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[sitcom 2008] The Secret Of Coocoo Island 크크섬의 비밀

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

[MBC] Kim Sun Kyung, Shin Sung Woo, Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Da Hee
Scheduled to debut 21 July 2008 till 8 October 2008, Mon to Fri 7:45 pm Seoul time (replacing "Elephant").

Concept is like "Lost".

Korean title was at first called "Just" 저스트.

Director : Kim Young Ki 김영기

Scriptwriter : Song Jae Jung 송재정

Cast : Lee Da Hee 이다희 (TWSSG), Kim Shi Hoo 김시후 (Powerful Opponents), Yoon Sang Hyun 윤상현 (Three Dad One Mom), Shin Sung Woo 신성우 (Scandal of my life), Kim Sun Kyung 김선경 (TWSSG), Shim Hyung Tak 심형탁 (Even So Love), Oh San Ha

[Ha Yoo Mi, pictured below seems to have been dropped from the cast]

Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/kkisland

Official English site : http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/08/1704913_25450.html

Episodic preview : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/kkisland/preview/index.html

Other VODs : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/kkisland/..._vod/index.html

Free to watch at : http://www.mycreo.com/vod/vodDetail.aspx?p...p;menuid=100002

Synopsis :

Just like the stars scattered across the sky, along the clear blue waters of the Western Sea, there exists countless small deserted islands. “The Secret of Coocoo Island” is about employees of a small shopping company who are stranded on one of these deserted islands for 180 days, and their exciting and emotional struggle to survive!

Over the weekend, ten employees of a shopping company sail on a boat to deliver goods to islanders for charity. Tragedy strikes when the boat gets into an accident, and when the employees awake, they find themselves stranded on a deserted island. Since all of them were drunk prior to the accident, nobody can clearly recall how the incident occurred or how they managed to end up on the barren island. To make matters worse, Assistant Manager Lee and Manager Yum are nowhere to be found.



Director Kim / Kim Sun-kyung

- Female in her early 40s, Director of the Purchasing Department

As a spinster, all she cares about is her work. She is stubborn and rigid, and never tolerates any mistakes. Although she is the Director, her actual influence in the company almost matches that of the CEO. Rumor has it that she will soon be promoted to the Chief Director position.

She presents herself as a flawless businesswoman with her sleek horn-rimmed glasses and sharply ironed clothes. To male managers and directors, she is considered a threat. To female employees, she is the object of envy.

She faces the biggest challenge of her life after being thrown on the deserted island. With her powerful personality, she positions herself as the leader and “queen bee” of the group.


Manager Shin / Shin Sung-woo

- Male in his late 30s, Manager of the Purchasing Department

He gained his title of Manager through his connection of being the cousin of the CEO’s brother’s friend.

Although he entered the company through connections, the CEO is too busy to protect him, and Manager Kim who joined the company before him finds great joy in giving him a hard time. Therefore, all things considered, his position in the company is far from stable.

Since he has never worked in an office before, he is unfamiliar with the concept of teamwork, and he is not sharp with the work itself. Life as a salary man is especially difficult because Manager Kim nitpicks everything he does.

However, his ability to adjust to his surroundings on the deserted island takes everybody by surprise. Most of all, he even surprises himself in the discoveries of his competence and skills in this fight against nature.


Shim Hyung-tak / Shim Hyung-tak

- Male in his early 30s

As a son from a wealthy family that owns several luxurious buildings in the upscale Gamgnam area, he wears nothing but designer brands and drives his fancy imported car to work everyday.

He’s a straight shooter who always draws a clear line between black and white. His pure and innocent heart, however, is his biggest charm. Just a day prior to leaving for the island to do charity work, he passes out his wedding invitation to his coworkers. But who would have ever guessed that he would be stuck here on a deserted island just ten days before his wedding?


Lee Dae-hee / Lee Da-hee

- Female in her mid 20s, joined the company the same time as Shim Hyung-tak

She’s a chic, city girl who can be snobby at times.

She definitely knows the game of love, and she’s a firm believer that a girl has to play hard-to-get to be more desirable to guys. She was born and raised in Seoul. The only country life she’s ever experienced was from her travels to fancy inns or luxurious condominiums. As this city girl lands on the island, the inconvenience and isolation begins to drive her crazy.




OST album :



MV :


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Guest huangsy

Source : http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/news/1709391_25552.html

The sitcom ”The Secret of Coocoo Island” is a comedy and thriller about people stranded on a remote island

The MBC sitcom “The Secret of Coocoo Island” (writer Song Jae-jeong, director Kim Young-ki) premiered last month and introduced a new format that melded comedy with a thriller, and takes place on a remote island with interesting and quirky characters.

The Secret of Coocoo Island premiered on July 21st (Monday) and TV viewers became interested with the story of the shipwrecked employees and how they would find a way to survive on a remote island. Viewers posted comments on the website about how actor Shin Sung-woo was such a funny actor in the first episode. The novelist Lee Weh-soo made a cameo appearance as the captain of a fishing boat, which ferries the group to an island, surprising many viewers. Many people hoped to see Lee Weh-soo appear in upcoming episodes as the mysterious captain. The appearance of Jung Il-woo in the beginning of the episode was also well-received.

In episode 1, Mr. Shin (actor Shin Sung-woo) opens his eyes to find himself on a remote island and the story backtracks to the events that happened 24 hours earlier, leading up to the fateful trip with his fellow co-workers that land them on the island. On the morning when the group of employees will leave together to do volunteer work, the interesting personalities of the employees are shown as they make witty and catchy remarks.

The Secret of Coocoo Island is the first sitcom that Shin Sung-woo has ever appeared in since he made his actor debut, and he shows himself to be a versatile actor in his new role. He handles slapstick comedy scenes with aplomb such as the time when he falls over himself on the bus, and excellently portrays his pathetic character, who got his job through connections. Shin Sung-woo says, "I wanted a chance to act in a comedy and I think my new role fits me perfectly. Just wait and see how my character Mr. Shin survives on the remote island with amazing survival skills.”

In episode 2 that will air on July 22nd (Tuesday), the employees realize that they will have to find a way to survive on the island and they focus on that task. They agree that they got shipwrecked and somehow washed ashore the island. They start searching for Mr. Lee and Mr. Yeom, who are missing and discover a coffin caught in the rocky shore.

Produced by the makers of “High Kick, “The Secret of Coocoo Island” is a new kind of comedy that adopts elements from thrillers. 10 employees of the purchasing department of a televised home shopping channel become shipwrecked on a remote island while they were on their way to donate supplies to Nakdo island on the west coast of Korea. This drama is a story about their survival on the island. Their heart-wrenching efforts to survive on Coocoo Island continue as they find clues pointing to a conspiracy behind their miserable situation in this exciting tale.


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Guest yeohweping



Jung Il Woo will be doing a friendship performance for MBC sitcom "The secret of Ke Ke Island" which has the same PD as Highkick. He'll be replaying his role as Lee Yuho from 'High Kick' who has relative connections with the chairman of 'Everyday shopping' Park Hye Chul who is his uncle from his mom's side of the family. The 10 persons that will be missing in the sitcom will be his uncle's company employees.

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does that mean he's going to be in this drama or does it mean that he's just gonna be making an appearance. i can't believe kokkiri is getting cancelled. this show better be amazing! and i hope the cast members are young.

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MBC is launching a new sitcom titled " Secret of KeKe Island. "

This new sitcom will come after the current sitcom "Elephant" this 21st. The same staff: producer, writer, director, cameramen and same lighting crew from "High Kick!" are together for this new project.

What brings the most attention to this sitcom is that it will mostly be outdoors!

Mostly, the sitcoms are taken indoors in a designed set, but to heighten the reality of the stories it will be filmed outdoors.

The project is planned to be 40 episodes long, aired 5 days a week which means it will be aired for 2 months only because of the season change.

Another interesting fact is that this sitcom will try to parody the hit ABC black comedy genre show, "LOST". The storyline is basically about 10 employers from a homeshopping network who were on their way delivering products to Ledu but crashlanded on an uninhabited island. Although it is somewhat a parody, the show will keep up the humor and some thrill for this summer.

The casted actors and actresses are very much new. Play actor, Kim Sun-yeong will be Manager Kim who is a work-a-holic old maid. Other stars are Kim Kwang-gyoo, Sin Seong-woo, Yoon Sang-hyeon, Shim Hyung-tak, Lee Da-hee, and Kim Si-hoo. In addition, the famous author, Lee Oi-soo is a weird old man with Alzheimer's Disease who leads the crew to this mysterious island.

hope this helps!

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Guest huangsy

This is a sitcom NOT drama. Just informing you since the title says drama 2008.

Thx, when i created this thread, wasn't even sure whether sitcom or drama bec of the huge cast :blush:

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