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[sitcom 2008] The Secret Of Coocoo Island 크크섬의 비밀

Guest huangsy

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Guest drumon
Guest xingjing

Daaang, I love this show. It's not a copycat of LOST, it's more of a parody. Please get it right, seriously.

And, gosh, I looked at the character chart... all of the guys like Dahee? Except for one? WHAT??? No, leave Shihoo for meeee. xD

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Guest Kalena

Thanks for all the info on this new sitcom. B)

Saw a Section TV segment on it earlier, but didn't know when it started.

I will be carrying this series ("Secret of Keukeu Island") in my CB (no CB id needed!)

Spent tonight down- & uploading & catching up on the first 2 weeks worth of episodes. :wacko:

I enjoyed High Kick, so I hope this is a good one, too. Looks fun so far. :P

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Guest (9'.')9

honestly there isn't that much comedy yet. maybe it's because its just starting off and takes a little while to get settled in, but just hoping the comedy picks up. more like a mystery drama more than a sitcom. could be just me though.

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Guest TOP_jaejoong

Thanks for the links!

i finished watching first episode.

and its reallly interesting!


jung ill woo is not coming out after the first episode..


i wish he came out through out the whole sitcom though :[

i love jung ill woo :]

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