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Guest `Niiie

★╗╚☆ Junsu 。◕‿◕。 Liyin ★╗

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Guest NicaT

YEES! A Suyin thread! Ever since Ri In's debut Suyin has been the new synonym for timeless. Suyin = T I M E L E S S!


I have so much homework right now, but as soon as I'm done I promise to make some Suyin-artworks^^

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Guest Mayaii_Mayu

I love SuYin as well!! That rumor after HB had me going SuYin crazy LOL I even search for SuYin Fanfics to feed my Love for SuYin XD

Thanks for making this thread!!!

SuYin Fighting~!!!!!!!!


Their Timeless Love :3

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I want to see more SuYin TT____TT;;

I don't mind Taesu, but more Suyin, PUH-LEASE.

It's probably because Taeyeon and Junsu were trainees together O__O..

BUT OHMYGOD, I've always imagined Liyin on a show with TVXQ! (JUNSU!!!).

It'd be so cool.. I want to see their interaction (:

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Both of their voices are so amazing!!

To me, they complete each other ;]!

They need to collaborate again soon, I miss them.

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Guest your--HEROine


LOL. I have been waiting for a SuYin thread my whole life!!

Okay, not my whole life but yeah. Haha.

I way LOVE this couple. :D


And Junsu is so AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS too!

They just need to hook up!

This is why I LOVE Timeless soooo MUCH. :D

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

I found some pics of them, hope it haven't been posted here before yet.




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Guest AlecRuby

Here are more pics, I found too. [CAN I request for a Heart to be put on the main thread?




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^ whoa, I haven't seen these screencaps in a while.

these were some of my favorite performances from


goodness, they're standing so close xD actually, this

picture really matches the lyrics to TIMELESS. tragic

yet beautiful... I really love Ri In's expression here ^^

for now, I just wanted to share this:


^ made by a SuYin fan <3

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

More pics to share, well review haha




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Guest `Niiie

page 01 [on-going]




30 Kisses by jenuinelytrue

7 days to live by Purple_Trick


A Bride & A Groom Plus A Kid Runaway by life's-everything

A Devil In Training by @m@nd@

A Flicker of Light by Miss Sinister

And That's All There Is To It by heartstation

Another 180 To 360 by fatin

A Forbidden Timeless Love by MmmKimchi

A Forgotten Promise by shimp92

A Hateful Girl by hyperxballad

A Lie Or Two by takeabow

A Moment To Love You by ninirose

A Sorry Heart by Sunday_Dreamer

A Sweet Bride by miaomiao

A better man by Flicksity


Black Cat mitsukoxchan

Bring It On by dark_lily09

Baby Baby by aizyn

Bad Boy's Play Toy by Changmin's wifey

Best Friend? Or Boyfriend? by @m@nd@

Baby Mama Drama by IN.tro}

Because I love you by liljdazngal06

But you are PERFECTION by kawaii


Café D’amour by SoupForNicole

Chained Mistake by SiMPLYSMiLES

Closer Than Wanted by Rikayla

Cinderella Riin by candysu


Do I Love Him? by Cherish

Duckbutt + My Life = Save Me! by xoxoJaemiexoxo

Duet (A Song For Two) by elune

Dumb-Luck Life by Hersheys65

Deep Inside, I Love You: Distant Era by EunHana

Devil Beside Me by lilcece

Deal of love by Eun_Ri

Dealings Between An Editor & Her Boss by vietblue99



Fate Is Playing With Us by Cherish

F E A R L E S S ~ L O V E (In A Moment, Everything Can Change.. by KathyT.

First Blood by BubbleTea

First Love Under The Mapletree by littleGREENTEA

Foreign Exchange Student by Bomi

Forever Timeless Love by j0liN

Friday Nights by keppy

From The Bottom Of Your Heart by pickup.stix

Forsaken Love by celestine blue ^-^


Goodbye silentwhisperx3


He's Not My Boyfriend, He's My Bodyguard by HeavenMyth

He Was My Umberella by DBSK_lollipop

Heartbreak Hotel by hope_

Hello and Goodbye by angeldan27

Her Presence by Flicksityy

His Slave by &.LADEE_A

Host by alisa47

How To Win A Guy In 10 Days by donna_xD

How I Ended Up With Tvxq by dramaaddicted3258

How much is our love? by SarahChan


I'd Say I Love You... by silentwhisperx3

I'm Married To Him? by tammy2012

I Am Not Single by babygirl_cute

I Woke Up As Stranger's Wife by xmillyx

Ice Lattes At 2AM by Onichan~

If by minni3e

If Only... by nya'moe

Illusionary Shadow by Moon_Child

In Accordance To Beauty by haerin

In Love With My Best Friend's Girlfriend by Miki

In My Heart by lilsacredangel

Innocent Love by angeldan27

Invitation To SMtown by super_junior_#1


Just Like Always by LemonMud

Just Married by LYNNIE.

Jealousy of a girl by babygirl_cute

Jerks I don't liek you !by KCfan_1314


Kim Junsu, Who Do You Love? by xSprinklexLove

Kiss The Rain by CandiXx

Kissing A Fool by bechedor79


L Is For Love by 01SANDEE, 01LEENDAH , xStrwb3rry

Last Dance by pinkslippers

Like A Flower In The Rain by 913_aNg3l

Love For Hire by rasinah

Love Hate by potensvita

Love Is Mostly About The Pain by LovelyAngel

Love Me Unconditionally by babytam

Love Over Friendship? by quazylilbaby

Love Song by dearskye.

Love Sucks, Like You by i<3changmin4ever

Love Thief by EleVeN

Love Too Far Away by krista_123

Love You...Sorry by Lyk2Wryt

Lovers In Seoul High by Ayn


Me And My 13een Brothers by lampz_gal

Memories Of the Part by Changmin's wifey

Memories Of The Past by giggle-much

Memories Of The Past by mindy

My Crazy Plus Screwed Life by me_luv_me

My Guardian Angel by vietblue99

Mr. Tour Guide by JunMiYoung

My Bestfriend's Wedding by day_dreamer

My Boss's Son by st*r

My Boyfriend Is My Slave by yours_truly / simplified_love

My Kingdom In The Hands Of A...Human Boy by @m@nd@

My Starbucks Love by CandySu


Never Had A Dream Come True by DBSK_lollipop

No Air by marmar


On The Verdge Of Breaking Down by msh

Once Or Twice by hyperxballad

Once Upon A Time In Prague by sprinkle_kitty

One by rainymonday

One Love (sequel to JBM) by andsharonx

Our Promise by sakura8271

Our Story by AriJung:)

Ours Is A Duet by elune

Out Of The Spotlight by LOVE; k_lyn


Pabo...Saranghae by AznShorty

Pabo, You're My Wife! by wacko_o and CandXx

Paging My Prince Charming! by haerin

People And Their Categories by potensvita

Perfect Love by Psychotic Otaku

Player's Prayer by Flicksityy

Pokemon! by JCho7

Pretending To Be.. by brokendreams

Prince Charming? by AnyLove

Prince In Love by amyramyrameoww

Prisoner Of Love by Mysterious



Rain In My Heart by TaiTsuki

Reincarnation by me_luv_me

Remember Me... by LuvinU247

Ri In said: [He's Fake] by Hye_Min

Remember xherodbskx


She's My Fanclub's President by capri-shiqi

She's My Wife?! by ArikikiDbsk

Shut Up, Hyung! by adorablex and Soy

Singing With The Stars by xhumm

Skittlephobic by DorkyDolphin_x3

Snow Dream by vietblue99

Somebody To Love by Nicole

Something Heavenly by elune

Streaks Of Copper by starlit_pinay

Stuck by sweetRUI

Summer's Melodie by ShootingStarX

Secret by Juuliee

Seoul Academy Of the Arts by MiCHELLiEx3DBSK

ScandalouS High dramaaddict3258


Till A Year Do We Part by TDKSJ

Timeless Gone by Avelinejin

Tokyo Heart by Rikayla

Try Something New sky_view

Two Deadly Sins Of Dating by lov3-me-n0w

Two Wrongs And A Right by luven-you

Teach Me How To Kill With A Conscience by Rey

That's It! Who Are You?! by EunHana

The 10th Princess And The 1st Prince by xjjjLOVE

The Arrogant Prince And I by jellybeans.

The Boy Is What?! by sky_view

The Bully Is My Best Friend by choco_yummy

The Cutlass And The Katana by bechedor79

The Enemy's Daughter by yourdarkillusion

The Fan by Sunghee_Ster

The Gift I Give U by jaydee

The Last Angel by lilcece

The Net Idol Chronicles by sweetRUI

The Perfect Picture by xcthao

The Prime Minister's Son by jenuinelytrue

The Seduction Of Kim Junsu by Jang Liyin by tianaki

The Sound Made By A Breaking Heart by tianaki

This Song Is For You by Cheon_Changmin

The Stupid Accidental One Night Stand by i<3changmin4ever

The Truth Behind Your Secret by Lucky.Star

The Truth Of Lies by ilee

The Way I Feel About You by 913_aNg3l

This Girl Is Mine by Changmin's wifey & nya'moe

This Is What You Called Love? by uknowlover2

Three Little Words by `Niiie

T E X T and Words by fatin

Take a Bow by EunRi90


Under One Roof by potensvita

Undercover by dtp25

Unforgettable by CandyXx

Unrequited Love by luven-you



Wanted: Perfect Oppa by TDKSJ

Watch The Sun Rise With Me by YOUNA ;D

When The Stars Collide... by myjaejoong

Why...On A Rainy Night? by simplykristal

Will Fate Ever Stop Playing by HaeIn_n


Xiah Junsu Oppaaa! by krazybrat81


Yearning For Your Love by lilcece

You Are... by mindaroosk

Your Brother Is A Jerk by Wookie'sWifey

You're my everything.... by Julie



thank you LYNNIE for all your help :)

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

I agree, they are so awesome.

IS there any pics of Ri In at DBSK's concert?

Groups pics of just Junsu and ri in?

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i really want them together too!<3

omgosh i love them XD what rumors at HB?

i heard something happend with junsu and taeyeon?

i was there but ddint see anything-

can someone explain?

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

Here is another pic


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Is that okay if I share you with my old artworks? Yes, it's all about SuYin. Haha. I didn't know that I still have them in my old file. So, here. If you want to use them, then take it. Remember to credit me. Haha.









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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

Thanks for the pics. Did you guys saw that during that interview for Cyworld on Youtube. Ri in was sitting two seats away from Jun Su, but when the interview is about to begin. Jun su touch the seat next to his and Ri in moved quickly and sat there.

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