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[drama 2002] Ruler Of Your Own World/ As You Wish 네 멋대로 해라

Guest appledapple

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Guest appledapple
[MBC] Lee Na Young, Yang Dong Geun
Currently playing on AZN TV. I will edit this with a synopsis in a bit here, but does anyone still have episode summaries? I have looked and looked and I swear I saw some at one point back in the day >.< Yang Dong Geun is EXCELLENT in this drama. Best male Korean actor I have ever seen, hands down :) CREDITS TO: http://www.krystalheart.com/royow/ Synopsis: A story about a man named Boksu Ko who is a pick pocketer. Boksu's father leaves him in an orphanage when he is young. Boksu grows up in hard times and eventually gets sent to prison for stealing. Upon his release, his father greets him and the story begins... In a twist of fate, Kyung's wallet was stolen by Boksu. Kyung was on her way to the hospital to deliver the check to pay for her friend's surgery. Unfortuntely because Kyung lost the money, her friend doesn't get the surgery and her friend dies. Boksu feels guilty for what he has done because he starts to develop feelings for Kyung. Boksu learns that he has a brain tumor and is determined to change his life because he may not have long to live. Boksu's long time girlfriend, Mirae, stands by her man even though she painfully watches him love Kyung. At first Kyung wants nothing to do with Boksu, but the more she learns about him, the more she is drawn to him. A three way love triangle develops throughout the story and the audience learns the different lives of Boksu and Kyung. This drama is emotionally deep. Be aware and keep plenty of tissues closeby because you will surely need it! This drama is a MUST SEE. The character development, plot, theme, and climax keeps you on the edge until the end.
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I have this entire series but I haven't had the chance to watch it yet...but what I've seen so far it's a great drama...it's just that I already cried so much watching the first few episodes I couldn't take all the sadness lol.

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Guest donnermoi


I'm very glad to find this thread alive and kicking!

My friend started downloading the ROYOW for me at last! Seen 6 series. It's GR8! I uploaded several printscreens at my site dedicated to Jung Doo-hong who played the stunt director: http://jdh.narod.ru/royow.htm

Hope that the shots will be more soon.

I don't know but I cried while watching it..

so realistic..when you're gonna die , what is the first thing you would think about T_T

another title , you should see , recommend !!

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Hi everybody! 안녕 하세요!

We are Russian fans of ROYOW, and we're about to make Russian subs for it, but we're eager to make as accurate translation as possible. Besides, we'd like to merge Korean and Russian subs for educational purposes.

We humbly ask the fans to send us the original Korean subs. Unfortunately, we were late in saving them from Totuta's page before it closed.


Konstantin & Kseniya


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Guest shanesparks

Ok trying to playing by the rules now. So it is possible if anyone (Immortality) can upload this Drama Ruler of your own world? Thanks a bunch. =)

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My Immortality,

Guess you missed my posting at http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50742

I posted my request for ROYOW Episodes 7-13 & 15-20 at the Drama Links for Download, links & requests ONLY!!! about 3 weeks back but never got any response. :tongue2:

Are your files hard-subbed or raw?

If you are only missing Episode 1 I can upload it on MU. If you need the subs files as well let me know.

However, I am still looking for 7-13 & 15-20.


Ruler of Your Own World - English Subtitles


Ruler of Your Own World - Episode 1 (LQ)



Before the thread/postings get lost . . . . . (with amendments)

Ruler of Your Own World - Episode 2 (LQ)


Ruler of Your Own World - Episode 3 (LQ)


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Guest makemyday

^ sorry about that!

i never look in the drama/request thread.

thanks so much for episode 1 :)

i'm eventually going to upload all the episodes but just going in order right now so that shanesparks can get his episodes as well.

but none of my episodes have subtitles.

sorry about that

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