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[we Got Married] Marco And Son Dambi [killer Couple]

Guest jinjin<3

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LOL. this is my favorite couple out of the three new ones.

Marco is so funny! xD

his body is 'KILLER'! rofl

and his korean is cutee xDD "buin yeoppuh"

can't wait to see more episodes with this couple~

they seem interesting. (:

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Guest cindyh84

I really like this couple!!

i really like marco!

ahah he's such a dork!

not shy at all!! I never

really knew who son dambi was

before but she seems pretty

down to earth too...at least on the show

she does! i like watching them!!

funny couple!! ahah very energetic!!

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Guest lilf4ntasy

i love dis couple

they are sooo fun, and i can tell they are falling for each other which is soooo cute hahaha

i love the part when she got that bunny head on and he kissed her SOOOO CUTE

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I also like this couple a lot (a bit biased 'cause I'm a Dam bi fan :lol:)... BUT I understand why some people find them boring... maybe it's because they clicked almost automatically, unlike say, the Hwanyobi couple.

Then again, I still find them interesting because Marco's sooooo hyper, but Dam bi's so reserved. They get along well (at least so far) despite the seemingly different personalities. Personally, I love how Marco's so proud and protective of his buin. And Dam bi, she's just so patient with him and also quite protective already. It's a nice example to other couples I think.

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Guest JazzyMina

Omgh I love Dis Couple xD!!

Their def my fave out of al the couples :P

Marcos just hella hypa and jumpy al the tym o.O and it makes me laf so much wenever he keps going " Killer " dis and dat xD!

Sombody said near the begng that Son Dambi was Quiet? I didnt fink she was quiet at al, i fot she was quite hypa al the tym just like her hubby since she kept lafing so much over wat marco says :P

The Bit i liked the most ws the Fashion bit xD! and then them dancing aboot after ^ cute ^ =D!


I hope we get to see more of them ^--6

LOVE Them <3~

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