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[ Jyp's 2 Day]new 2 P M Official Pictures **edit** Debut 9/04

Guest i.said.hi

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Guest J-BYUL.

Okay, I changed my mind.

Ock TaeKyeon is HOT.


He's officially my favorite.

I fell in love once I saw him dance. ♥

Plus, it doesn't hurt that he worked with WG. :w00t:

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This documentary is SIMILAR TO BIG BANG'S DEBUT DOCUMENTARY. However, instead of dropping 1 member from the group, this documentary WILL CHOOSE the members of the group to debut. :)

wow how nerve-wrecking it must be for them T_T

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cool, at first when i heard about it i was like OH mini cooper ANOTHER SUPER JUNIOR, i still can't remember all of their names, ==" suju that is, but are theses guys have a documentary right?

GD is close freinds wirh the junsu guy? COOL cuz then big bang and this new boy abnd could do collabs like dbsk and super junior seeing how jyp's wonder girls and big bang do so many =]

i still don't get it though, is there a destined number of members for them to choose and what's this boy band gonna be called. anyone know where you could watch clips to get to know them better because without a name it's kind of like HOW THE TOOOT?

;; to add.. i don't dislike super junior i just think it would be better for groups with at least least the 10 people because 1 at first you can't remember the names and it's unfair for some member who don't share the lime light. that's isn't intended to be indulting to super junior. don't kill me

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Guest shushshuckspui

i think the company wanted to avoid the number 13 too. even there is no intention of comparing the two, someday there will be competition between the two bands.

well, at least they can stop comparing DBSK with SuJu. SuJu should not be a rival of DBSK at all, they both belong to SM.

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The clip where they're in the change room is such a tease..I want more…lol

Can’t wait for their debut, they're look talented...

Nick<3 :blush:

Thanks for sharing

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finally officially debuting.. ish lolls

ive been waiting for them for so long

disappointed that it wont be 13 members though lolls

i mean more hotties = better.. no?

anyways i already have an ideal group in mind lolls (for some time since there were rumors about this group)

kim junsu (this guy is my faveeeeee) ok taekyeon (fave along with junsu) jo kwon (<33 been training for so long) hwanchansung (highkick<3)

the end lolls its b/c i dont know much about the others.

maybe nick khun and yangbum (is yangbum still there.. i cant see his pics so not sure)

i have also heard jaebum is good at dancing though i think ive heard him rap in this song with yeeun and didnt really like it =X

trying to watch the vids but they're not working ahahha stupid streaming links =P

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Guest Ceruleangirl

Omg, I'm so excited! It's gonna be kinda hard getting all their names, but hey, I got all the names of Super Junior eventually! :P From the clips, some of them seem to be pretty good dancers. Can't wait to see what other talents they have! No more Yangbum? He was my favorite before...well, the only one that I could remember anyways, haha. Wonder who's gonna make it in the final group...

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Im pretty sure that they were going to do a group like Super Junior but then YG was scared of a scandle or rumor, thats probably why they just left it how it is now. YG's guy group is going to turn exactly like there girl group. Wonder girls arent even good anymore.

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Birthday profile:

Nichkhun Horvejkul [Half Thai Half Chinese] = 24 June 1988

Ock Tae Won = 27 December 1988

Hwang Chan Sung = 11 Febuary 1990

Lee Jun Ho = 25 January 1990

Kim Jun Su = 16 January 1988

Jo Kwon = 38 August 1988

Park Jae Bom = 25 April 1987

Im Dae Hyun = 23 January 1986

Ni Shi Qi [Chinese???] = 27 May 1990

Im Seul Ong = 11 May 1987

This is all I know.

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