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True Blood

Guest sirce

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Guest sirce

from the creator of 'Six Feet Under' starting 7 sept

True Blood is a new tv show based on the 'Sookie Stackhouse series' / 'Southern Vampire Mysteries' by Charlaine Harris. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the book series and own all the 8 books of the series that so far are published. I decided to start a thread about the new tv show True Blood, because next month True Blood will be starting on HBO.

The Story

Sookie Stackhouse is a perky blonde who lives in small town Bon Temps, Lousiana. She is a sweet down-to-earth practical kinda girl with a big secret: she is telepathic and can read minds, but the local people just thinks she's a bit crazy. She works as a barmaid at local bar Merlotte's, which is owned by her friend Sam. Sam is a shapeshifter, but Sookie doesn't know. She tries to keep out of everyones' mind, especially her friends/family. Then one day a vampire comes into the bar. Sookie knows vampires exist (they have 'come out of the coffin' several years ago and the world now acknowledges their existence) but never saw one until now. Because of Bill (yep, that's the vamps' name) Sookie finds out the she cannot hear the minds of vampires. She also starts dating Bill and through him meets other vampires (like funny Pam and yummy Eric!) and then just discovers a whole supernatural world of vampires, shapshifters, witches, fairies etc..

The whole series is a combination of humor, mystery, romance and the supernatural and I just love it. I hope the tv show will not mess up the story... :ph34r:

TV Show

Alan Ball, creator of Six Feet Under, loved the series so much he even adapted it for a tv show.

Casting (from imdb):

Anna Paquin - Sookie Stackhouse

Stephen Moyer - Bill Compton

Sam Trammell - Sam Merlotte

Lois Smith - Adele 'Gran' Stackhouse

Ryan Kwanten - Jason Stackhouse

Eric - ???

Pam - ???

Marketing Campaign

Apparantly there is now a whole marketing campaign going on in the USA for the show, but since I don't live there, everything I know about that comes from the Internet.

Like a website for Tru Blood, the beverage for vampires so they don't have to bite humans

Tru Blood beverage

Like fake Tru Blood commercials

Tru Blood - Suck It Up!

A fake blog

BloodCopy: for the lates vampire news

A human/vampire dating site


And just posters, mailstuff etc. all for the new tv show.

True Blood (HBO Website)


Link to the Sookie Stackhouse series / Southern Vampire Mysteries (bookseries) thread.


Don't compare it to the Twilight series/Stephenie Meyer. I have noticed people keep comparing them on the Internet when really, they are totally different. The Twilight series targets teens and has a lot of romance. The Sookie Stackhouse Series targets adults and tends to be more in the humor and mystery genre, though it also has romance/sex parts. Also, the Sookie Stackhouse series began years before Twilight and has his own devoted followers (like me! :) ).

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Guest HeffyEnd

Most modern vampire movies/shows what have you are crap, but I'll watch anything that Alan Ball does. American Beauty is a great movie and Six Feet Under is one of my favorite shows ever. I'm looking forward to it.

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Guest EnchantmeXO

i wish that i had HBO so i could watch the series. :(

i read all the books already. i was addicted to them and finished the 7/8 books in one week. ><

i wasnt too excited to see who was playing sookie. but im sure ill warm up to her.

and bill looks okay. but we'll see!! :D

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Guest VersusVillain

I disliked the first book. Haven't bothered with the rest.

Hopefully the TV series will be better. I'm only looking forward to it because of Alan Ball.

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Guest ethopia

now a days everyone is into vampires.. like me!! :lol:

i've been watching:

vampire knight - anime

and if my memory serves me right there is this one series called "moonlight"... shown at CBS

i dunno if this one will have a second season..


dark hunter series by Sherilyn Kenyon

series by Stepehnie Meyer

hope this new series is a good one...

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Guest dumpyfledgling

I loved the books. I just watched some illegal version put online.

Now I know there's sex in the book and I know this airs on HBO but seriously there was a lot of sex within the first 20 minutes of the first episode. That aside I really liked the show. For some weird reason, I don't remember Tara at all but it's been a while since I read the first book. I really like the intensity between Sookie and Bill. Right now I'm wondering how closely the tv show will follow the books. I wanna see all the men fall in love with her and I wanna see who they've casted. I saw the trailer and the person that I think plays Eric doesn't quite feel right to me. Hopefully, Sookie gets to me the weres too.

Looking forward to the next episode.

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So I just watched the first episode. And I thought it was okay. Not great, just okay.

Since the books are written in the first person, you do get more of the dry wit that I like of Sookie. The Sookie in the tv show doesn't show what she thinks, so she actually looks a bit more ... yeah stupid I guess. I hope the next episodes shows a more mature Sookie. And by that, I don't mean more nakedness..

Yeah, I was one of the ones that didn't realize that HBO meant (much) more nudity and sex (I'm from a country that doesn't have HBO) then I'm used too. I'm still watching the other episodes though.

(I realize the books do have sex, but I always focused more on the humor and mystery and Eric. :phew: )

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Guest tofu plushie

I watched the first episode and I thought it was pretty great. Sookie's friend Tara is awesome^^ I never read the books but, I like the direction the show is going and I can't wait till the next episode. I've watching all the viral campaign videos now, I didn't realize they had so many some of them are pretty funny.

I was pretty depressed that they cancelled "Moonlight" so I am happy there is another awesome vampire show out there :)

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Guest VersusVillain

To say True Blood is "like Twilight" is inaccurate; Dead Until Dark was published four years before Twilight, so Twilight would, technically be "like Dead Until Dark". But then, you could also say that they're both like the numerous vampire fiction that came before them.

Anyway, this was fun. It was quite like the book, with the exception of Tara (who was a minor character, and not a black stereotype). I'm interested in seeing how the season will turn out. But I think this book will actually translate well to the one hour per episode, ten to twelve episode per season structure of HBO shows.

Also, I'm not surprised by the amount of sex on the show, given there was plenty of sex in the book, and it also centers around Sookie and Bill's relationship, as well as a serial rapist (if I remember correctly?) on the loose. And, y'know, it's vampires and all.

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I thought the first episode was pretty good...except the strong sexual scenes.

Did anybody else find Bill's character really hot and mysterious or is it just me?

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