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[ Jyp's 2 Day]new 2 P M Official Pictures **edit** Debut 9/04

Guest i.said.hi

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Okay, I changed my mind.

Ock TaeKyeon is HOT.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that he worked with WG. :w00t:

He worked with WG? What did he do?

I've developed an addiction to these boys and I feel like such a Pedo :sweatingbullets: cause they're younger than I am, but looking at JOONGBO in WGM, age is just a number! :D


Thanks for the photos!!!!

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Guest goldenGAZE

I wanna know, what happened to the rest of the hot blood series, were they ever subbed because right now i can only find up to ep 4 (i think) subbed. It such a pity since i was getting to know them so well too :sweatingbullets:

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^TIME2SUB at 2oneday.com is trying to get them subbed. ^^ I believe they have the actual video files now so hopefully they can do it. ^^ School's started so the team might be busy but hopefully, it will come out soon. ^o^;;

QUESTION: Is Im Daehun still in JYP Ent or no? :(

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Guest kiwistar



2 AM: JoKwon, Jinwoon, SeulOng, and Changmin(newly added, was not in Hot Blood)

2PM: Chansung, Jaebum, Taekyeon, WooYoung, Junho, Junsu, NichKhun

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They are really cool i dont like one day actully i hate it .. it remaind me of super junior ... finally i have the chance to accept super junior after their apperance with Wonder Girls on( MBC every1 idol drama )

but i cant image group have 13 or 12 member ...

i love 2am soooooo much and 2pm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much but i hope jyp will deside to separate them ( i hope ) :)

about 2am i like jokwon and how he is soo close with sunye ... also i love chagmin and his charm espacially his smile ... man its adorable

about 2pm which is the importan i love all of them put mostely taekyoun and chansung ... i like seeing these two together ,,,, taekyeoun us really hansome ... yeah he dont have blue eyes or yellow hair ... but there is something on him make you dont get tired from watching him

and chansung he so sexy .. and random ... i dont believe he is the maknae ..... the dont treat him like that

junhu ... the one that look like rain .... his personality is so cool .... and his smile look like rain smile so i guess its cute . jaebum .. icant talk about that man ... he is gangester ......... i like cool hem ( jae-mafia)

but i think jnsu look like a leader more than him ... he always advice the boys and know how to talk with the media more than jaebum......

What do you think about it ??????????

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Guest sleepizxd


topped a pagee xD

The following are words of thanks by each member of 2PM to the Wonder Girls including ex-Wonder Girl HyunA who is still a JYP trainee by the way.


…Wonder Girls fighting. To Sum Mi, who is always mean to me, I say slightly fighting…


…Wonder Girls! ke ke ke I’ll see you in the broadcasting station…


—and Sun Ye-ya! My lines (when i dance) have improved from before right? keke. Ye Eun-ah wait for me kekeke. Sun Mi-yah wait for me too keke. So Hee-yah! you have the shoes right?. Yoo Bin-nuna thanks for making an appearance in our music video^^…


…Wonder Girls…Sun Ye for always greeting me with a smile like a horned owl(?). Sun Mi, who is always behind Sun Ye with an expressionless face but still greets me the same way. So Hee, who always looks slightly confused and awkward than the rest. Ye Eun, who has a scary stare. Yoo Bin-nuna, who looks like she’s fierce but actually laughs a lot…


…and the charming Wonder Girls. Sun Ye, who has everyone’s respect. Ye Run, who has a cool and charming personality. Sun Mi, a 4-dimensional beauty (don’t believe everything everyone says!) So Hee, who has a lot of charm. Yoo Bin, who is 10 out of 10 points (thanks a lot for starring in our music video)…


…HyunA-yah massage my shoulders!!…

…and the Wonder Girls: meanie Sun Mi + mandoo So Hee + leeda Sun Ye + awkward? Ye Eunie + Yoo Bin-ee (i’m so jealous you got to collaborate with Kim Bum Soo…)


…HyunA….Wonder Girls Yoo Bin-nuna, Sun Mi, Ye Eun, So Hee, Sun Ye…

credit: sunmisohot@byulha + wonderkid (translation)

from: wonderland & Nikki@AF

woah its cool that some of them mention hyun ah! and a lot of the messages are so sweet i am jealous!

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