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[sitcom 2008] The Secret Of Coocoo Island 크크섬의 비밀

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mycreo site only has 9 eps of 크크섬의 비밀. and i checked a lot of other dramas and most are rele outdated like last ones are from july usually. Are there any other sites like this?

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August 29, 2008

The sitcom ”The Secret of Coocoo Island” is a comedy and thriller about people stranded on a remote island


The MBC sitcom “The Secret of Coocoo Island” (writer Song Jae-jeong, director Kim Young-ki) premiered last month and introduced a new format that melded comedy with a thriller, and takes place on a remote island with interesting and quirky characters.

The Secret of Coocoo Island premiered on July 21st (Monday) and TV viewers became interested with the story of the shipwrecked employees and how they would find a way to survive on a remote island. Viewers posted comments on the website about how actor Shin Sung-woo was such a funny actor in the first episode. The novelist Lee Weh-soo made a cameo appearance as the captain of a fishing boat, which ferries the group to an island, surprising many viewers. Many people hoped to see Lee Weh-soo appear in upcoming episodes as the mysterious captain. The appearance of Jung Il-woo in the beginning of the episode was also well-received.

In episode 1, Mr. Shin (actor Shin Sung-woo) opens his eyes to find himself on a remote island and the story backtracks to the events that happened 24 hours earlier, leading up to the fateful trip with his fellow co-workers that land them on the island. On the morning when the group of employees will leave together to do volunteer work, the interesting personalities of the employees are shown as they make witty and catchy remarks.

The Secret of Coocoo Island is the first sitcom that Shin Sung-woo has ever appeared in since he made his actor debut, and he shows himself to be a versatile actor in his new role. He handles slapstick comedy scenes with aplomb such as the time when he falls over himself on the bus, and excellently portrays his pathetic character, who got his job through connections. Shin Sung-woo says, "I wanted a chance to act in a comedy and I think my new role fits me perfectly. Just wait and see how my character Mr. Shin survives on the remote island with amazing survival skills.”

In episode 2 that will air on July 22nd (Tuesday), the employees realize that they will have to find a way to survive on the island and they focus on that task. They agree that they got shipwrecked and somehow washed ashore the island. They start searching for Mr. Lee and Mr. Yeom, who are missing and discover a coffin caught in the rocky shore.

Produced by the makers of “High Kick, “The Secret of Coocoo Island” is a new kind of comedy that adopts elements from thrillers. 10 employees of the purchasing department of a televised home shopping channel become shipwrecked on a remote island while they were on their way to donate supplies to Nakdo island on the west coast of Korea. This drama is a story about their survival on the island. Their heart-wrenching efforts to survive on Coocoo Island continue as they find clues pointing to a conspiracy behind their miserable situation in this exciting tale.

Source: MBC Global Media, image from yahoo.kr via 'The Secret of Coocoo Island' soompi thread


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thanks for this links


anybody know where i can get the song thats played in the sitcom

it goes like this"the kiss........

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