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Guest `Niiie

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Guest `Niiie

Love is a language spoken by everyone, but understood only by a heart.ATTENTION:
i do believe that elune is currently busy
so im taking back the responsibility of tracking the list of sister
please PM me your screen name and when i believe having everyone
down, ima post it under SuYin Timeless ...
keep an eye on so and please do let me know if
you don't see your name


Love doesn't delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, trusts, hopes, and preserves

-A walk to remember-

Arguments, Fighthing, Bashing are NOT tolerance !DO NOT discuss other couple in here. This thread is
specially made for SuYin supporters so any other couple
name mention are unnecessary and will be deleted by modDon't bother posting, if you're thinking on bashing the
couple because you simply will be ignore and report to mod.DO NOT HOTLINK !!! PLEASE UPLOAD ON YOUR OWN SERVER.
it takes the owner a lot of time to produce pretty graphics for all
and myself to organize & upload it on my own, please don't ruin
it for everyone ! If u truly love and support SuYin,
please be in consideration & reserve some time to upload at your own serverIf you wish to have anything add to front page, PM me ~

image TIMELESS PROJECT is back on and manage by simplekristal
click here for more information. The opening of SuYin forum, click here for link Chat Room is now available, please PM for the link however
there's a requirement and that is to be a regular SuYiner and max. post of 200.SuYin questionares [CLICK]

___________________김준수 | 金俊秀
NICK: Dolphin, Angel, JS
DOB: Dec 15.86 registered on 01.01.87
BIRTH PLACE: Gyeonggi, South Korea
HEIGHT/WEIGHT & BL00D: 178cm | 60kg | B
RELIGION: Christian
EDUCATION: 3rd year of college
HOBBIES: Piano, soccer, Oyagi-gags, Computer games
FAV. COLOR: was red now blue
FAV. ARTISTS: Brian McKnight, Bi (Rain), Kangta

He has a twin brother, Kim Junho, but he is more masculine.
His mother used to be a Miss. Korea
His childhood best friend is Lee EunHyuk as known as Lee HyukJae from Super Junior
He enjoys writing poetry
His favorite number is 2
Dream in life is to have his writing published in a book
Motivation: Due to unachieved dream of his mother, who once dreamt of being a star
He likes to use his arms as a pillow when sleeping
He was a trainee at SM for 6 years before debut
He was supposed to be in a group with his best friend, HyukJae, but due to Junsu's voice got held back until LSM decided to put him in DBSK group.
He has a pure kiddy personality, but change into a charisma image on stage.
His infamous S-line, duck butt and dolphin imitation
He wanted his girlfriend to call him prince.


_______________ 장리인 | 张力尹
NICK: Angel, Ajuma
DOB: February 28, 1989
BIRTH PLACE: Chengdu, Sichuan
HT/ WT/ BLOOD: 162cm | 42kg | A
HOBBIES: Listening to music, watching movies, and traveling
Also she said she likes doing exciting thing, the amusement park.
TALENTS Violin, composing, can sing any song after hearing it once
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Song: Myself by Christina Aguilera. I think she meant Save Me From Myself?
Favorite Artist: IVY, Mariah Carey, Brian Mcknight, Boyz II Men
Favorite Celebrity: There are lots, but she picked Boyz II Men

She was born and raised in a musical household. Her parents are violinsts.
She learned how to play the violin at age 3
At the age of 9, she sang My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
H.O.T was the reason she wanted to become a singer.
She was one of the top ten perfomers at a National Singing Competition in Sichuan
Discovered after Beijing partner informed the head of SM Entertainment of a talent young singer
She began to train under SM in 2003. (She was 13)
She used to live with 2 SNSD members, TaeYeon and Tiffany during her trainee day. Now, she lives with Go Ara.
Debuted and released her first single at age 16.
She is the first and only Chinese solo artist in Korea
Her nickname was Chinese BoA, but now she is Chinese Celine Dion and is aid to be the leader of the next Hallyu Wave.
Her favorite color is gold.
She is a fan of Counter Strike
She sang Wrongly Given Love, with a member of SHINee, Kim Jonghyun for her first album.
She hoped to find a prince charming
When she was young, she cheated during her spelling test and she groped people's chest for fun


a love wouldn't be true if one can name the reasons.
just let the moments speaks for itself*

Why MV (Junsu's cut)

Riin sings Junsu's part in Miduhyo
Music Wave Interview - "motjin oppa-eyo" haha
close-up of the motjin oppa blushing
cyworld rehearsal

Cyworld Press Conference
Sunday's Mission - there's this one part where you can see suyin in the back
DBSK winning a Mutizen award - riin leaves when junsu leaves the stage
- it's around 4:57 i think

Suyin @ 2008 SM Town Concert

look how close they are....

Junsu: Zhang Liyin, Jiayou
Junsu saying Riin's name wrong
(around 8:32)
Junsu talks about Riin in "O" showcase (around 4:17)
[FANCAM] (Slow) SuYin Getting Off Plane at Beijing 110608
PKL with dbsk there are 10 parts to it~


❤ Both have powerful, amazing and unique voices.
❤ Both are adorkable, innocent, pure and shy.
❤ Both likes to play video games, especially computer.
❤ Both admire and look up to their sunbaes (JUNSU: Kangta / LIYIN: BoA)
❤ Both own a dog. (JUNSU: big and white / LIYIN: small and black)
❤ Both have husky/hoarse voice when talking
❤ Both can hit really high notes when singing
❤ Both play an instrument (JUNSU: piano / LIYIN: violin)
❤ Both gave up learning an instrument because it was too hard. (JUNSU: violin / LIYIN: piano)
❤ Both sang TIMELESS and SM's Let's Go On A Trip together
❤ In SM's Only Love, JUNSU's verse came right after LIYIN
❤ Both have cute personalities, but have charismatic images on stage
❤ Both can speaks another language, other than Korean. (JUNSU: Japanese / LIYIN: Chinese)
❤ Both suck at English
❤ Both of them sing Celine Dion and Whitney Houstin's songs when they were younger
❤ Both sang Magic Castle
❤ Both are best friends with Super Junior members (JUNSU: EunHyuk / LIYIN: HanGeng)
❤ Both complimented each other (JUNSU says "she's pretty" / LIYIN says "he's handsome")
❤ Both have beautiful smile that makes anyone go image
❤ Both have duck butts and S-line
❤ Both have irresistable charms and aura
❤ Both sang the theme song, My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.
❤ Both want to find a prince/princess.
❤ Both like Brian McKnight.
❤ Their dogs have the same first initial name. (JUNSU: Shiaki / LIYIN: Shun Zi)
❤ Their moms are interested in music and they're talented. (JUNSU: Mom can sings / LIYIN: Mom can play the violin)

FANCAMS (mostly timeless performances)

Timeless Talk - SM Town Concert...Malaysia

(junsu isn't there poo, but at least she didn't forget to thank him image)

SBS Live-Inkigayo
MBC Drama Awards
MBC Gayo Daejun
Riin's Debut

Music Video
Timeless Part 1

Timeless - Suyin cut

Fan Tributes
Kim Junsu and Jang Riin

Suyin Tribute


Without You Here By My Side

caps/cuts and misc
i have it on photobucket~ ask for it thru pm.

icon: 1 2 || banner: 1 2 || gif: 1 2 || misc: 1

one-shots: 1 2 || on-going ff: 1 2 3 || completed: 1 2 || mature 1

FanFiction Trailers

No Air

Kiss the Rain

His Slave
Devil Beside Me
The Last Angel

Once Upon a Time in Prague

Iced Lattes at 2 am

___ image
____________ [ click for latest update ]
information © DBSK & ZLY thread @ soompi
welcome header & SuYin Sister Seal© simplekristal
profile pics © LynnieDot
ffs © LynnieDot and `Niiie
header blinkies © & LAYDEE A and donna__xD
tribute, vids, perfs © purplesoompi
similarity © lilcece and LynnieDot
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Guest lilcece

::tackles and hugs::


we both know I'm a hardcore SuYin fan. I love both Junsu and Ri In to death!

the two of them have a voice of an angel. very powerful and amazing. there's

a lot of good songs out there, but I got to say TIMELESS is one of favorites~

I'm so stalking you, therefore...


Ri In: please take care of us in this thread.

Junsu: Eu Kyang Kyang!~

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Guest callingTHEWORLD.

Finally! A Suyin thread. :)

Haha, I don't know what to share, but just click here. It was cute when she hesistated to speak Korean and he noticed her, so he told her to speak Chinese instead. Haha. Dunno if anyone noticed it, but at around 0:32, she quickly nodded her head and he did the same thing. lol

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Guest hyperxballad

ROFL. lilcece, I really like your gif. :lol: I wonder what is eun kyang kyang? Is it kind of laugh?

When I came on this thread, I was thinking since everyone posted up videos, maybe I should do that too.

So, here:

I love his little laugh.
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Guest Vagabond.

ROFL. lilcece, I really like your gif. :lol: I wonder what is eun kyang kyang? Is it kind of laugh?

▬ ▬

Yep, 'eun kyang kyang' would be how people describe/imitate Junsu's laugh xDD

Ah, SuYin... I was neutral to this couple before, but now, I think I'm getting drawn in... lol.


^LOL, how cute. It looks like he's trying to feed her or something xDDD

▬ ▬

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Guest xmichellee

suyin<3 seriously it's either suyin or taesu for me haha i like both ^^

and yes i'm sure all of us are deprived of suyin interaction T-T i miss those 'timeless' days...

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Guest a. pikachu

Now I know why Junsu had no one in the Haptic CF. XD Because his partner was in China! hahaha

Gotta love SuYin! XD

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Guest tempii


we're saved from the suyin drought

thank you!!!

they're too cute together

and sound AMAZING

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Guest Superjuniorislovex3

YES! [pumps fist to the air] Suyin all the way ㅋㅋ

Thanks for the cute pictures ^^

Too bad Ri in and Junsu didn't do the haptic cf together :(

Junsu, you must pick Ri In! ㅠㅠ Taeyeon is with Tablo :P

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Guest nagellack

i love SuYin^^

SuYin all the way <3

i'm so happy that they will sing timeless in shanghai +excited+



ri in where are you looking :D



inhwan looking at his appa at their parent's timeless perf :D

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