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[Official Thread] Victoria Song/Song Qian (宋茜)

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Guest chipmunkvoice

wow so many new artists... i cant keep up.

shes cute though.......... but lee junki is prettier lol

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Guest tokio

im guessing she will be a model. im sorry but i dislike how they say she has a fair voice??? thats just nicer way of saying she can't sing. Lets hope she can sing. Anyway they seem like they will be promoting her as a model and maybe acting?? i do wish her success but yea SM is good in promoting but they only focus on certain groups and forget the rest. Like others state need to promote the grace and jang ri in better before they go and introduce more.

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Guest Leni1430265175

wow.. shes cute.. well good luck to her.. but i agree with others.. sm should promote their current artists first.. but eh.. lee junki is looking CUUUUTE in those pics hahah lol

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Guest dancingbymyself

What's with all these chinese proformers recently, I mean I have no real problem with chinese people, but it's the KOREAN entertainment scene, so shouldn't it be KOREANS. I'm not trying to be racist with that its just that, 99% of the time, artists are popular only in their own country (except americans). I mean even in the American Ent scene its like 99% americans. Even people from places like England have trouble breaking into our music/ent scene. It just seems like SM is trying to force things. Idk if they can suceed more power to them. But it just seems kindof like a waste of time/money when there's plenty of Koreans that can do the job just as well and not have to worry about visa/language problems.

As for the girl, I think she looks like an average citizen, nothing special. I don't really forsee her doing that well in the industry.

Hrrm. They need to focus more on Jang Ri In and CSJH before they release new artists.

They don't promote CSJH becuase they're not popular. They're just popular enough to not be disbanded, but that's about it. They're no point in pumping money and time into a group that doesn't make you much money.

She doesn't look korean at all, wth

her last name is a chinese surname, it's not korean ---

Actually there are a couple girls named Song at my (korean) church, and of course there's always Song Hae Gyo.

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Guest Cabbage

It seems like SM tried to catch the Olympic 2008 fever, by pushing so many chinese artist/singer within this year.

If you never mentioned she is a chinese, I will think she is a korean.

She is pretty, but her feature is different with Jang Ri-In (I mean usual chinese girl)

and I wonder if Jang-Ri-In after 3 years trainning was still not so fluent in korean when she debuted

how about this girl?

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Guest hypocrite

a....she's the one that appeared w/ rain,

her dance skill is soo good, when I saw the anydream CF, I even think she is a real athlete ....

is she going to debut as solo artist/singer/another girl group? :ph34r: :ph34r:

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Guest Lighto_Yuchun

She gets to debut quite fast,I guess she's really talented.

Wonder how she sounds like?

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Guest dorkafied!

wonder how her korean is, since she only

trained for a year? xD shoulndt SM be

promoting his other artists? x[

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She's very pretty but I wonder what her voice sounds like.

There's no use for a pretty face if you can't sing.

I think what wuold be a great move for SM is if they make a girl group out of their chinese trainess.

Like maybe this Victoria Song, Jang Ri In and another trainee and they can be like the chinese version

of SES.

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Guest Jamieâ„¢


^ umm nothanks. lol sorry but I don't want JRI to be put in a group

Victoria kinda looks like Han Ye Seul.. kinda..

she's quite pretty, I knew SM was gonna debut her after seeing her in Kangta & SJ-M's Mvs.. lol

I think she'll be going in the direction of dance & modelling? (obviously she'll be a singer too..)

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Guest keaiclam

Thanks for the info!

So she's the one in the U MV! Pretty <3

She got to collaberate with Junki? cool.

Look forward to seeing her.

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Guest Senorita_

OMG!! So that's her who was in Rain's Anydream MV! I was wondering who she was...

I love her dancing skills especially, very good ;)

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Guest V-ni@star

so she is from sm?? never knew that??

she is not a typical chinese beauty.. for me her face is unique yet cute..^^

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