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Heath Ledger Dies!

Guest thaigerl

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Guest Chiperaholic

...I cringe. It's like I keep forgetting or it's just not real. but then I keep seeing the thread title and it's like it just keeps hitting me over and over again. it still doesn't seem real

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Guest aznchocol8luver

omg.. this is sooooo unexpected... T_T

i was reading a chinese newspaper sayin how he rumored dating with his australian model.. now i see his death news... scary

RIP Heath Ledger

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Guest kpopjunkie13

omg cant believe it!

his daughter is still so young

im so anticipating to watch batman this year and see him since ive been reading great reviews about his acting

its a shame, hes a great actor and hes still young

RIP heath ledger



credits: splotcydivinity~airen~asia17

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Guest run_lola_run

I'm surprised at how hard the news of his death has hit me. I just wanna wake up tomorrow morning and hope this is all a bad dream. I still can't, don't want to believe it....

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I'm in shock, did he die today? I remember reading somewhere about an actor died at 28 years old, 1-2 days ago, and never noticed .....

I love him in 10 things I hate about you, Casanova and even his cross role in BM ... I can't believe it, so sad, so unreal ... T_T

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Guest shazvaz15


he was without a doubt one of the BEST actors ever!!

i was so shocked to hear about his death my sister told me and i couldn't believe it, it was so unexpected and sudden.

a life cut too short..

prayers go out to his friends and family esp. his daughter :(

Rest in Peace Heath Ledger, you were a legend!

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Guest my sweet love*

WHAT THE HELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found out at school today while my friend was going through her iPhone and we both literally almost fell from the bench we were sitting on because it caught us off guard.

No Heathhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY?!?!? I really loved him and his movies =(

but RIP Heath Ledger. We miss you already <3

And my deepest sympathies to his family (esp his daughter) and his friends and loved ones.

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