet Scandal, a new couple is born

It has been revealed that Kim Tae Woo, best known for being a member of old school group g.o.d. will be on Mnet Scandal.

In a recent interview on the radio show "Powertime," Kim Tae Woo was asked if anything was happening around him because he is getting a lot more fashionable and cooler these days. Kim Tae Woo replied, "I have a girlfriend. She is a wonderful person. We already made some couple shirts and rings, we also appeared on the show MNet Scandal."

He continued, "She listens to this radio show during her lunch. So I prepared a song for her." Then he called out her name and sang the song "Like a Baby" by Kim Dong Ryul.

On the upcoming show, they will enjoy a sweet date where they'll be walking to various locations enjoying themselves. They took some photos, and Kim Tae Woo's obscure wish to have a date in the back of the bus was also accomplished. This is awesome to hear, a couple actually made by MNet Scandal. Sweet, I wish the best for the couple

I watched all episode although it broke my heart so much. TaeWoo ahh...

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