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New Generation Of Boy Groups/bands (present 2009)**

Guest baby-swts

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Guest massive toene

does anyone know this group?

US5 is a boygroup which consist of members from Germany, England and USA.

Lou Pearlman put them together. He also "created" BSB & N´Sync.


their latest song


as you can see, some member already left...

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Guest mai_anne

I have a couple songs by NLT but they don't even sound like a boy group to me.

Other than that, I don't really follow the whole boy group craze anymore.

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Guest 크라운유리

I Only Remember N'sync..I Use to love their songs"Bye Bye Bye" & "God Must Have spent a little morw time on you"

Cool, but I'll Just stick w/ Super Junior & SHINee

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Guest bohemianheart.

awww their so adorable ! D:

looked them up on myspace. V-factory is really good, i like their song "these are the days".

& NLT are amazing, this one slow song, it's good. Somehow, some of these guys voices

sound like Justin Timberlake. Just the pitch ...

Varsity Fanclub, is my favorite they are just amazing. = )

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Guest spacebattles

i can't really see any of them being that successful. america is over boy bands for the time being, the trend will reemerge (like girl and boy groups in '60s and then came back in the '90s) but now isn't really the time

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Guest faydradonovan

I was very into Backstreet boys when I was younger and still have a special place in my heart for them. However, after looking at the pictures of the new boybands and thinking "what the hell are they wearing, etc, they look awful" and then looking back at the pictures of the old boy bands I used to love, I can see that the heart only sees what it wants to see. Cause even though I still remember them with love, "what the hell are they wearing?" I cant imagine being attracted to them now if I was seeing them for the first time.

That being said, I think my favorite boyband of all time is probably Boys II Men, even though they basically turned to straight R&B as they aged.

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