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Heath Ledger Dies!

Guest thaigerl

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Guest lovelyxdream

i was at school when i found out :(

i just opened CNN like i always do during that period to read the news and then all of a sudden this is on the front page. i didn't really believe it when i read it. such a tragedy, and hollywood has def. lost of its best actors. my condolences to all this friends and family, esp his baby girl.

RIP Heath~ :tears:

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Guest dlsgp_ckdalsx3

thats so sad... he didnt even do it purposely... he just took too many ... cuz he wasnt falling asleep ... T.T so freakin sad

i dont want to believe it ... i'm still waiting for news saying that they over exagerated his death and he was just near death ...

its messing with my mind >.<

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Guest silverchainsaw

this breaks my heart.

i woke up,get online and this was the first news i read on yahoo main page.

im really in shocked

i cant believe this


rip heath <333


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Guest i3lu3fun

what a sad news. i was shocked when i heard about this, i couldn't believe it until i saw the report on abc news. he's one of the most talented actors around.. i enjoy all the movie his made. This gotta be a heart-breaking news for his family, friends and daughter Matilda Rose.

R.I.P Heath Ledger

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Guest Vino de Jerez


Is this for real?

I'm going to cry...

OMG I just saw it on my local news.....


I love Heath!


I really really cant believe this. He is only 28. This is really saddening. I am so yearning for the next batman show to come out.

I dont believe its cos of drugs. I will never come to believe that heath will commit suicide.


A rep for Heath Ledger’s family says Heath’s death was accidental.

The cops told the Ledger family that there is no evidence that he may have committed suicide, reports TMZ.

His family says he was not that kind of person to have taken his own life.

Heath was sick with pneumonia when he died today in NY. His autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

Former fiancee Michelle Williams is currently on a plane en route to NYC.

^read the above

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Guest suzic87

OMG i woke up this morning and saw it on the news and was like OMG! am i still dreaming I still cant believe it!!

RIP and condolences to his family and friends

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Guest pandoras0nymph

im sooo shocked! when i read this in pitnb.... i love him soo much! he's one of my fave actors! i loved him ever since 10 things i hate about u... omg.. im sooo sad! this is depressing! RIP heath... poor mathilda...

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