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[Drama 2008] Glory Of Family / Family Honor 가문의 영광


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[sBS] Yoon Jung Hee, Park Shi Hoo, Kim Sung Min, Maya, Shin Da Eun

Drama : 가문의 영광 ( Family Honor also known as Glory of Family )

Boardcast Date : 11th Oct 2008 to 19 April 2009

Every Saturday and Sunday : 9.55 pm

Episodes : 54

Director : Park Young Soo 박영수

Scriptwriter : Jung Ji Woo 정지우 (

Official site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/gamun

Synopsis :

Dan-ah is participating in a seminar in Jeju island. Meanwhile, there’s something happening at a motel in the outskirts of Seoul.Tae-young is caught cheating with another woman by his wife at the motel and as he leaves the place he sees his sister-in-law come out of the same motel with another man. After that incident, his brother Soo-young begins seeing Jin-ah, and he meets Mal-soon.President Ha Seok-ho is widowed and he finds out that his girlfriend, Lee Young-in, is pregnant. Then his father suddenly passes away.Lee Cheon-gab and his son Lee Kang-seok hear about the death of Chairman Ha Man-ki and they think it would be a good idea to attend the funeral as a way to establish themselves in high society and break away from their “nouveau riche” status. So they attend the funeral. Dan-ah meets Lee Kang-seok once again. During the funeral, Dan-ah has to handle the disturbing news that her father’s girlfriend is pregnant and that her brother’s wife is having an affair while grieving for her grandfather. After the funeral is over, the wives of her two brothers ask for a divorce and leave them. Now Dan-ah is the only lady in the household and is in charge of preparing the ancestral rites. Hyun-gyu tries to help Dan-ah during these difficult times. Meanwhile, Lee Kang-seok is a thorn in her side as he keeps showing up and creating problems for her. Then, she has to grapple with the news that her father wants to marry his girlfriend, Young-in, because she is pregnant. Every member in her family enters new romantic relationships....


Cast :

Ha Family

Yoon Jung Hee as Ha Dan Ah

Jun No Min as Ha Soo Young

Kim Sung Min as Ha Tae Young

Shin Goo as Ha Man Gi

Park Hyun Sook as Ha Joo Jung

Suh In Suk as Ha Suk Ho

Park Joon Mok as Ha Dong Dong

Kim Young Ok as Yoon Sam Wol

Lee Soo Min as Yoon Jo Man

Lee Family

Park Shi Hoo as Lee Kang Suk

Jun Hye Jin as Lee Hye Joo

Yeon Kyu Jin as Lee Man Gap

Seo Kwon Soon as Choi Young Ja


Lee Hyun Jin as Jung Hyun Kyu

Nah Young Hee as Lee Young In

Shin Da Eun as Oh Jin Ah

Maya as Na Mal Soon

Shim Hyun Sup (심현섭) as Kim Byung Do

Seo Yoo Jung as Kim Hyun Ok

Lee Won Jae as (Joo Jung's colleague)

credits to http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Family's_Honor

Official Eng site : http://global.sbs.co.kr/English/AboutSBSPr..._id=V0000335298

Daum Drama Site : http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=51516

Episodic preview : http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/resource/template...vMenuId=1009487

Other SBS VODs : http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/resource/template...vMenuId=1009491

Photos : http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/resource/template...vMenuId=1009490




Download : http://aja-aja.com/regular/familys-honor

Chinese subbed Eps on Sendspace: Cococrust's Repository

English Hardsubbed TV-Ripped Version


Esp Translations

BY dramaok

Esp 14

Esp 17

Esp 18

Esp 19

Esp 20

Esp 21

Esp 22

Esp 23

By 324Minwoo4rang01

Esp 24

BY dramaok

Esp 25

Esp 26

Esp 27

Esp 28


Esp 29

Esp 30

Esp 31

Esp 32

Esp 33

Esp 34

Esp 35

Esp 36

Esp 37

Esp 38

Esp 39

Esp 40

Esp 41

Esp 42 DA's Monologue by Dramaok

Esp 42 Scene Traslation by Hjkomo


Esp 43

Esp 44

BY Xjunebugs

Esp 46

BY Priscilla

Esp 47

Esp 49

BY Xjunebugs

Esp 51

Esp 52

Esp 53

Esp 54 Finale

Other sites for Summaries and Translations links


Priscilla's xanga


OST Album :



01 너 하나면 돼 - 포맨 (4Men)

02 사랑해도 괜찮니 - 포맨 (4Men)

03 아프지 말아요 - 포맨 (4Men)

04 사랑 바라기 - 노영채 (No Young Chae)





가문의 영광 O.S.T Part. 2

Release Date:2009.02.23

1 그댈 만나러 갑니다 (Go see Her) -포맨 (4Men)

2 착한 이별 -채영인 (Chae Young In)

3 모르죠 -김지원 (Kim Ji Won)

4 꽃길 (Flower Path) (道)(Inst.)

5 The Honor Of The Family (Inst.)

OST Part 1 and Part 2 DL : mediafire Updated 16 Dec 2009

Wma links for OST part 1

MP3 links for OST part 2



Family Honour - Summary 1 & 2

Monday, October 20th, 2008


The attraction is that this drama is about somewhat what happens to the Korean Aristocrat & the Gentry class of old in this modern world of Western modernisation. It may shown some more heavier traditional value that before. A different kind of family oriented genre of drama Synopsis

Han Dan Ah is very dignified & beautiful & yet she is pitiful. Dan Ah was married in her 20s, but due to an unforeseen event her husband dies in a car accident during their honeymoon. An instant black widow one may put it. She will be pursued by 2 men. A man who is younger than her by 6 years, Jung Hyun Kyu. The other is a rich man from a rich family (technically his family background is not of gentry), Lee Kang Suk. This drama centres & explores the tangles & less than perfect lives of this gentry family of 4 generations

Episode 1-2

It starts with Ha Man Gi is brought to his family mansion by this father, who told him that this house belongs to their family & their ancestors all were born in that house except his poor son Man Gi. It is obviously that currently the house, no longer belong to them. Although being gentry class they must have lost it to circumstances. So they are now poor Gentry Upper class family with no money. Ha Man Gi is ask by his son to promise him to regain the family house.

Present time. Ha Man Gi finally regains much of his family illustrious gentry background with land paddy field to accompany the estate & of course the family house.

The Ha family consist of a Great grandfather (Ha Man Gi's father), the patriarch of the Ha Family. Then follow by Ha Man Gi & a late bloomer sister Ha Joo Jung. Ha Man Gi has a son, Ha Suk Ho. No mentioned of the wife of Ha Man Gi, most probably died. Ha Suk Ho has 3 children, a pair of fraternal twins Ha Soo Young who is married to a wife 4 years his Senior & Ha Tae Young who is married with a son Ha Dong Dong & then a daughter Ha Dan Ah. It is Ha Dan Ah that the drama centres upon as the main character

The Great Grandfather suddenly of the shortness of breath dies in hospital. Ha Man Gi goes to the hospital to see his father for one last time & tries calling the family to come to the hospital, however, failed to get any of the extended family members in time to see the old man go. But all were too busy to take heed or can't be reach by phone or was too far a distance to return. The patriarch dies before they could return

Han Dan Ah is an Asst Professor in a Cultural Dept of a University having a conference in Jeju. After hearing her Great grandfather was very ill, she decided to take the next flight home but find that there was no available seat. She then meets with a shameless upstart, son of a wealthy man, Lee Kang Suk who previously had not so pleasant encounter at the conference. He is taking a booked flight back to Seoul, & Ha Dan Ah asked if she could buy the ticket from him for an emergency. He plainly told her if she wants it, she need to foot out 100 million for it. She was flabbergasted.

Not giving it to return to Seoul, she went to find other options. She went to the port to find a fishing trawler that will take her back to the mainland. As there was a storm coming in, no trawler boat will want to set off to sea. After many trips & fall on the rain, she finally begs a fisherman to take her to the mainland, seeing that she was so filial that her persistence, the fishermen relented & agree to take her to the mainland, but only to receive a call that her Great Grandfather had already passed. Being a filial grand daughter she wept for her failure to see her Great Grandfather for one last time. This drama is based on Ha Dan Ah, a filial grand daughter & whether her way of thought of being a subordinated woman can sustains in this modern world with her cloistered traditional values that may not be applicable anymore & lack of openness towards the world today. How such people can survives? She was then to ask to return in her own time back to the family house

Ha Tae Young, the younger twin is having an affair in the hotel when his wife comes with police & video camera man to film him in action for adultery. (Adultery is a Criminal offence in Korea; you can be sentence to at least 2 years for the offence). He has a son Ha Dong Dong. While being drag to the police station to make a statement, the couple then meets with his sister in law, wife of Ha Soo Young. She too looks like is having an affair with a young man. Ha Tae Young then punches the young man & ended in the police station for assault. Ha Soo Young after finding that their Great grandfather had passed away then comes to the Police station to bail his younger brother Ha Tae Young when he sees his wife also in the Police station. Ha Soo Young is a morally upright person to the core he is very boring. His wife who is 4 years his senior from an arrange marriage wants it to call the marriage quits, but Ha Soo Young refuses. So in order to come out of the marriage, she hires the young man to stage the adultery on ground for a divorce. The sibling all had an arguments where Ha Tae Young tells his brother that he is defending his brother honour that why he beat up the young man, not knowing that he is in the same boat himself. Ha Soo Young slaps his brother for his improper behaviour to his sister in law, then begs & kneels to his wife to do her duty as the eldest great granddaughter in law for the funeral

Seeing this scene progressing is Na Mal Soon, a tomboy police detective who adds seasoning to the hot argument. It is to be said that Ha Tae Young & Na Mal Soon will eventually be make a couple & we have to see how this relationship will unfold in the episode to come

Meanwhile their father Ha Suk Ho is having his hand busy, when he finds the woman that he is has acquaintance Lee Young In is pregnant with his child at the age of 50. Lee Young In is shocked to find out of her pregnancy after suspecting that she may be having stomach cancer as she was vomiting badly. She wants to have the pregnancy terminated as she is so embarrass by it. She wouldn't have dreamt that Ha Suk Ho still have it in him as they had a drunken one night stand

Ha Jung Joo is the sister to Ha Man Gi, although very much younger, she is even younger than the nephew. How she came about, we have yet to find out but she is address as Grandaunt. She works in a broadcast centre & had a rough time with the Producers & ended up so drunk in the tavern that she didn't pick up her phone. She is a character to be reckon with

So the extended family by hook & by crook starts to appear at the hospital. Then Ha Man Gi decided that it is the wish of his father to have the full rites of the funeral that is befitting of the gentry

Here you get to see an expansive Confucianism funeral rites & procession. This drama had taken patience & be diligent in provided every details of it. I bet that this had seldom practice in Korea anymore due to the financial cost it takes to have these to be carried out. I use to remember that the older generation had to save what they call "coffin investment" in order to pay for such rites. I knew of an old granny who had bought a coffin made from camphor wood, sitting in storage for her waiting for her to be buried in it. Eventually she died after 30 years after her purchase to finally get to be buried at the ripe of age of 95. I wonder how much was a storage cost bill came out to be?

Let me explained some of the on going in a Confucianism funerals. The immediately family had to don "mourning clothes". As you may know, Confucianism is deeply rooted & do prevailed in Korea even till today the tradition does affect the daily lives of most Korean people in regardless of what religion they belong to. Korea sometimes is called the Confucian country, even in China, most of it is had been diluted. The 1st foremost basic rules of principles & virtues of Confucianism is filial piety. In accordance with this principle, those whose parents had died are in ethic prisoner or offenders convicted for failing to have their parents enjoy good health & to had live longer. You will able to see that they will be mourning & wailing "Aigoo! Aigoo!" throughout the rituals of the drama. This applies to all death such as Uncles, Aunts brother, spouses & etc. The other thing, if the child dies before the parents do, it is considered not filial at all

I remember the scene in "Hwang Jini" where the young master who loved Hwang Jini & died of an heartache was just give a send off like an outcast without proper ritual burial

The mourning clothes are make of sack cloth & the rope belt & head bands are made of rice straw. The inferior quality of cloth is shown basically signify that they are dress in prisoner garment bound by rope for being in filial

When we look at this from outside, it may see very extravagant to see such mourning. I would think great care was taken to film this tradition funeral procession to show to the audience which I would think is either dying or simply being put aside as being labourious

During the elaborate funeral. We get to meet Jung Hyun Kyu, who had a crush on Ha Dan Ah. He is a student at her University. Ha Dan Ah is 30 years old, while Jung Hyun Kyu is only 24 years. Lee Kang Suk also came to the funeral as his own father wanted to revive his ancestry background, if he had any to start with. Jang Hyun Suk meets Ha Dan Ah to find her in mourning clothes then only to get slap by her for his remarks. Ha Dan Ah then finds out that her family is starting to crumble when her elder brother begs his wife for one more chance & Ha Dan Ah finds out about her "adultery". To add she finds that her own father had made Lee Young In pregnant after Ha Dan Ah finds that Lee Young In was not feeling well. Lee Young In just said she had motion sickness, As she brought some medication to relieve her nausea, she over hears that Lee Young In had set up an appointment for an abortion, her father asks her to reconsider

Ha Dan Ah has a kitchen grandmother, a worthy servant of the household to take support on in times of troubles. I would think that she had raise her up in her upbringing as well

As the funeral rites end, they decided to return & had a family meeting. This is when Ha Soo Young's wife voice out that she will no longer be returning to the family, as she wants a divorce. Her reason is that she had committed "adultery". Then Ha Tae Young's wife too voice that she also wants a divorce because her husband is having extramarital affairs outside

Ha Man Gi asked his son, if he knew about it? Ha Suk Ho said he knew of not a thing. Ha Man Gi whacked his son with a wooden brick & broke his forehead

It looks like this less than perfect family is about to go into turmoil zone Stage 1

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Guest huangsy

News video clips.

4 July 2008 (about casting Yoon Jung Hee)



8 Oct 2008



20 Oct 2008

Good Morning Plus


3 Nov 2008

Arirang's ShowBiz Extra, #797, coverage of press conference, from 12 min onwards


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Guest huangsy

Press Conference 6 Oct 2008.








Park Shi Hoo






Kim Sung Min



Yoon Jung Hee




Shin Da Eun



Jeon Noh Min



Jeon Hye Jin




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Guest jopaulo

I loved the movies whereas the last one wasn't so good.

I expect the drama will be as good as the movies.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Wah, when i saw the title i thought the sequel of the movie. Maya acting. she sure cool as a mafia or tomboy. so who gonna be the lead actor. i keep imaging those men from the movie.. ha ha ha..

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Guest Cerise

I love Maya :wub: ... but I have a friend who would freak out for this news.

All I know is that she'll play a character of a woman who hates men. It's been mentioned in her website at the time of her last album release. I'll try and find the news about her character.

EDIT: According to naver dictionary.... the title should be The Family's Glory/Honor 가문의 영광.

I didn't notice. 50 episodes WOW... so exciting.

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Guest Mannan

Woah~ thanks for the news!!

I was searching for this long time ago! I didn't know I'd find it here ^^;;

I can't wait to see Maya acting again :wub:

But too bad it's on SBS!! I can't watch SBS in Kuwait! I hope someone will be kind enough to upload the 50 episodes :rolleyes:

So, any new news about the drama? ^_^

I'll keep an eye on this thread ;)

Thak again ^_^

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Guest Cerise

April 4, 2008

Maya Cast in a TV Drama


Powerful rock singer Maya is returning to the small screen three years after her last appearance on TV. She has been cast in an unnamed weekend series scheduled to air in July.

The new drama will be directed by Hong Chang-wook, who had worked with her previously in "Magic." Maya is said to be playing a character, who is very outgoing and generous, but has a pathological dislike for men. She hasn't received the detailed synopsis yet, but is determined to do her best and looking forward to joining other cast members soon.

Maya has just released her fourth album, which is earning great responses. Her previous acting experience includes supporting roles in TV dramas "Bodyguard" and "Magic

Source: KBS Global


This was posted in the News thread. I guess that the directer has changed.

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