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[we Got Married] Marco And Son Dambi [killer Couple]

Guest jinjin<3

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Guest Gazette<3
Guest ShortaznGirl

^^^^ WHOOA that is so fast!!! can't wait to watch it later.

this couple is interesting but i don't know about son dambi. she's pretty but she hasn't really opened up her personality but i understand. this is a little weird. i really enjoy the new couples. =D


EDIT:: whoops i thought it said episode 26 subbed.

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i just finished watching the chuseok special.

i gotta say, marcos is really energetic. haha! XD

he goes like, "oori boo-in jookuh!"

they are indeed tarzan and jane.

but in a good way.

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Guest c'tin tje

the KILLER couple

perfect couple name for them.^^

From now on i'll call them Killer Couple. They really killing me, i laugh to death LOL

still no vids of ep 26 yet?

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i'm really a fan of this new pairing.. i think Marco is so different from how he looks.. thought he'd be this really cool guy but instead he's so dorkily cute. LOL.

i think Son Dambi will not be able to resist him since he's so adorable! the bunny thing was so sweet! and his Korean cracks me up too!

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the hosts kept saying that Marco's body is CGed..hahaha..

and they were like "where can I buy a body like that?" hahaha..

they indeed are the killer couple..

both look so hot..

and they balance each other as well..

dambi appears to be demure but it's so natural..not like how other girls put this demure front when they are with guys..she's just so natural..

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Guest dcleo1515

I love this couple they are so cute. I love how Marco doesn't pronounce some of his words correctly and it ends up having a different meaning. He is so adorkable and damn sexy at the same time. I really enjoyed watching them.

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just thought I share with other "killer" fans. lol

son dam bi in ysmm2 doing wild eyes with junjin.


this girl is gorgeous and amazing!

LOL i've been watching killer couple parts for idontrememberhowmanytimes already. lol just their parts in part 1 of the chuseok ep.

its a shame that their parts were short and I'd like to seee moreee of them in the show. *sigh*

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Guest m4rshmall0w

Omg, i didn't know there's a thread for them. I'd have to say, they are definitely the real life Tarzan and Jane. Lols. I love his Korean, and Dambi, i love her dancing. They are such a perfect match. People have been saying they're a bit boring? I really don't see that. I love how he always says "Buin!" and "Killer!" Lols.

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